Win up to $25,000 during Euro 2020 in PokerStars’ Football Frenzy!

June 11, 2021inPoker

The delayed UEFA European Football Championship 2021 (aka Euro 2020) gets under way across Europe today, ending a long period of waiting for international soccer fans. It should be worth it. Teams representing 24 nations, featuring some of the best footballers in the world’s most popular sport, will play some 51 matches in venues scattered through 11 countries. The tournament begins with a match between Turkey and Italy in Rome, and will conclude at London’s Wembley Stadium a month later.

By way of joining the celebrations ahead of the glittering tournament, PokerStars has announced a “Football Frenzy” Stars Rewards promotion, offering prizes to poker players (or Sport and Casino players) of up to $25,000.

The promotion is open to all eligible players who opt in to the Football Frenzy challenge in the PokerStars client. Every day until June 23, when you complete your first Stars Rewards progress bar of the day, you’ll receive a chest bearing the name of one of the 24 teams competing in the Euro 2020 tournament.

The chest is locked when you receive it, but it will spring open when the named country is eliminated from Euro 2020. At that point, you’ll receive a prize based on a) the relative expectations of that country at the tournament, b) the actual stage of the tournament the team reaches, and c) your status in the PokerStars loyalty program.

The very least you will receive is a ticket to a raffle with $40,000 worth of prizes. The biggest winners from Football Frenzy will get $25,000.

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The 24 competing nations at Euro 2020 have been placed into four categories: Premium, Good, Standard, Outsiders, based on how far they are expected to progress.

The four Premium nations are Belgium, England, France and Portugal;
Five nations are in the Good category: Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Croatia;
Seven nations are categorised Standard: Denmark, Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey;
while the remainder — North Macedonia, Hungary, Scotland, Slovakia, Finland, Wales, Sweden, Czech Republic — are considered outsiders.

If your teams is eliminated in the group stages (i.e., it does not progress from one of six groups of four countries each), your chest will contain a ticket to a raffle with $40,000 worth of prizes. If your team is eliminated in the round of 16 (i.e., the first knockout round), you’ll get a ticket to another raffle, with another $40,000 of prizes on offer.

However, if your team makes it to the last eight, your chest will contain Instant Bonus prizes, including tournament tickets, free spins or StarsCoin. The higher your Stars Reward Chest Level (which ranges from Blue to Black), the bigger your prize is likely to be.

Full details of prizes, as well as complete terms and conditions, can be found on the dedicated Football Frenzy page.

It’s already going to be exciting enough watching Europe’s elite footballers do battle to decide which nation will become the 16th continental champions. Football Frenzy on PokerStars only adds to the fun.



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