WCOOP Radio pays off big for freeroll player

September 23, 2011


September 19 started like any other day for sporty_2311 from Canada, with a cup of coffee and playing on PokerStars. An admitted low stakes player who prefers to be identified only by her screen name, she logged into a couple of $8 tournaments and waited for them to fill up. While she was waiting, another tournament popped up that she had completely forgotten she was registered for. It was the freeroll to the WCOOP #42 $1050 NLHE tournament that she had received a password for by listening to WCOOP radio. So she played the freeroll and after three hours or so, she found herself holding one of three tickets for a free entry into the tournament, one of the biggest in the series. It was her first WCOOP tournament ever.

This is where we would insert a word from our sponsors if you were watching this unfold on TV. But this is PokerStars, where we give you what you want when you want it, where people dream big and win big. So no commercials for erectile dysfunction or diaper rash. On to the details.

Not only did “sporty” make it to the final table and cash–she cashed for $55,175 in seventh place. Big money for any tournament, but huge money for a freeroll.


WCOOP final table, featuring a freeroller

Considering that prior to this, her biggest win was $1700 in a $5 rebuy the previous year, this was an absolutely huge result, regardless of the buyin. Considering it was all for free, it was an overlay of gigantic proportions. As a matter of fact, she’s still having a hard time processing the whole thing. “I still can’t believe it, especially from a freeroll,” she remarked. “Thank you PokerStars!”

Now that she has a bigger bankroll to play with we may be seeing more of her at the tables, but in the meantime, you can count on the fact that the radio will be playing in the background when she does.

To get all the updates on the WCOOP and for your chance to score big in the freerolls check out WCOOP radio. And for more about the women who cashed in WCOOP see the PokerStars Women page.


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