WSOP 2018: As England departs World Cup, a new hero emerges

July 11, 2018

While PokerStars Blog would like to offer wholehearted congratulations to the Croatian national soccer team and all of its supporters, it would also like to say this: “@$%&!!!” Yep, England’s World Cup dream is over after defeat in Moscow, and that sucks.

With Gareth Southgate’s 23 young lions now metaphorically on the plane home (there’s still a third-place playoff match to come, but who cares) England needs a new hero. And for some obvious reasons, I nominated this man:

Alex Lynskey: Three Lions on his shirt

That’s Alex Lynskey, a professional player from Melbourne, Australia, who is in the last 21 of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. He is playing the biggest tournament of his life in an England soccer shirt.

And after a five-second catch up with Lynskey on the most recent break, it became clear that a disappointed nation has someone it can root for.

PokerStars Blog: “How come you’re wearing an England shirt, Alex?”

Lynskey: “Because I’m English.”

To follow up: Lynskey was born in Yorkshire, in the north of England, and lived the first 10 years of his life there. His parents then moved to Australia and he’s lived about 18 years Down Under.

As you can figure out from that, Lynskey was born in 1990, which was the last time England’s soccer team made the semi-finals of the World Cup. (That similarly ended in defeat, but let’s not dwell on it.)

The slightly late start to Day 7 today–we kicked off at noon rather than the scheduled 11am–allowed Lynskey to watch the first half of today’s match untroubled. Then the second half and extra time he was able to watch on the big screen in the Amazon Room.

“It was f–ing horrible,” he said, an assessment to prove his true colours. “But I doubled up just before it, so OK.” The hand that gave Lynskey his massive stack, which is now around 40 million, came about when he got pocket kings to hold up against Eric Froehlich’s Q♣Q♥.

Unlike England, Lynskey did the job and is now the overall chip leader, with 40 million. “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, etc., etc.”

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