Weekend Review: ANZPT goes big Down Under

September 01, 2014

It’s a strange, dynamic, this whole calendar-flipping-to-September thing. As those of us in the northern hemisphere start battening down the hatches, covering the BBQ grills, and looking for the leaf rake, our friends in Australia are now enjoying the promise of spring.

Perhaps that’s what got things so fired up in Melbourne this week as the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour had its biggest event ever. Everyone got so excited for the changing weather, they decided to throw one big poker party.


Melbourne ready for spring

That ANZPT Main Event is nearing its end at this very moment. You can catch up with the action and all the other weekend stories below.

On-going on ANZPT Melbourne coverage

Sunday Million: Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion tops field, collects nearly $214K for win

Sunday Warm-Up: Run Runaway, emran86 dashes over field in $103K win

For a complete look at the weekend’s biggest action, check out the PokerStars August 31, 2014 weekend tournament final table results.

Now, for those of you who, like me, see autumn coming like a runaway beer truck, get out there and enjoy the day while you can.

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