What’s it like to travel as a Pro? Sandra Naujoks reveals all

December 01, 2010


Germany’s Sandra Naujoks, 2009 European Player of the Year, had a varied career of a different sort before getting into poker. She studied German and history at university and became a teacher after graduation. Later she took on graphic design and modeling. But after being introduced to poker, her life’s trajectory changed course and she became one of Europe’s top poker players. She has had two Main Event wins in Europe, winning the CAPT Baden Open in 2008 with a first place cash of $240,289 and then following it up with a win at EPT Dortmund in March 2009 for a massive cash of $1,159,541.

Sandra is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and took time out of her busy tournament/travel schedule to answer a few questions for PokerStars Women about what it’s like to travel for PokerStars.

What’s your favorite PokerStars tournament location and why?
Definitely San Remo and Monaco because there’s one week in between which I always spend in the Tuscany. Great food and even better wine… just perfect!


What’s your best travel tip for traveling to tournaments around the world?
First of all, check the wifi, make sure you have an adapter with you, and always book a flex ticket. You can never know if you’re gonna make it to the final table this time!

What’s the worst travel-related experience you’ve encountered while traveling?
During the last WCOOP I was staying in a hotel in London, and while I played the main event the Internet went down. I desperately went to the streets of London looking for a working wifi. When after several hours, I finally found one, my stack was almost gone. It was a true nightmare.

What’s the best travel-related experience?
The EPT Snowfest Apres Ski-Parties have always been a true rollercoaster ride.

Which PokerStars party has been the most fun so far?
Las Vegas with Snoop Dog!

When the tournament is not in session (or you’re out), what do you usually do in your spare time?
Sightseeing, shopping, spending time with other players.

How many days a year on average do you travel for tournaments?
I would guess about 200.

Do you have any unusual travel rituals, requests, or obsessions?
Not really… though forgetting my passport at home seems to be one of my hobbies.


When you’re not playing tournaments, and you have the choice between staying home and relaxing or going somewhere exotic for a vacation, which would you choose?
Poker gives me the opportunity to travel a lot. So when I have a day off I prefer to take it easy–couch time, hanging around with friends. When I travel in my spare time, I love going to Kambodscha to support my charity project–All in 4 Kids.

To read more about Sandra and other female Team PokerStars Pro members, and to keep up with the latest in the world of poker for women, see the PokerStars Women site. In addition, see our Facebook page. Sandra plays on PokerStars under the screen name S. Naujoks.


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