EPT Prague: Rewind and press play

December 02, 2009


We could spend a few hundred more words talking about Prague, but our introduction yesterday seemed to sum the place up perfectly and the 119 players who survived day 1a yesterday are now free to shake off a late night and head out exploring. It may be winter, with temperatures hovering around the zero mark, but Prague is perfect for this time of year, suiting people in big coats, scarves and ridiculous hats.

It’s all set up perfectly for Marc Gork.


Marc Gork

The German extrovert and poetry student finished on top yesterday, with a one chip advantage over his nearest rival, closing on 169,200 chips to Rui Coa’s 169,100.

Today in their place come several hundred new players, here for the same eight levels, the same 30,000 starting stack and the same unwavering belief that things might just go their way. Right now everyone is in the same position, everyone has the same chance, there are no advantages or disadvantages. But that will change once the cards hit the baize.

As is usually the case day 1b looks to be the weightier flight. Tables that were left empty yesterday are already filling up, thanks in part to a late finishing satellite last night that injected fresh meat into the final figure. We’ll have a detailed run down of who makes up that bulk shortly.

_MG_7655_Neil Stoddart.jpg

In the meantime prepare yourself. It promises to be a tough day for some, a breeze for others and a frustrating permanent nightmare for even more. Find out who gets what when play gets underway in just a few minutes. Get your refresh fingers ready.


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