WSOP 2016: Where the numismatist’s wife has a shot at millions

July 10, 2016


Talal Shakerchi: SCOOP champion back at the live grind

Registration remains open for another two hours on Day 1B of the Main Event, and if a trip to the buy-in line offers any indication, the field will continue to swell. With intentions nothing more grand than registering for the media tournament, we stood at the back of a snaking line of players with their eyes on millions.

Slaven Popov was a little way in front. He has been at two EPT main event final tables in the past couple of seasons, finishing eighth in Barcelona and fifth in Prague. A few twists and turns behind was Antonio Buonano, the former EPT Grand Final champion. Both appear to be taking their seats in the championship event.

Perhaps more typical of the 1,500-plus players who have registered today was a lady named Anne Marie, who spent her time in the line in idle conversation. She is the wife of a numismatist, who travels for 40 weekends a year for his business. But it’s Anne Marie’s turn to go coin-hunting this weekend. She was registering for the Main Event.

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The tournament shows every sign of becoming a big one. Five hundred and forty-six of the 764 who played yesterday made it through the day, and this middle flight is at least twice the size of the previous one. Most likely Day 1C will be twice as big as this again, taking the total field size beyond 6,500.

None of Popov, Buonano or Anne Marie are likely to win the tournament. The rules of mathematics governs that, even if each has the requisite abilities to do so. But this is precisely why people remain attracted to the World Series: it’s the tournament where the numismatist’s wife has a shot at $6 million.


Other familiar faces in today’s field now include Victor Ramdin, who joins his Team Pro colleagues Vanessa Selbst, Aditya Agarwal and ElkY, plus Team Online’s Marc-Andre Ladouceur. Talal Shakerchi, the SCOOP-H Main Event winner, is playing, as well as the former World Champions Greg Raymer and Chris Ferguson. EPT champions in the field are David Vamplew, Gavin Griffin and Galen Hall, while Brian Rast, recently crowned as $50,000 Players Championship winner, joins the man whose title he assumed, Mike Gorodinsky.

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