WCP VIII: Day 2 begins with an international summit, talks succeed

January 14, 2012


Welcome back to the World Cup of Poker. It’s Day 2 and we’ve waved goodbye to Italy leaving eight teams to battle it out for the World Cup of Poker. Germany are top pipping Team Japan by one point with after taking top in round three late last night.

As the team captains arrived today they were corralled in by tournament host Neil Johnson to discuss a change in the point scoring system. Now, the World Cup of Poker is tweaked every year, and by tweaked I mean entirely changed, so we’re working on somewhat of a blank canvas. Changes are to be expected but, of course, must be agreed upon. Despite some reservations both Germany’s Jan Heitmann and Japan’s Masa Kagawa agreed, the key quarter given that the changes would allow those out in front to be caught up more easily.

pca_wcp 2_the talk.jpg

The summit, disaster averted

It sounds like the consensus was that the changes were fair, a tinkering of points rather than wholesale change. Team Rest of the World captain David Williams who looks a little bleary eyed, after a late night nautical cash game if Twitter is to be believed, seemed particularly happy with the result: “We need to be able to affect our own destiny,” he said.

That’s more like it. This is the World Cup, let’s all get talking like action heroes.

Round four has just begun with a round of eight-handed sit-and-gos. Results will be posted when we have them. In the meantime you can catch up with yesterday’s wrap of the action by clicking on this link, Day 1 ends hopes of Italy double, Germany top.

1. Germany, 105 points
2. Japan, 104 points
3. Peru, 98 points
4. Netherlands, 97 points
5. Tajikistan, 92 points
6. France, 86 points
7. Rest of the World, 74 points
8. Costa Rica, 73 points

9. Italy, 55 points (RELEGATED)


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