Weekend review: It’s all about the WCOOP Main Event

September 29, 2014

There are just two WCOOP events left unfinished as you read this. Three weeks of activity has passed by in what feels like a blink, leaving just the results from the two-day events that began yesterday to determine the outcome of another spectacular Series. And of course that includes the Main Event.

It’s the tournament that everybody wants to play, with a $10 million guarantee promised even before 2,142 players paid up the $5,200 entry fee. You would expect the action to be unforgiving, and it was. Not only that, but Day 1 ended with something of a cliff hanger.


From that field some 270 players were guaranteed a cash finish. But as things stood last night 271 remained, meaning one player has still to be eliminated empty-handed.
Right now that looks likely to be a toss-up between two players who, as action was paused to allow players time to sleep, had stacks that were the stuff of nightmares.

Alfaromea, from Ukraine, is the worst off with 6,379 chips, while CaLLitARUSH, from Canada is not much better off with 6,549. For the record the big blind when they return in roughly seven hours from now will be 5,000.

Such terrors were unlikely to have kept the chip leader Viking8844 awake last night. If he had been unable to sleep it would more likely have been be due to excitement at the prospect of a first prize worth $1,820,700. Although you suspect Viking8844, with a Super Tuesday title to his name from last year, is well versed in dealing with the business end of a major online tournament.

Here’s how things looked at the break.

WCOOP 2014: Event #66, $5,200 NL Hold’em Main Event
Players remaining: 271 of 2,142
Prize pool: $10,710,000
Place paid: 270

1. Viking8844 (Israel) 613,924 chips
2. pampa27 (Argentina) 610,340
3. AlexKP (Denmark) 576,763
4. Demonic16 (United Kingdom) 556,264
5. dickler1 (United Kingdom) 524,759
6. theNERDguy (Brazil) 487,609
7. drjovaside (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 472,155
8. daskalos20 (Cyprus) 453,059
9. neckbr4ke (Germany) 447,547
10. 444446 (Lebanon) 439,647

Outside of the top ten there was still plenty of interest among PokerStars players. Three Team PokerStars Pros remain in the field, as to do two members of Team Online.

Mathias De Meulder is the best places of all of them in 48th position. He has 259,133 chips. Jake Cody is in 80th spot with 183,765 chips, while Andre Akkari is in 228th place with 48,717. Alex “Kanu7” Millar is positioned between all of them in 131st place, with 133,702 chips, while Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara is the shortest of them with 43,888, good for 234th place overnight.


Mathias De Meulder

Play continues in the main event at 7.30pm UK time (2.30pm ET) with an exclusive webcast beginning later tonight.

Aside from the Main Event the Sunday Warm-Up Special edition will also resume later on today with 106 players of the original 8,589 vying for a first prize of $254,135.62. Big names still in contention include Natalie Hof in 82nd place.


Natalie Hof still in contention in WCOOP-64

Here’s how things look at the top.

WCOOP 2014: Event #64, $215 NL Hold’em 8-Max
Players remaining: 106 of 8,589
Prize pool: $1,717,800
Place paid: 1,120

1. serip973 (Portugal) 2,443,438 chips
2. bubblebwoy (Belgium) 2,008,470
3. bg_atlanta (Argentina) 1,893,659
4. cmu92 (Canada)1,759,989
5. mystyficator (United Kingdom) 1,749,771
6. fjaluz (Sweden) 1,649,308
7. Chocoyote (Germany) 1,584,702
8. CSWAMI (Canada) 1,572,631
9. justnl2 (Cyprus) 1,564,861
10. the_djemba (United Kingdom) 1,537,253

There was plenty going on over the weekend, most of which centred on WCOOP. Catch up with events using the links below.

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Here are all the results from the big PokerStars weekend majors from September 29, 2014.

Good luck to all of those still left in the WCOOP Main Event.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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