WCOOP 2017: WTFMOFGOAO Upsets Muka82 to Lock Up Event 24-H ($1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw)

September 10, 2017

WTFMOFGOAO cut through an elite field of 101 entries in WCOOP-24-H $1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw to claim a $26,512 first-place prize and a shiny new WCOOP title on Sunday.

The Russian narrowly out-dueled Brazilian Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo heads-up to claim the title. Figueiredo, who entered the final table as the chip leader, has performed exceptionally well in PokerStars events and was the first Brazilian to win an LAPT title back in 2011.

Figueiredo, who also has TCOOP and MicroMillions titles, was looking to ship his first WCOOP title but it wasn’t to be this time around as he couldn’t get past WTFMOFGOAO.


Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo winning LAPT Chile in 2011

As expected WCOOP-24-H drew some of the best online players in the world with Andre Akkari, Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot, Jon “PearlJammer” Turner and many more taking a shot at the prestigious lowball tournament.

Mike “GoLeafsGo” Leah is currently leading the 2017 WCOOP Leaderboard with 280 points and came very close to adding yet another final table appearance in WCOOP-24-H.

Ultimately the Canadian fell just short of the final table, finishing in 11th place, but he did add another $2,525 to his bankroll for his efforts.
Fortunately, even without Leah, the final table proved to be a dynamic one with WTFMOFGOAO and Muka82 going blow-for-blow nearly the entire time.
WCOOP-24-H Final Table Chips copy.jpg

Seat 1: krakukra (Russia) — 275,160
Seat 2: Thomas “Sandman201” Taylor — 346,651
Seat 3: Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo (Brazil) — 1,863,172
Seat 4: jp_legacy (Japan) — 1,294,921
Seat 5: WTFOMFGOAO (Russia) — 391,362
Seat 6: gieras (Poland) — 828,734

The final table began with gieras scooping a pivotal pot from jp_legacy with an 8-7-4-3-2, which vaulted him to second in chips behind Muka82.

Russia’s krakura was the first player to be eliminated as he had the misfortune of shoving all-in against sandman201, drawing one, and hitting a pair of fives. krakukra had to settle for $5,050 for sixth place.

Shortly after that hand sandman201 doubled up WTFMOFGOAO, which sent him tumbling down the chips counts. From that point on sandman201 was extremely active and shoved numerous times with no callers.

Meanwhile Muka82 finally started to look human as he doubled up WTFMOFGOAO and briefly surrendered the chip lead to gieras.

It didn’t last long, however, as Muka82 quickly recovered by knocking out jp_legacy with a 9♦7♣5♦3♣2♥ over jp_legacy’s 10♣9♣7♥6♣3♥. jp_legacy picked up $6,817 for finishing in fifth place.

Chips_SundayWarm3-thumb-450x300-279428-thumb-450x300-317722.jpgMuka82 was once again firmly in the chip lead with over 2m chips but it wouldn’t last long as he was on a collusion course with WTFMOFGOAO.

WTFMOFGOAO won a huge 600k+ pot against Muka82 with a 10♣9♠7♦4♠3♣ over Muka82’s 9♦8♥6♣4♦4♣.

After the hand WTFMOFGOAO was up to nearly 2m chips while Muka82’s stack was essentially cut in half.

Canadian sandman201, who had been from the short stack for some time, had been shoving frequently for nearly 20 minutes of play but the surging WTFMOFGOAO finally looked up with a pat J♠7♠6♦3♣2♥. sandman201 drew one to make a K♣9♥4♦3♠2♦, which sent him to the rail in fourth place for $9,090.

Three-handed play went for around 20 minutes before a short-stacked gieras moved his last 240,000 into the middle and got called by Muka82.

gieras drew one to make a J♣8♠6♣3♥2♠ but it wasn’t enough to get by Muka82 who stood pat with 10♥7♥5♥4♦2♥. The Polish player picked up $12,625 for finishing in third place.

It was fitting that heads-up play came down to WTFMOFGOAO and Muka82 as the pair had easily been the most active, dominant players at the final table.

WTFMOFGOAO had a nearly 2-1 chip advantage on Muka82 to start heads-up play but Muka82 went on early rush to re-take the chip lead.

WCOOP-24-H Deal Talk.png

At this point Muka82 floated the idea of a deal. WTFMOFGOAO’s response?

WTFOMFGOAO: go gamble gl
Muka82: ok
Muka82: gl bro

With talk of a deal quashed WTFMOFGOAO started to dominate. He quickly regained his 2-1 chip lead and approximately 20 minutes later he found the knockout blow.

The final hand proved to be an extremely fast one with Muka82 five-bet shoving all-in for 1.9m chips and WTFMOFGOAO making the call.

Both players stood pat and immediately tabled:

Muka82: J♥9♣8♥3♦2♣
WTFMOFGOAO: 9♠7♠5♥4♠2♦

And just like that the tournament was over with WTFMOFGOAO the ultimate victor and $26,512 richer to boot. Muka82 settled for the $18,432 that came with second place.

Congratulations to both players who put on an exceptional show at the final table.

WCOOP-24-H: $1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw
Entries: 101
Prize pool: $101,000
Places paid: 14

1. WTFMOFGOAO (Russia) $26,512
2. Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo (Brazil) $18,432
3. gieras (Poland) $12,625
4. Thomas “sandman201” Taylor (Canada) $9,090
5. jp_legacy (Japan) $6,817
6. krakukra (Russia) $5,050
7. vicenfish (Mexico) $4,040


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