WCP VIII: Multi-table madness in round three, Italy bust

January 13, 2012


Admin, the world over it’s a nightmare. You base a decision on a document only to find out that you’ve been given incorrect information. The poker world is no different. It turns out that the email I received regarding the World Cup of Poker didn’t have the final version attached. Pah.

So, as it happens, the multi-table format actually pays out to all nine teams, not just the top five. This changes things entirely with Germany having just two players left in, and France just one, a swift turnaround in the league points is distinctly possible.

1. 50 points
2. 40 points
3. 35 points
4. 30 points
5. 25 points
6. 20 points
7. 15 points
8. 10 points
9. 5 points

One table has broken so far with three team captains being sent to the rail; David Williams (Rest of the World), Arnaud Mattern (France) and Humberto Brenes (Costa Rica). Another team captain, Noah Boeken, was the player to dispatch Brenes getting there with Q♣10♣ against a raggy ace.

This is about survival, not just chip accumulation so things are looking good for Japan, the Netherlands and Tajikistan (three players left), very wobbly for France (one player left) and can go either way for the remaining teams (two players left). Should France bust first they would end the day on 71 points and as long as one of Costa Rica, Tajikistan, Germany, the Netherlands or Italy come seventh they’ll be guaranteed to go through. That’s if they do bust first.

pca_wcp 1_noah boeken.jpg

Dutch team captain Noah Boeken

The team points at the beginning of this third and final round of the day are listed below. You can do the arithmetic yourself but suffice to say Japan will not be the team eliminated. We’ll bring you the news as we get to the final table.

1. Japan, 79 points
2. Peru, 68 points
3. France, 66 points
4. Rest of the World, 64 points
5. Costa Rica, 58 points
6. Tajikistan, 57 points
7. Germany, 55 points
8. Netherlands, 55 points
9. Italy, 50 points

Breaking news: Italy are the first team out in round three confirming their exit from the World Cup. The reigning champions are out.


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