Who would’ve thought it in 2005 when the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker sprung up on PokerStars? Who would’ve thought that seven years later in the new world of Twitter and Facebook that the idea of blogging would be almost quaint.

Back in 2005, WBCOOP was a way to celebrate the efforts of people using the new-ish communication medium. Today, WBCOOP returns as a salute to the people who still spend their hard-earned words in a medium that’s already said goodbye to its younger days. These are the die-hards. These are the people who, like us, still believe it takes more than 140 characters to tell most stories well. These are the poker bloggers of the world.

This afternoon, PokerStars announced WBCOOP was back with thousands of dollars in prizes and the biggest schedule it’s ever had. Bloggers who win their way into the main event will have a chance to share in the $5,000 prize pool. Beyond that, there are a ton of other big prizes up for grabs:

  • $5,000 for the WBCOOP Best Blogger
  • $1,000 to the Best Live Tweeter
  • WBCOOP Leaderboard prizes
  • The WBCOOP events kick off on February 23. The $5,000 main event runs March 4 at 10am.

    One important reminder about this year’s event: you can’t just enter a URL to be eligible. You have to submit a full blog post. You’re a blogger. Now prove it!

    If you’re a blogger and want to see if you’re eligible for this year’s events, head on over to the WBCOOP entry page.

    Good luck! Now….get to writing.

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