Doulas12 takes down Sunday Million

October 20, 2008

Not everyone was glued to their television sets Sunday afternoon watching NFL football. Nearly 7,500 players came out for the weekly Sunday Million on PokerStars to try their hand at the $1.5 million guaranteed pool. The final tally was 7,446 players, with 1,080 of those getting paid and first place receiving $184,500.

The final table bubble boy was tupakkayska, who got $7,500 for his 10th place finish.


Petit ponche got an early double up when he shoved 3.1 million when blinds were at 200K/400K and Crackpfeife shoved over the top. Crackpfeife showed Ad-6c and was ahead of petit ponche’s Kh-8h, but the flop of 7h-Ah-Th turned it around and gave the underdog the hand.

Crackpfeife would get those chips back only a few hands later. After xannax20 shoved all-in for 2.9 million from the cutoff, Crackpfeife pushed all-in behind on the button for 3.6 million. Crackpfeife was well ahead with Kc-As versus Kd-4h. The board brought no help for xannax20 and he exited in ninth for $10,500.

Blinds increased to 250K/500K and antes were 50K so every blind steal was growing ever more valuable with more than 1 million in each pot before any action was taken. All-in shoves and re-steals ruled the day for awhile. Finally, petit ponche got it all-in as a big favorite, but then the board wrecked his day:

Petit ponche busted in eighth, collecting $17,250.

Slumpee was next to go after a brutal beat. Joncheng raised to 1.5 million from under the gun. The action folded to slumpee who made it 4.5 million from the big blind. Joncheng shoved all-in for 10.9 million and slumpee called, covered by about 300K. The hand was a domination – Ac-Ad for slumpee and As-Qs for joncheng – but the board came Ac-7s-Jh-3s-Ks to give joncheng the spade flush and a 22 million pot. Slumpee went home in seventh with $26,250.

DragonBenoni was out in sixth when he pushed all-in for 5.7 million from the cutoff with Qs-4c. Crackpfeife pushed all-in for 10 million from the small blind with As-Td. The board ran out Ah-3c-7s-5s-9h and DragonBenoni collected $39,000 for sixth.

The action was then paused so players could discuss a deal, but the short stacks rimmer27 and doulas12 didn’t like their share when a chop by chip counts was presented. Play continued. Rimmer27 went out next when he made his all-in move with 4.9 million under the gun with As-Jh and anetas1 called from the small blind with 8d-8c. The flop of Ks-Qh-2d, but the turn and river brought thudding 7s to put rimmer27 out in fifth for which he received $54,000.

At this point the clock was stopped again to discuss a deal, which was agreed upon. Joncheng was next to go on a brutal counterfeit board. Crackpfeife raised to 2.1 million from the cutoff, joncheng re-raised to 6.4 million from the small blind, Crackpfeife pushed all-in for 18.1 million and joncheng called. Joncheng was ahead, albeit barely, with 3d-3s versus Ah-Jc, but the board ran out Qh-6s-6h-Qc-8d to bring Crackpfeife’s ace into play and give him the 37 million pot. Joncheng earned $106,024 for fourth thanks to the deal.

Anetas1 was next out. He raised to 3 million on the button and doulas12, now sitting with 38.5 million after a nice run, pushed all-in from the small blind. Anetas1 called with 8s-8d and was up against Ac-Qc. The flop was a lovely 5s-4h-Jc for anetas1, but the board ran out Kc-7c and he was done in third after doulas12 made the nut flush. Anetas1 got $125,824 thanks to being the chipleader when the deal was made.

The tournament was over on the next hand as doulas12 continued his hot streak. He got his money in behind, but caught a six on the flop:

Crackpfeiffe earned $105,123 for his runner-up finish while doulas12 got $125,478 for the win ($95,478 from the deal plus $30,000 set aside for the event winner).


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