Yes, let’s forget the big smile he always wears. Let’s just ignore the fact that when he gets deep into a game of OFC with the likes of Jason Mercier, the giggles and laughs can be heard across a crowded convention center ballroom. Let us pay no attention to the fact that his very name has become synonymous with crushing some waffles. Let’s just turn our eyes away from all that and state the obvious:

We don’t know if Shaun Deeb was high when he won a WCOOP bracelet.

For the record, we never meant to suggest he was. For the record, we have never seen Shaun Deeb indulge in any illegal drugs. For that matter, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen him do anything illegal at all. That’s why it was more than a little embarrassing when the mobile read-out of one of our more recent reports suggested otherwise.



For the record, many of us here at the PokerStars Blog started writing headlines back when printing presses made sure the whole message was conveyed. We’re still getting used to the idea that idea that robots may be trying to sabotage our efforts.

We did think about it some before publishing though. Give us some credit.

Some of the original headlines included:

Third bracelet for Deeb while rolling a fat…win to the bank

Third bracelet for Doob, no…we mean Deeb

Hot in WCOOP Deeb still smoking, bowls over competition

We finally settled on the one below, but it didn’t work out.


So, for the record, we were nowhere near Deeb when he won this third WCOOP bracelet. We don’t know what he was doing at the time. We don’t know a thing about what condition his condition was in.

We humbly apologize to Deeb and anyone else who might have been offended by our robot overlords who truncate headlines.

Now, please pass the Cheetos.


is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.


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