WSOP 2017: Greenstein outlasts the vultures to report own bust

July 14, 2017

“Here come the vultures,” said Barry Greenstein with a wry grin, and the table chuckled.

The Team PokerStars Pro has been playing tournaments for several decades, and for a lot of that time — since the Chris Moneymaker “boom,” anyway — he and those who play with him have become plenty accustomed to reporters’ efforts to be tableside to chronicle the last hand every time Greenstein busts an event.

For a good while in there, Greenstein would himself add a bit of ceremony to his eliminations by rewarding the player knocking him out with a copy of his book, Ace on the River. That tradition ended a while back, but the reporters still tend to come around when Greenstein finds himself on a short stack.

Barry Greenstein_2017 WSOP_EV73_Day 4_Furman_FUR9652.jpg

Barry “Been There, Done That” Greenstein

After squeezing into the money late last night with only 28,000 left (not even five big blinds), Greenstein returned today to find David “The Dragon” Pham and Ismael Bojang at his table, and a camera crew, photographer, and your humble scribbler (a.k.a., “the vultures”) nearby as well.

He’d fold the first couple of hands (from the button, then the cutoff), the second of which saw a similarly short-stacked Bojang double through Pham. Meanwhile there was a common refrain coming from all sides of their table in the Amazon, evidence that the other short stacks were getting their stacks in quickly.

“Payout 58!” “Payout 65!” “Payout 77!”

Under-the-gun raises on the next two hands saw Greenstein fold two more times. Then on the day’s fifth hand he open-pushed his last 23,000. It folded around to Gregor Waltermann in the big blind who looked down at his cards and then nodded to indicate the call.

Waltermann had A♦Q♥ and the big edge over Greenstein’s A♥7♣, and after the 10♠J♠3♣ flop and 6♣ turn the edge was even greater.

Fifth street… 7♠.

Waltermann slumped a little as the table chuckled, and Greenstein bought himself a little more time while also scattering the vultures.

Walking away, one of the camera crew sidestepped over in my direction.

“Their saying he’s going to write a new book,” he said. “Seven on the river.”

Greenstein persevered a short while longer, even doubling up again to get back up into six figures. But the end came soon thereafter, as Greenstein reported the bad news to his followers. Note the first reply, sounding uncannily familiar:

Greenstein’s earns a min-cash of $15,000. How does that payout compare with earlier WSOP Main Event min-cashes, you ask? Find the answer here.

He also earned the chance to report his own elimination, the table having been abandoned by the time of his exit.

Greenstein’s ouster leaves four Red Spades to continue the battle. Liv Boeree has already chipped up further today, Felipe Ramos has held steady, and both Randy Lew and Andre Akkari earned big double ups to keep their runs going.

Meanwhile to follow up on our opening post of the day, K.L. Cleeton’s inspiring Main Event run came to a close a little after Greeenstein’s, though he managed to make a pay jump to cash in 917th place for $16,024.

The field has already shrunk to less than 800 within a little over two hours. Not to sound too vulture-like, but we’ll keep circling to see who goes next.

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