Weekly results: Traply wins Sunday HR, Boene wins PKO Sunday Million for $98k

March 28, 2022inPoker

Here’s where you’ll find the latest highlights and PokerStars results, including the Sunday Majors and High Roller Club. Highlights this week include:

    • Peter “Belabacsi” Traply wins Sunday HR
    • Sam Grafton denied by Internett93o
    • roo_400 claims huge score in Warm-Up
    • Boene wins PKO Sunday Million for $98k

Sunday Million results

This weekend’s Sunday Million was a PKO special for KO Week. The event reached a prize pool of $1,225,900 from 12,259 entries. First and second prize were set for $67k plus bounties.

With 89 players remaining, there was still a way to go at the end of Day 1. At that point, “cakineso” of Germany held the chip lead.

When play resumed, the PKO format seemed to encourage more betting, more action, and more crazy all-ins. cakineso continued to provide the entertainment, taking unusual lines and experiencing wild stack swings. At one point it looked like they were doomed to an early exit, but this wasn’t the case.

It took less than three hours for the field to be reduced to the final two tables and not too much longer to reach the final table. With nine players remaining, “Boene” held the chip lead, “BatalinSerge” sat in second, “3curry” in third, followed by “mussum_nissa” in fourth and cakineso in close fifth place. Only last place “Jay.M80”, holding around 20 big blinds, looked to be in immediate danger.

First to bust the final table was “b1edro”, followed by “Impawned”. Both players ran into 3curry holding premium pocket pairs. Jay.M80, who had successfully laddered up a couple of spots, soon had to pick their spot and lost the showdown to finish seventh.

3curry, who at one point looked like a serious competitor for first place, crashed out in sixth.

cakineso showed no signs of slowing down, despite the potentially life changing prizes on offer, instead continuing to make unpredictable raises and bluffs to take down significant pots. cakineso met their end when their flopped two pair was busted by Boene’s trip Kings on the turn. cakineso, this week’s people’s champion, finished fifth.

Boene soon doubled up against BatalinSerge, then again against looserGirl27 to take a huge chip lead. A few hands later, Boene dispatched looserGirl27 in fourth.

With three remaining and little to lose, mussum_nissa got it in with K♦ Q♦ against Boene’s K♥ A♣ pre-flop and failed to improve. Boene gained yet another bounty and sat with a 3-1 chip lead as play entered heads-up.

Heads-up was a tight affair. The TV team reported that in 31 minutes, 209 hands were played. Most of these were folds. Boene maintained the chip lead throughout. In the final hand, BatalinSerge 4-bet shove his 5♣ 5♥ and was called by Boene holding Q♦ Q♥.

Boene is this week’s PKO Sunday Million, earning a total of $98,977.

High Roller Club highlights

In this weekend’s High Roller Club, successful online and live pro Peter “Belabacsi” Traply of Hungary took down the $1,050 Sunday HR, earning $21,507 for first place.

In the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up KO Week special, Andrew “BowieEffect” Wilson chopped the pot heads-up with “x_zola25” of Denmark. Both players took near even prize money. x_zola earned $12,707 for second and Wilson earned $12,758 for first.

Sam Grafton came close second in the Cooldown. Here he is recently winning an EPT trophy

Later on in the evening it looked like Sam “SamSquid” Grafton would bag a trophy for Team Pro. He eventually finished second in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $20,017. Due to the number of bounties Grafton earned ($8.7k of his score), this was nearly as much as first place. “Internett93o” of Brazil claimed the top spot for $23,007.

In the $5k Titans, “Die Ventura” of Canada, who had the chip lead when play resumed for Day 2, locked up first place. They earned $162,717, which includes more than $100k in bounties!

Sunday Major highlights

The biggest and baddest of the Sunday majors were KO Week special editions. The $215 PKO Sunday Warm-Up reached prize pools of $343k. “roo_400” of Canada came first for a total of $40,863 (inc. $18k bounties) – one of the top scores of the weekend.

The $22 PKO Mini Sunday Million garnered a prize pool of $326k, a lucrative tourney for a $22 buy-in. After nearly 10 hours of play, “gcruzo710” of Brazil came first for $23,140.

Elsewhere, “Mastermandel” of Austria won the $109 Sunday Cooldown for $24,339, and “TuturFR” of Malta won the $215 PKO Sunday Supersonic for $21,020.



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