Weekend Review: CaptainGant bosses Million while Sunday Storm turns 4

April 20, 2015

It must be an odd sensation to win a Sunday Million, not just for the sense of achievement, and the rapture that comes with it, but doing so at an hour of the morning usually endured after a night’s sleep, not a night of playing online. Is victory followed by collapse? Or an adrenaline rush too powerful to submit to rest?


Regardless, that’s the experience of Russian player CaptainGant right now. Whether he collapsed exhausted, or is currently calling everyone he knows, he’s better off to the tune of $137,944 after a four way deal at the conclusion of the weekend’s flagship event. Read the full report of his triumph by an equally exhausted Martin Harris here.

Meanwhile in the Sunday Warm-Up it was a beautiful morning for British player OtB_RedBaron who took the title and a first prize of $89,208. As David Aydt reported, the Brit could do no wrong as he saw off the likes of Joe Cada, and a good portion of the other 2,829 entrants. Read the full report here.

Here’s how those results look in full:

Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 6,538
Prize pool: $1,307,600.00
Places paid: 990

1. CaptainGant (Russia) $137,944.12*
2. **Geka**555 (Ukraine) $142,000.00*
3. Tenebrus321 (Germany) $124,774.76*
4. kackvogel84 (Germany) $117,802.22*
5. justnl2 (Cyprus) $54,919.20
6. TheKhopMan (Ireland) $41,843.20
7. PAULMARCKO (Russia) $28,767.20
8. alwayswin222 (Germany) $15,691.20
9. ShaiStar (Israel) $10,133.90
* denotes four-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results
Entrants: 2,832
Places Paid: 414
Prize Pool: $566,400.00

1. OtB_RedBaron (United Kingdom) $89,208.80
2. Thegrandape (Bolivia) $66,552.00
3. Barrrii (Belgium) $47,577.60
4. Joe “jcada99” Cada (Canada) $32,568.00
5. OMGRubCasco (Uruguay) $24,638.40
6. dan2dorie83 (Romania) $18,974.40
7. Luckkozak (Netherlands) $13,310.40
8. bailey160 (Netherlands) $7,657.72
9. henri72 (Estonia) $4,814.40

As we mentioned on Friday, there was a third highlight to the Majors line up this weekend as the Sunday Storm celebrated its fourth anniversary. It meant a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million and $100,000 for the winner, which when the time came was lumped into a five way deal. Topping the pay outs then was Ice_Glance who collected $65,600, which narrowly topped that of fifth place finisher tykhe13 form the United Kingdom with $65,500. All of which was a shade more than the “winner” HesBluffingx from the Philippines, who earned $64,897.18. Follow that? The result in full might help.

PokerStars Fourth Anniversary Sunday Storm results
Entrants: 104,939
Places Paid: 13,023
Prize Pool: $1,049,390

1. HesBluffingx (Philippines) $64,897.18*
2. dscturrr (Bulgaria) $56,616.24*
3. Ice_Glance (Russia) $65,600*
4. Dispelsthem (United Kingdom) $57,322.13*
5. tykhe13 (United Kingdom) $65,500*
6. mamamima69 (Bulgaria) $22,205.93
7. fabianw475 (Netherlands) $16,276.98
8. Tpunuc9IT (Ukraine) $11,931.03
9. RPHPESTANA (Portugal) $8,745.51
* denotes five-way deal

As always there were dozens of other winners over the weekend, with the full list available at the link further down this page. The top ten winners are listed below.

$215 Sunday Million: CaptainGant (Russia) $137,944.12
$215 Sunday Warm-Up: OtB_RedBaron (United Kingdom) $89,208.80
$11 Sunday Storm 4th Anniversary: HesBluffingx (Philippines) $64,897.18
$109+R Sunday Rebuy: fityfmi (Norway) $53,372.50
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]: F P C (Brazil) $43,000.00
$215 Sunday 2nd Chance: x_zola25 (Denmark) $38,187.20
$320 Saturday Super-Knockout: dragonwarior (Canada) $27,100.90
$162 Sunday 6-Max: WhiteRabbito (Australia) $26,119.02
$215 Weekly Turbo NLHE: rojorulez (Argentina) $19,025.60
$109 Sunday Kickoff: AK-JANUS (China) $18,288.93

All the results on PokerStars for the weekend April 18-19, 2015

While all of that was playing out online events at UKIPT Nottingham were coming to a close at Dusk Till Dawn. A standing room only field had been reduced to a final table of nine on Sunday, a finale that was eventually won by Sam Mitten-Laurence, playing just his second live tournament (although that would be to dismiss his ever impressive record online). Nick Wright had the full story from start to finish on the PokerStars Blog. Read his final table wrap here.

Before we sign off on the weekend here’s a little information about a special week here on the Blog.

You might have noticed our post on Friday which detailed a special week on the PokerStars Blog. This Friday is our tenth anniversary, and to celebrate we’ll be staging four freeroll tournaments this week, starting today. All you need to do to play is the freeroll password, which you’ll find in one of our special anniversary articles that we’ll be posting each day this week.

We can’t make you rich (relatively speaking), so sorry about that. But it should make for some memorable times both on and off the tables. The first of those posts will be published later today, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now. Congratulations to all the winners over the weekend, and good luck at the tables this week.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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