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Since its launch on March 27, the Women’s Sunday tournament has proved to be a much anticipated event in the Sunday line-up at PokerStars. This $55 buy-in tournament on Sunday afternoon usually hosts a field of approximately 200 and a pay-out to the winner in the neighborhood of $2000. The cash guarantee for the tournament is a minimum of $7,000. The Women’s Sunday has been hosted a total of thirteen times so far, with women from around the world taking part, and the home countries of the weekly winners have reflected that global reach. Last week’s champion was from Spain, while winners from previous weeks have included countries as diverse as Russia, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, the Czech Republic, Australia, Austria, Germany, and the United States.

A feature that contributes to the tournament’s popularity is the fact that female members of PokerStars Team Pro always participate as well, and there is a $50 bounty on each of their heads for the person who takes them out. Female amateurs (and pros) worldwide have the opportunity weekly to play with pros like Liv Boeree (who has participated many times), Fatima Moreira de Melo, Vicky Coren, Celina Lin, Vanessa Selbst, Katja Thater, and Friend of PokerStars Team Member, Charlotte Van Brabander. The pros are seriously outnumbered in the tournaments and so far the weekly winners are from the ranks of the amateurs, although the PokerStars pros have made the final table several times. In the meantime, their participation adds an element of excitement that you won’t find in many other tournaments.


Fatima Moreira de Melo

In addition, the tournament’s relatively low buy-in adds to its popularity, and makes it an experience that is accessible to a wide variety of players. Add to that the fact that very inexpensive satellites (from $2.20), FPP tournaments (see the PokerStars client under Tourney/Lobby/Satellites/FPPs), and freerolls make it even less expensive, and you have a global tournament that women look forward to every Sunday.

An added benefit to this tournament and one that many of the women enjoy is the fact that this is one of the friendliest games they have ever played in and they love having the opportunity to meet new people and learn from other players around the world. Oksana (the June 5 winner from Russia) commented, “Most of all, I like the atmosphere of the game in the Women’s Sunday, which is absent in other tournaments.” Andrea, a winner from Venezuela, remarked that “there is absolutely no hostility involved as sometimes happens at other tournaments.” She goes on to say that she thinks “women might be slightly ahead in this matter.”

So come enjoy the competition and camaraderie, and while you’re at it–take home some serious cash in the Women’s Sunday tournament. Mark your calendars now for next Sunday, June 26 and sign up to get in on the action. For more information see the PokerStars Women Sunday tournament page.


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