WSOP 2012: Liv Boeree broken, but not busto

June 11, 2012


We caught up with Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree earlier this week to have a little chat with her about her broken ankle. On Saturday, June 2, Boeree posted multiple tweets explaining that she had really hurt her ankle at her house warming party on Friday. She then posted that she had gone to the hospital and had an X-ray taken, revealing that she had in fact, broken her ankle.


So, can you explain to us exactly what happened to your ankle?

Liv Boeree: So I’ve been doing a bit more gymnastics lately, and I think I must have overestimated by ability a bit. But at the party Friday night, Jason Koon was there. And Jason knows how to do these standing back somersaults. He was teaching David Benefield how to do them. And I wanted to learn too, so I asked Jason if he could teach me how to do them. So Jason had me jump to see how high I could jump, and he just said, “Yeah, I can teach you.” And this is what he said to me, “100 percent you won’t hurt yourself. I’ll spot you.” So he showed me how to do them. We were on the grass and I did it. I spun over and landed on my feet. But the bone in my leg said no, and there was a crack, and I started screaming.

Vanessa Rousso, who was also in the area decided to elaborate a bit more on the experience.

Vanessa Rousso: She was a baller. She stayed through the whole party, and toughed it out instead of going to the hospital. I guess if the same thing happened to me I would’ve toughed it out too, but she was right there partying with the rest of us. It wasn’t until the next day she went to the hospital.

So what did the doctor say?

Liv Boeree: I went to the doctor and I got an X-ray done and it turns out that I have a spiral fracture in my fibula.

How have you been feeling? Last time we talked you told us you didn’t have any pain killers yet.

Liv Boeree: It’s not too bad. I do have some pain killers now. It’s fine, but sometimes it starts to hurt in the evening. It also hurts a lot when the old man to my left has aces and he starts jittering and shaking his feet. I guess he got happy feet. And then he did it again and I was just like, “Oh great, you have aces again?”

Do you think your injury has been affecting your play at all?

Liv Boeree: No, I don’t think so really. If anything it’s been beneficial to me. I went really deep in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry. Also, It’s made me play a bit nittier because usually, if I bust out I can just go do something else, but since my injury, there is nothing else to do. I don’t want to bust.

We also saw on Twitter that you and Doyle might be having some kind of scooter race soon? Was that a serious challenge?

Liv Boeree: 100% yes. If I see him I genuinely will race him. I would like my ankle to get a bit better first because there will be some dirty driving going on. But I definitely will race him.

Do you think you will beat him?

Liv Boeree: Yes.


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