WCOOP 2017: etxnl01 gets a second COOP title in Event #55-H ($215 NLHE 8-Max Win the Button)

September 20, 2017

etxnl01 is a knockout champion and those skills seemed to translate well to Win the Button tournaments.

Some of the etxnl01’s biggest cashes have come in K.O. tournaments, including a SCOOP title in last year’s $2,100 Progressive K.O. tournament and a runner-up finish in a $530 Progressive K.O. SCOOP earlier this year. Now etxnl01 adds a WCOOP title to that list of victories along with a $45,190.02 payday.

To take down Event #55-H, etxnl01 had to outlast a field of 1,466 players and overcome a short stack at the final table. But all of etxnl01’s knockout experience came in handy. Our champion was able to double up at the final table and then ride that to victory.

The final table


Seat 1: PaDiLhA SP – 12,058,165
Seat 2: Giant_Santos – 13,177,335
Seat 3: PhilRoyal888 – 10,458,612
Seat 4: Turko_man – 12,778,656
Seat 5: etxnl01 – 2,955,402
Seat 6: bernar.serra – 4,837,815
Seat 7: OhRaisyDaisy – 4,649,957
Seat 8: vinnarin777 – 6,468,091
Seat 9: Sngwonder – 5,915,967

In the first elimination, Sngwonder had just won the button and PhilRoyal888 raised to 552,500. Action folded around to the button winner and Sngwonder moved all-in for 4.5 million. The blinds folded, PhilRoyal888 called and showed a dominating A♠K♦ to Sngwonder’s A♣Q♠.

The 9♣8♦K♥A♦6♠ board brought PhilRoyal888 a pair of pairs and the victory. Sngwonder was out in 9th while PhilRoyal888 chipped up to 16.7 million.

Then Turko_man won a flip to bring the table down to seven. bernar.serra had just won the button two times in a row and Turko_man moved all-in for 6.6 million from the hijack. vinnarin777 called all-in from the big blind and showed A♠K♠ to Turko_man’s 7♥7♦. Turko_Man then improved to a straight on the 2♣8♥5♥4♣6♦ boar and vinnarin777 fell in 8th.

OhRaisyDaisy then doubled up bernar.serra and was the next to go. OhRaisyDaisy had dropped to just a few big blinds and called all-in after Giant_Santos jammed. Giant_Santos showed Q♠Q♣ while OhRaisy Daisy had 8♥7♥. The 8♣6♦J♣2♥K♠ board brought OhRaisyDaisy a pair of eights, but it wasn’t enough.


OhRaisyDaisy finished in 7th and then Giant_Santos took out another player. Giant_Santos minraised from under the gun and PaDiLhA SP called from the big blind. Giant_Santos bet enough to put PaDiLhA SP all-in on the Q♦5♠8♠ flop and PaDiLhA SP called. PaDiLhA SP showed top pair with Q♥9♥, but Giant_Santos had an overpair with A♥A♣. The turn and river brought no help for PaDiLhA SP and the Brazilian player was eliminated in 6th.

But that was the last elimination Giant_Santos would deal. Giant_Santos lost a flip to double up etxnl01 soon after and was left with less than a small blind. Giant_Santos then won three all-ins and fought back to 1.9 million.

It looked like Giant_Santos was about to get another double, but an unlucky river ended things. Giant_Santos moved all-in with A♣J♦ that hand and had PhilRoyal888’s K♣J♣ dominated. Things were looking good until the end of the 7♦6♠4♣5♥K♠ board. Giant_Santos fell in 5th and then another Brazilian followed him out the door.

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etxnl01 raised from the button and bernar.serra moved all-in from the small blind. etxnl01 called with Q♣10♣ and bernar.serra showed A♥4♥. etxnl01 hit a ten on the flop and a queen on the river for two-pair. bernar.serra finished 4th and etxnl01 got an even larger lead.

That lead grew even more by the time play got heads-up.

etxnl01 kept hammering away at both players and had chipped up to 57.2 million. PhilRoyal888 was in second with 12.2 million and Turko_man was down to just 3.9 million.

Turko_man then tried to double with A♠7♥ and etxnl01 called with Q♣J♥. etxnl01 paired a jack on the flop and Turko_man was eliminated in 3rd. etxnl01 on the other hand started the heads-up match with a massive lead.


etxnl01 – 61,421,917
PhilRoyal888 – 11,878,083

PhilRoyal managed to chip up to about 20 million, but lost it all on the first all-in. etxnl01 raised to 1.3 million that hand and PhilRoyal888 made it 3.9 million to go. etxnl01 moved all-in and PhilRoyal888 called.

etxnl01: 10♣10♦
PhilRoyal888: A♥J♣

The 7♦K♥A♣ flop gave PhilRoyal888 a pair of aces, but then a 10♠ came on the turn to give etxnl01 a set of tens. A K♣ completed the board and the tournament came to an end. PhilRoyal888 finished 2nd while etxnl01 became the newest WCOOP champion.

WCOOP-55-H: $215 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button]
Entries: 1,466
Prize pool: $293,200
Place paid: 175

1. etxnl01 (Netherlands) $45,190.02
2. PhilRoyal888 (United Kingdom) $32,232.00
3. Turko_man (Finland) $22,990.16
4. bernar.serra (Brazil) $16,398.20
5. Giant_Santos (Brazil) $11,696.46
6. PaDiLhA SP (Brazil) $8,342.68
7. OhRaisy_Daisy (Russia) $5,950.61
8. vinnarin777 (Faroe Islands) $4,244.39
9. Sngwonder (United Kingdom) $3,412.14

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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