Your palms are sweaty. Knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on your sweater already (Mom’s spaghetti?). You’re nervous, but on the surface, you look calm and ready to drop bombs, but you keep on forgettin’…to pull the trigger on a big bluff.

Following through with a big bluff is hard. We all know that. But sometimes it’s better to go for it and lose than to not and live to regret it.

That’s one of the subjects we delve into in this week’s update from PokerStars School.


  • Pulling the trigger on big bluffs
  • The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 2 – Low Unpaired Flops
  • New WCOOP 2020 strategy videos
  • Win your way into the Blowout Series with this exclusive freeroll

Pulling the trigger on big bluffs

Pete Clarke, PokerStars Schools’ lecturer extraordinaire, isn’t exempt from failing to follow through with big bluffs.

In this new article, he goes through a hand in which he couldn’t pull the trigger.

“Shortly after this hand, I felt disgusted. I berated myself, but this is unfair. I see exactly why this error occurred and I know how to correct it.”

Use his example and apply it to your own game!

Read ‘Pulling the trigger on big bluffs’ here.

The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 2 – Low Unpaired Flops

Clarke was also back with Part 2 of his ‘Game Theory of Board Texture’ article series.

This time he’s taking a close look at low unpaired flops, the ranges you need to construct, and the strategies you should think about employing.

Check out ‘The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 2 – Low Unpaired Flops’ here.

New WCOOP 2020 strategy videos

Blowout Series is just a couple of weeks away (and you can play for free – see below!), but the World Championship of Online Poker 2020 is still very fresh in our minds.

It’s fresh in Pete Clarke’s too, and that’s why he’s made two brand new videos going through all of the key hands he watched throughout the series.

Have a watch below.

WCOOP 2020 – Key Hands with Pete Clarke | Episode 1

WCOOP 2020 – Key Hands with Pete Clarke | Episode 2

Win your way into the Blowout Series with this exclusive freeroll

To mark the end of a difficult year and see 2020 out with a bang, PokerStars brings you the Blowout Series. Beginning December 27 and running until January 17, this grand celebration will see $60,000,000 in guaranteed prizes to play for.

At PokerStars School, we will once again be hosting freerolls to help you get in on the action.

We’re celebrating the Blowout Series with three special freeroll tournaments starting on December 26, where there will be over $20,000 in Blowout Series tickets up for grabs! Taking part won’t cost you a penny.

Head here for all the details on how to play.

On Twitch and YouTube:

Nick “OP-Poker” Walsh and Pete Clarke himself are live every week on the PokerStars Twitch channel helping you all to improve your games.

Here are the boys’ current streaming times:

• Nick OP Poker on Thursdays from 5am-9am ET (10am-2pm GMT)
• Pete Clarke on Fridays 3am-7am ET (8am-12pm GMT)

Missed last week’s streams?

Fear not! You can catch up on them at the links below.

Grand Tour with OP Poker Nick on PokerStars Twitch (December 10, 2020)

100NL Zoom Cash Games with Pete Clarke on PokerStars Twitch (December 11, 2020)

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