Weekend Review: Kane wins in Perth, rportaleoni wins Million while Ravishka wins headline

February 16, 2015

One of the things I like to do first thing on a Monday morning is look through the results from the Major events of the weekend. It’s like you would with the morning after box scores for baseball or soccer. From a few lines of information an entire tournament can be put back together, albeit with a little imagination.

The Sunday Warm-up and Sunday Million stand out for obvious reasons, but in amongst the rest – the Weekly Badugi or the Saturday Splash – you start to spot the same names and identify which players had a particularly good weekend, and who is in good form.
This week there were quite a few.

For instance OMGRubCasco, who won a TCOOP event last month, reached three final tables, including two weekly PLO events, and the weekly turbo, in which he finished sixth. American pro Bryn Kenney finished eighth in the Pacific Rim, while Marina “Bobrovaflya” Zemskova from Russia, a SCOOP winner from last year, reached two final tables.

If you kept on looking (and you can check out the entire list of weekend winners by clicking on the link below), you’d notice deep runs for some other big name players. Like Mikal “Mikal12345” Blomlie, Calvin “Cal42688” Anderson, and Connar “Blanconegro” Drinan, all players who come to mind when discussion turns to record setting and Triple COOPS.

But to find the player of the week for this past weekend you have to go all the way back to the top again, to the Sunday Warm-Up, won by Ravishka. Because that wasn’t his only performance worthy of a mention he made this past weekend. Ravishka also came third in the Sunday second chance.


We can only speculate what the atmosphere was like as he flicked between two tables, but it was a performance worthy of a hat tip. You can read David Aydt’s report on Ravishka’s Sunday Warm-Up performance on the Blog, which was worth $85,254 to the Russian after a two-way deal. The Sunday Second Chance added another $23,579 to his bankroll.

Let’s not forget the Sunday Million, won this week by rportaleoni after a four-way chop. As Martin Harris reported, the Brazilian took a sizeable chip lead into the final, which he capitalised on to win the $166,746 first prize ahead of second placed Sanjay “sanjizzy” Sahijwany of Chile.

Here are the full scores from the Sunday Million and Warm-Up.

Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold’em)
Entrants: 6,658
Prize pool: $1,331.600.00
Places paid: 990

1. rportaleoni (Brazil) $166,746.41*
2. Sanjay “sanjizzy” Sahijwany (Chile) $136,402.36*
3. fournn (Canada) $98,248.53*
4. Ice B (United Kingdom) $130,714.20*
5. ravanelli7 (Portugal) $55,927.20
6. m1ronO (Ukraine) $42,611.20
7. Pede25 (Denmark) $29,295.20
8. SuperMiX_777 (Germany) $15,979.20
9. Mads “Mr Longhit” Bertelsen (Denmark) $10,319.90
* denotes four-way deal

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results
Entrants: 2,929
Places paid: 432
Prize pool: $585,800.00

1. Ravishka (Russia) $85,254.94*
2. NigDawG (United Kingdom) $75,254.95*
3. hello_totti (Russia) $48,633.11
4. batoelrob (Netherlands) $33,683.50
5. salaliitto (Finland) $25,189.40
6. feeneeck (Russia) $19,331.40
7. FizzimeiBua (Austria) $13,473.40
8. DrTommek (Germany) $7,615.40
9. grandy14 (United Kingdom) $4,686.40
* denotes two-way deal

The PokerStars weekend was not just about what happened online, but also offline, with events at the ANZPT in Perth coming to a close. As midnight struck it was Michael Kane, from Scotland, who earned the title and some silverware, along with first prize money of AUS$98,900 after a two-way deal with Stephen McHugh. Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang, who had led for much of the event, finished in ninth position. Read the full report of Kane’s dominating final table performance on our Perth coverage page.

PokerStars ANZPT Perth Main Event
Entrants: 192
Places paid: 21
Prize pool: AUS$393,600

1. Michael Kane (United Kingdom) *$98,900*
2. Stephen McHugh (Australia) *$72,100*
3. Michael Doyle (United Kingdom) $37,000
4. Navin Bechar (Australia) $31,000
5. Michael Guzzardi (Australia) $26,000
6. Raiden Kan (Hong Kong) $20,200
7. Robert McLean (Australia) $16,500
8. Gregory Wheeler (Australia) $13,000
9. Bryan Huang (Singapore) $10,500
*denotes a two-way deal

Congratulations to all the winners over the weekend, and to those recording performances of note. The full results, as promised, are below.

Weekend tournament results on PokerStars for February 14-15, 2015.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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