WSOP Main Event: Liv Boeree flies the flag highest as Negreanu’s charge comes to an end

July 14, 2016


Liv Boeree soaring at the Main Event

Day 2 of the World Series of Poker Main Event has only 60 minutes left. That means that this is the last hour where we cannot be certain whether the future World Champion is in the room. When Day 3 begins, all the remaining players will be under one roof for the first time, and the aim for anyone still in a seat right now is to be among them.

Sorry to report, but is now impossible for Daniel Negreanu to win the Main Event. He has just been eliminated, ending the best show in Vegas for his countless fans. He continued to entertain and remain in great spirits right until the end, but the sorry fact was that for the final hour, he had more supporters than chips.

During a late sweep, I saw 52 people standing within viewing distance of Negreanu’s table, but his stack was only around 20,000 chips. Those spectators all wanted to see Negreanu double up, but they actually became mourners at his wake.


Daniel Negreanu provided the best show in Vegas

He moved in with pocket nines and was looked up by Ryan Levy’s ace-queen. An ace on the flop helped only Levy and Negreanu was sent packing.

Jake Cody is also grinding a short stack. He has about 42,000 at this point but, as he pointed out earlier, he has been as low as 20 big blinds so still has reason to believe. He began his day in the Pavilion Room but now finds himself in the furthest corner of the Amazon Room, with the big stack of Scott Clements to his left.

But time for the better news. The much better news. Liv Boeree has enjoyed a spectacular day and presently sits behind around 320,000 chips. That’s the most of any of the Red Spades in the field today (Celina Lin has now been eliminated, running ace-king into aces) and Boeree seems to be in fine form.

The Pavilion Room, where Boeree still resides, is becoming a dangerous place to be. The likes of Steve O’Dwyer (330,000) and Ole Schemion (345,000) are sitting with towers of chips. I walked past another table and watched Dan Heimiller scoop a pot that took his stack to beyond 400,000. He flopped a straight and a straight-flush draw and stayed good against an opponent’s top set of kings.

Heimiller is a two-time bracelet winner and is a stubborn campaigner. He looks like a very good bet to go deep.

We will return tomorrow at noon for Day 3, where that field combines. That means a return to action for Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Jason Somerville, ElkY, Vanessa Selbst, Aditya Agarwal as well as today’s survivors. There’s still life in this game yet.

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