WCP VIII: Johnson explains the final push

January 14, 2012


Neil Johnson bounces round like he owns the place because, in a way, he does. Johnson is the EPT tournament host and is also the man in charge of the World Cup of Poker, a two-day team event which is approaching its final stages. This morning the team captains, including such luminaries as Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes, Jan Heitmann, David Williams, Noah Boeken and Arnaud Mattern, were gathered in and told about an amendment to the rules. We collared Johnson to get a clarification of how the final heads-up stages are going to play out, straight from the horse’s mouth.

pca_wcp 2_world cup flags.jpg

Still all to play for

Johnson explains: “We’ve made a couple of adjustments. We were going to break them one to four and five to eight and that’s all they could win but that’s changed. We’re going to take the eight teams and randomly draw them into two pods of four, no longer seeded but still a round robin, then we’ll seed them then so five plays four, six plays threes, seven plays two and at the end wherever the points fall that’s where they finish.

pca_wcp 2_world cup.jpg

The High Roller final table plays out behind the World Cup

“Captains play captains and the TLB guys play the TLB guys. They score points all the way through… We should finish 8.30-ish. I’m hoping that if we get cards in the air we should be able to do all three round robins between five and seven. We should be able to get that done because by the time half-an-hour is done they’ll be 25 big blinds on the table. They’ll still be able to play that but not by much. We should be able to start the final round of heads up at 7.30pm.”

Okay, I think I understand how this is going to work out. Results for the last round are getting calculated now and will be posted up as soon as we get hold of them.


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