WCOOP 2017: Good life for DSmunichlife, winner of #30-H for $90K ($215 NLHE, Prog. KO)

September 12, 2017

These “progressive knockout” bounty events in which half the prize pool is reserved for knockouts can be mighty lucrative for those who win them, especially if they manage to collect several of what often turn out to be the most profitable bounties at the final table (as tournament winners often do).

Case in point — Event #30-H winner DSmunichlife of Germany who thanks in part to knocking out seven of eight opponents at the final table added $37,397.61 worth of bounties to a first-place prize of $52,722.77. That’s a $90,120.38 payday all told for DSmunichlife — not a bad return for a $215 buy-in event!


There were a whopping 3,686 entries for this two-day event, building a total prize pool of $737,200 that well exceeded the $500K guarantee. Half of that prize pool went for bounties, with the other half (the “regular” prize pool) getting divided up among the top 467 finishers.

Four hours into Day 2 they were down to 18 players, with DSmunichlife sitting in first position with close to 29 million and Brazil’s Regis “capotinha” Kogler the next challenger with almost 21 million.

meiko87 was the next eliminated in 18th, earning $1,164.99 from the regular prize pool and nearly three times that from bounties. DamoWain (17th), IRINA3456 (16th), 4Bullè&Pupè9 (15th), and maski23 (14th) then successively went out, earning $1,167.53 plus knockout bonuses.

Then Simon “Igorkarkarof” Ronnow Pedersen (13th), 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event seventh-place finisher Damian “pampa27” Salas (12th), Druen (11th), and baschinsky (10th) each were eliminated, picking up $2,329.95 plus bounties, with Druen earning more than $5K more thanks to the knockouts.


Damian “pampa27” Salas

With three Brazilians and three Hungarians among those chasing chip leader DSmunichlife of Germany, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Jeremy “EndlessJ” Menard (Canada) — 12,745,071
Seat 2: Ruis Maker (Brazil) — 17,197,567
Seat 3: daltonhb (Brazil) — 26,378,000
Seat 4: wisopekeño! (Malta) — 6,283,546
Seat 5: Regis “capotinha” Kogler (Brazil) — 23,222,735
Seat 6: DSmunichlife (Germany) — 54,018,024
Seat 7: remenyrabja (Hungary) — 3,297,188
Seat 8: paniaguamos (Hungary) — 16,569,080
Seat 9: thegr8str8 (Hungary) — 24,588,789

It took about a half-hour for the first to fall from the final table in a hand that started with leader DSmunichlife min-raising to 1.2 million from the button. remenyrabja was next to act in the small blind and pushed all in for 4.33 million, and after the big blind folded DSmunichlife called.

It was remenyrabja’s 6♥6♦ versus DSmunichlife’s K♠J♥. No king or jack came among the community cards, but two overpairs did as the board came 3♠8♥9♥9♦8♦, which meant the counterfeited remenyrabja was out in ninth.

Some time later daltonhb took a chance with king-jack, open-shoving from middle position for almost 6.4 million (10.5 big blinds) with K♦J♦ and getting looked up by DSmunichlife calling from the button.

Uncannily, DSmunichlife was the one with 6♥6♦ this time, and the sixes were best following a nine-high board, knocking daltonhb out in eighth.

The DSmunichlife steamroller would continue thereafter, with two more opponents soon falling after all-ins against the chip leader.

The first started as a three-way pot, whittled down to two following a 7♥4♠10♣ flop that saw it check around to paniaguamos who bet. Ruis Maker called, then DSmunichlife check-raised and only paniaguamos called. The J♠ turn then saw DSmunichlife lead, paniaguamos shove all in, and DSmunichlife call.

paniaguamos turned over A♠A♥ while DSmunichlife was drawing to a straight with 6♥5♦ — and it got there as the river brought the 3♦, stopping the run of paniaguamos in seventh.

Soon after that Jeremy “EndlessJ” Menard reraise-shoved with 6♦6♠ over a DSmunichlife open with A♠J♠. DSmunichlife called, a jack flopped, and the bigger pair held to send Menard to the exits in sixth.

Just four hands later, wisopekeño! open-jammed from UTG for 8.76 million (or about 8.76 bigs) with A♦3♦, Ruis Maker woke up in the big blind with Q♠Q♦, and a runout of 6♠K♣Q♥9♣J♦ added up to a set of queens for Ruis Maker and a fifth-place finish for wisopekeño!

After that brief rest stop, though, DSmunichlife was the one collecting the bounties once more, starting about 15 minutes later with Regis “capotinha” Kogler.

It was a bit of a cooler for Kogler who with a stack just shy of 10 BBs min-raised with J♥J♠, watched DSmunichlife three-bet, then jammed only to see DSmunichlife snap-call and show Q♦Q♠. A ten-high, uncoordinated board was no help to Kogler who finished in fourth.


Regis “capotinha” Kogler

Less than 10 hands later DSmunichlife raised the small blind, the last Hungarian to make the final table thegr8str8 three-bet from the big, DSmunichlife reraised again, and thegr8str8 called to commit a stack of just under 5.8 million or less than five big blinds total.

DSmunichlife had 7♠7♣ this time while thegr8str8 showed A♦Q♥. No improvement came for the latter from the 4♥9♥K♦J♦2♥ board, and thegr8str8’s run ended in third.

All of those bustouts meant DSmunichlife enjoyed a big chip lead to start heads-up play with over 150 million to Ruis Maker’s 33.6 million. Ruis Maker would battle gamely, carrying the tournament close to the day’s eight-hour mark, but ultimately DSmunichlife would prevail.

By the final hand Ruis Maker was up over 61 million, meaning DSmunichlife had about a 2-to-1 chip advantage when min-raising to 3.2 million from the button. Ruis Maker made it 10.2 million to go, DSmunichlife four-bet to 21.6 million, Ruis Maker shoved, and DSmunichlife called.

Ruis Maker: 10♦10♠
DSmunichlife: A♠K♠

It was a race, and DSmunichlife raced way out in front following the A♦8♥4♣ flop. The turn was the 4♦ and river the 7♠ and it was over — DSmunichlife had collected one last bounty and a WCOOP title.

Congratulations to DSmunichlife for topping a 3,686-entry field and rolling over the final table to earn more than $90K and a first WCOOP win.

WCOOP-30-H: $215 NLHE (Progressive KO)
Entries: 3,686
Prize pool: $737,200 ($368,600 regular, $368,600 bounty)
Places paid: 467

1. DSmunichlife (Germany) $52,722.77 + $37,397.61 in bounties
2. Ruis Maker (Brazil) $37,279.50 + $2,600.00
3. thegr8str8 (Hungary) $26,360.61 + $3,769.33
4. Regis “capotinha” Kogler (Brazil) $18,639.77 + $9,287.03
5. wisopekeño! (Malta) $13,180.28 + $485.94
6. Jeremy “EndlessJ” Menard (Canada) $9,319.86 + $3,316.01
7. paniaguamos (Hungary) $6,590.12 + $2,036.73
8. daltonhb (Brazil) $4,659.91 + $1,209.38
9. remenyrabja (Hungary) $3,295.02 + $900.00

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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