Per Linde the leader of last 24 at EPT Copenhagen

February 24, 2011


The European Poker Tour Main Event is down to just 24 players after another frenetic day of play at the SAS Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, one that featured 49 eliminations and the emergence of a new chip leader.

Per Linde leads the field tonight with 1,622,000 chips, closely followed by Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann on 1,304,000 after play reduced the field from 63 to 24 in a little less than eight hours.


Chip leader Per Linde


Florian Langmann

It was another good day for the Swedish. A veritable IKEA of them (that is the collective noun, isn’t it?) shuffled their way forward to claim a place in the penultimate day, with six of the raiders from the other end of the Öresundsbron bridge, returning tomorrow, three of whom, Linde, Joel Nordkvist and Michael Tureniec rest in the top four.


Michael Tureniec

There were good days for other Scandinavians, including the Danes Lars Krogh, Jens Lauridsen and Helge Rahbek, who despite losing bubble boy Dennis Bjerregaard, powered through to Day 4 with enough chips to keep those who like to wrap themselves in the red and white Dannebrog happy for at least another night, even if it does prove to be hopeless optimism that one of seven remaining Danes might prevail against their closest rival.


Dennis Bjerregaard (left) shakes hands with Ørjan Skommo after bubbling

Nightmares though for the Dutch and Finnish, whose chances evaporated today with the departure of all their menfolk. It goes without saying that they were not alone, with several prospects struck down by elimination, including Jonathan Weekes, Domantas Klimciauskas, Robert Akery, JP Kelly and Michael Aron.


JP Kelly

Brits might have noticed the demise of the British players looking for a bit of payback over the Viking hordes. Results ran along the same lines as 1,200 years ago, with only John Eames left to represent Her Majesty’s Union.

Langmann is the last Team PokerStars Pro standing, his team mates Kelly and Johnny Lodden eliminated in the money today. Any hope for a double winner was also extinguished, with the departure of Kent Lundmark. The exit of crowd favourite, or at the very least Blog favourite, Nicola Calia, in 25th place, brought the day to a close.


Johnny Lodden

Read all the events of today, in their longer format, by clicking the links below, while the end of day scores can be found on the official chip count page. The names of those who cashed can be found on the payouts page.

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If English isn’t your thing – perhaps your name is Rick Dacey – then you can try our Dutch, Swedish and German blogs for another go. Just click the links. Pictures come in one language and courtesy of our photographer Neil Stoddart. Images are copyright he. His legal team eats private blogs for lunch.

That’s all until tomorrow when we play down to a final table of eight players. That’s when we expect things to get a bit weird. Before that think of this: when play restarts tomorrow the top five players, each with more than a million chips, will be at the same table. See for yourself on the seat draw page.

With that in mind we’re off to put that old Latin phrase Nunc est bibendum to good use and test the courage of a barman with a round of Blue Blazers.

Until tomorrow.


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