WSOP 2016: Cash or no cash? Day 3 playing close to the money

July 14, 2016

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Marc-Andre Ladouceur: Top spot heading to the money

A big question mark hovers over the World Series of Poker Main Event today as the entire remaining field convenes for the first time for Day 3 action. Will they reach the money?

In most years, and in most multi-day tournaments, the bubble has burst on the third day. But over the past couple of days at the 2016 WSOP renewal, tournament organisers have suggested it may not burst until Day 4, which would mean another 11 hours of play with nothing to show for it for some. The reasoning was the larger-than-expected field, plus the 50,000-chip starting stack.

But players were sceptical. I met a man in the elevator this morning who was convinced the bubble would burst today (“I might take a prop bet on that,” he said) while the two others heading down from the Masquerade Tower at the Rio said they believed the tournament administrators. They weren’t expecting to be in the money.

However, even the suits have now changed their tune. Tournament Director Jack Effel, during his introductions to the day’s play, said he expects the bubble to burst tonight, possibly quite late in the day. With 2,177 players still involved, and 1,011 due to be paid, more than half need to be eliminated. It’s going to be close.

The ranks of PokerStars now number eight. Here are the men and women carrying the red spade on their shoulder in the hunt for the money:

Marc-Andre Ladouceur: 410,500 (Amazon Room 420/6)
Liv Boeree: 364,400 (Brasilia Room 30/7)
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier: 278,200 (Amazon Room 439/6)
Jennifer Shahade: 264,500 (Amazon Room 448/8)
Aditya Agarwal: 157,100 (Amazon Room 397/4)
Jason Somerville: 62,000 (Brasilia Room 9/6)
Vanessa Selbst: 55,600 (Amazon 407/8)
Jake Cody: 22,000 (Pavilion Room 171/9)


Jake Cody

While prospects are looking exceptionally bright for Ladouceur, Boeree, ElkY and Shahade, this is going to be a tough test for anyone with a sub 100,000 stack. In Cody’s own words, his chip stack is “pathetic”, but he’s “gonna spin”. He used only one character when discussing his approach to Day 3 on Twitter today:

That’s fighting talk tweets. Here they go.

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