WCP VIII: Seeded matches set, Netherlands with one hand on the trophy

January 14, 2012


The final round robin heads up matches are over and it’s the Netherlands out ahead with just one set of high pressure seeded heads up matches to play. Bar a miraculous turn of events, which is always possible in the World Cup, it will be one of three countries lifting the trophy; the Netherlands (241), Peru (237) or Japan (222).

Germany (219) and Tajikistan (215) stand outside chances of winning but would need to dominate all five of their heads up matches to do so, and hope their rivals fail. Tajikistan have already had one sweep scored and one conceded so it’s distinctly possible that takes place.

Win 0 HU: 0 points
Win 1 HU: 5 points
Win 2 HU: 10 points
Win 3 HU: 25 points
Win 4 HU: 30 points
Win 5 HU: 50 points

pca_wcp 2_noah boeken.jpg

Team Netherlands captain Noah Boeken

The leader board as it stands
1. Netherlands, 241 points
2. Peru, 237 points
3. Japan, 222 points
4. Germany, 219 points
5. Tajikistan, 215 points
6. Costa Rica, 189 points
7. France, 187 points
8. Rest of the World, 174 points

It’s been a wild ride for Team Tajikistan as it’s been the first time all five have played live beyond home games and they’ve acquitted themselves well. We caught up with their captain Angel Davidov during round six.

“The event means a great deal for all of us and Tajikistan. Like in any other post-Soviet country card games are considered gambling but we’re trying to prove that it’s a sport. For a country with only 50 poker players it was a big victory just to get here ahead of countries like Ukraine and Russia,” said Davidov, a hulking tower of a man.

“When we walked in here yesterday we said, ‘We are not going to finish in ninth place, we’re shouldn’t be the first to leave if we want to achieve our goal of promoting poker. Our goal today was to finish in the top four… but first or second would be great for us and Tajikistan. Ten people have asked me where it is. It was in Europe according to some, others thought Latin America!” said Davidov.

One round left to play.

pca_wcp 2_angel davidov.jpg

Angel Davidov (the tall one)

The payouts
1st. $90,000 ($22,500 per person)
2nd. $65,000 ($16,250 per person)
3rd. $45,000 ($11,250 per person)
4th. $30,000 ($7,500 per person)
5th. $20,000 ($5,000 per person)
6th. $15,000 ($3,750 per person)
7th. $10,000 ($2,500 per person)
8th. $7,500 ($1,875 per person)
9th: Italy, $5,000 ($1,250 per person)


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