Weekend Review: ‘omaha4rollz’ takes down Omaha event, ‘rojorulez’ and ‘kovalski1’ score in the Winter Series

January 13, 2020inPoker

This weekend featured a packed schedule of Winter Series events, complimented by major guarantees and High Roller Club action. Highlights included:

  • ‘omaha4rollz’ takes down huge Omaha event
  • Pros ‘rojorulez’ and ‘Festivuss’ make equal split in Winter Series major
  • ‘alx greek13’ and ‘Coole Rick’ turn satellite entry into fortunes
  • ‘like1989’ wins big in boosted guarantee High Roller Club

Saturday Winter Series Results – ‘Kovalski1’ and ‘omaha4rollz’ win majors, ‘komarac_zg’ does it again

The Winter Series kicked off on Saturday with the Afternoon Deepstack, an event known to bring tough final tables of seasoned pros who know how to yield a big stack This weekend was no different….

Top ranked multi-time WCOOP champion ‘kovalski1’ showed that they still had their head in the game, bagging another $33,610 to add to over $4 million in online cashes. They had to get through MTT reg ‘Biocid’, who finished second place for $25,211. ‘gtavares10’ came in third, whilst WCOOP and high roller winner ‘MarToMchat’ came fourth.

The Deepstack didn’t bring us the biggest of the weekend’s payouts, but it did bring together a full table of highly talented poker pros.

Winter Series 72-H (Afternoon Deepstack)
Entries: 335
Prize pool: $335,00
1. Kovalski1 – $33,610.50
2. Biocid – $25,211.77
3. gtavares10 – $18,911.91
4. MarToMchat – $14,186.24
5. x CoLiTi x – $10,641.40
6. marjanko89 – $7,982.35
7. hopezACE – $5,987.74
8. Grozzorg – $4,491.52
9. clapjkspit – $3,369.19

Next up was the Winter Series-72 Saturday KO special, again complete with tournaments at three buy-in levels.

The medium stakes version came to a diplomatic conclusion, with Russian players ‘Mikediver888’ and ‘andrei96068’ taking an equal split heads-up for $29,739 each. Poker enthusiast and Twitch streamer ‘Egor699’ missed out on the deal, but still secured $17,211 for third place.

In the high stakes version, previous Sunday Million final tableist ‘komarac_zg’ took the lion’s share of the prize pool, finishing first place for $31,129. Previous SCOOP winner ‘clapjkspit’ had a mighty fine day at the tables, finishing second for $17,492 – no doubt a welcome payoff given they would crash out in ninth in the Deepstack.

Without a doubt, one of the standout events of Saturday was the Winter Series-73 PL Omaha. It’s not often we get to witness Omaha games  of this calibre. All three tournaments were spectacular.

The high roller version toppled its guarantee, offering over $500k in total prizes and $121,872.81 for first place. That honor went to the appropriately named ‘omaha4rollz’, aka SCOOP and WCOOP champion Laszlo Bujtas. He had to battle through a group of the fiercest and most reputable players on the circuit to take down the tournament.

Among them were Omaha cash specialist Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro, who is known for once taking over $1.2 million in a single 8-hour PLO session. ‘Lrslzk’ finished second for a rather tasty $93,558.

Also on the final table were poker regs as feared as ‘MITS304’ and ‘Zagalo87’. Needless to say, there no easy money here. The upside – this was one of most lucrative final tables of Saturday’s Winter Series.

Winter Series 73-H (PL Omaha)
Entries: 102
Prize pool: $510,000
1. omaha4rollz – $121,872.81
2. Lrslzk – $93,568.47
3. MITS 304 – $71,837.78
4. Grus/Snus – $55,153.84
5. Zagalo87 – $42,344.68
6. Anjeyyy – $32,510.40

MITS 304’ also proved their Omaha finesse in the $530-M version of the event, finishing second place and adding a further $21,222 to a crazy weekend total that involved two Winter Series final tables. ‘Sam Fartoviy’ came first in the medium stakes game for $28, 631.

Winter Series Sunday Results – Major pros rule Winter Series, ‘alx greek13’ and ‘Coole Rick’ turn satellite entry into fortunes

The action got going on Sunday with the Winter Series-76 Sunday Kick-off. The $55 tournament went to online grinder and Twitch streamer ‘callmuckty’, who won $22,858 for their efforts. Austrian player ‘mario1015’ came second for $15,925.

Running alongside the Kick-off was a high stakes version of the event, which yielded a total prize pool of $293,500. High rolling reg ‘pm_marke’ came first for a nifty $51,603. Previous winner of the Sunday Warm-Up ‘alberto.m7’ came second place for $36,994.

Winter Series 77 included a special edition Sunday Warm-Up, as well as a high stakes PKO event. Both of these tournaments had a $500k guarantee, and both smashed this figure out of the water with prize pools of well over $800k.

Regs ‘Rebel FishAK’ and ‘estoygordoyk’ cut a deal on the final table and then played it out for first place. ‘Rebel FishAK’ won the heads-up and took $51,777.49. ‘estoygordoyk’ may have finished second, but still took the most money due to the deal made earlier.

A similar scenario unfolded in the $1,050 high stakes tournament, when previous Winter Series and SCOOP winner Franco ‘rojorulez’ Spitale cut a near-equal deal with fellow Argentinian pro ‘Festivuss’. ‘rojorulez’ eventually won the heads-up and both players came out with close to $60k.

Winter Series 77-H ($1,050 PKO)
Entries: 102
Prize pool: $831,000
1. rojorulez – $60,801.83 (not including bounties)
2. F
estivuss – $61,019.67
kZhh – $37,903.73
DEX888 – $27,846.39
KushGodDZA – $20,457.68
gurka88 – $15,029.46
7. AdVictoria – $11,041.53
8. Strekoza85 – $8,111.80

We’ve had some amazing satellite entry winners this weekend. A big congratulations to ‘alx greek13’, who satellited into the Winter Series 79-M Sunday Cooldown for just $5.50. They finished the tournament in second place for $20,869 – an ROI of nearly 5,000% on their buy-in!

In the end it was pro wisopekeño!’ who beat ‘alx greek13’ to the top spot, earning themselves $27,199 after a three way deal on the final table.

Coole Rick’ from the Netherlands also gained huge success via satellites. They gained entry to the Winter Series 80-M Sunday Supersonic for just $11 and turned it into $32,925 after making a heads-up deal with pro ‘HueDang89’ on the final table. HueDang89’ took $37, 025 from the deal.

The Winter Series 80-H event brought an extremely exciting and fast-paced conclusion to the night, with over $387k in lifechanging prizes given out in under two and a half hours of play. ‘WushuTM’ took first place for $65,730 – probably the best hourly rate they will ever experience.

Winter Series 80-H (Sunday Supersonic, 6-Max Hyper Turbo)
Entries: 760
Prize pool: $387,235
1. WushuTM – $65,730 (not including bounties)
necgaidziai – $46,280
3. e
mran86 – $32,586.22
Legenden – $22,944.03
5. D
otComRicher – $16,154.94
6. K
zzon – $11,374.76

Top talent on the tables again in the High Roller Club

The High Roller Club continued to bring nosebleed stake action and prolific final tables.

Estonian player ‘DingeBrinker’ took down the HR $530 Bounty Builder on Saturday for $12,947.86. They beat big timer ‘Kot_Spartac’ heads-up to secure first place. Thomas ‘MarToMchat’ Boivon had to settle for third place and yet another near miss.

The following day, the High Roller Club opened its doors with the Sunday Warm Up. Poker Pro and coach David ‘MonkeyBauss’ Laka came out on top, earning $31,065.59 for first place. To do so, he overcame second place ‘Pimmss’, no easy feat considering ‘Pimmss’ record of taking down High Roller events.

The biggest High Roller Club event of the weekend was the Sunday $530 Bounty Builder. The tournament came complete with a $500k boosted guarantee that was sure to ramp up the action.

like1989’ from China won the special event, claiming $48,291.43 and bragging rights for months to come. No stranger to final tables, ‘like1989’ previous successes include a first place finish in the Bigger $215 and second in the Bigger $109.

Latvian player zavov’ came second for $35,397.01, whilst Bigger $109 winner and Sunday Million final tableist ¿¿toneecho??’ came third for $25,945.89.

Once again, this was a final table full of talent. Major SCOOP and WCOOP winners Francisco “tomatee” Benitez and ‘digopapel’ came in third and fourth place, and the field was full of decent players all out to test each other’s patience.

High Roller Club – $530 Bounty Builder ($500k boosted guarantee!)
Entries: 1,126
Prize pool: $613,000
1. like1989 – $48,291.43
2. zavor – $35,397.01
3. ¿¿toneecho?? – $25,945.89
4. Tomatee – $19,018.26
5. digopapel – $13,940.35
6. Atropos11 – $10,218.25
7. niknaknuk7 – $7,489.97
8. Faaaarst – $5,490.11
9. goodkicker – $4,024.25

The $2,100 Sunday HR was also a standout game in a packed schedule of High Roller Club events. It’s a terrifying buy-in by anyone’s standards but, with a field of only 72 players to beat this is no crab-shoot, and prizes are heavily weighted towards the final table.

High roller reg and Twitch streamer ‘mararthur1’ came out as number one, beating Danish player ‘Igor Karkarof’ heads-up to win $38,867 for their efforts.

Winter Series Main Event Results Still To Come

The Winter Series Main Events are now well underway, with just a handful of players left competing for millions of dollars in prizes – all three tournaments have far surpassed their guarantees.

The prize pool for the $55 Main Event stands at $1,294,350. With 255 players left standing, the winner is set to take an incredible $131,402. ‘KGB0569’ had a healthy chip lead at the break, with ‘awol987’ and ‘kylix42’ also at the top of the pack.

131 players remain at the break in the $530 Main Event. ‘BillLewinskey’ is ‘big stack’, though noone has a dominant lead in the tournament as it stands. With a prize pool of $1,932,000, players will be fighting it out for a staggering top prize of $276,234.

The $5,100 Main Event has more than 500 entries, making for a total prize of over $2.5 million. All final tableists will be picking up at least $50k and the winner will walk away with a staggering $444,911.72. ‘Lena900’ has a small chip lead during the break, so it’s all to play for.

Late registration is available for the $5,100 Main Event until the tournament resumes, with satellites runningfor as little as $215.

All three tournaments start up again at 18:00 WET for the final day of action. Stand by for exciting reports on the Main Event winners.


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