WCOOP 2016: tua133 decimates final table for first WCOOP win and second overall COOP in Event #13 ($215 NL Progressive KO)

September 09, 2016

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. That old saying completely described the lopsided final table of WCOOP Event #13. The final table in the Progressive KO event was completely dominated by tua133. Going into heads-up, tua133 picked off six out of seven opponents while amassing the richest bounty score in the tournament worth almost $17,500. Alas, no one could stop the red hot tua133, not even the Norway’s simbir. Despite a heads-up deficit, tua133 came from behind to pick off simbir and triumphantly marched into the winner’s circle. When it was all over, tua133 knocked out seven players at the final table to earn a first-place payday worth $58,559.80.

In addition, tua133 collected $21,076.66 in knockout bounties for a total score almost worth $80,000. Not a bad ROI for a modest $215 buy-in and nearly two days of grinding. Back in 2012, tua133 won a SCOOP, so this WCOOP title marks a second overall COOP win.


Event #13 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker featured a $215 buy-in NL Progressive KO tournament, which attracted 4,100 runners. Only the top 512 players got a cut of the juicy prize pool, with $58,559.89 originally set aside to the champion. This event doubled the initial guarantee of 400K and attracted a prize pool worth $820,000. Half of the pool, or $410,000, was devoted to the KO bounty pool and the other half was allocated to the regular prize pool.

WCOOP Event #13 was another two-day event. The first day ended with only 118 players left in the hunt for a WCOOP title. hateblondies was the end of Day 1 chip leader with 1.4M, but hateblondies would get upended in the middle of Day 2 after busting in 24th place.

With two tables to go and 18 players remaining, Brazil’s Edison82 was the overall leader and closing in on 5M. With ten remaining and action hand-for-hand, Norway’s simbir seized the lead with 8.8M. Shortstacked SickJoke made a final stand with Q♦7♠ against Fold Machiii’s A♣9♥, but SickJoke never improved and bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


2016 WCOOP-13 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: MistheMan (1,551,846)
Seat 2: Kafrou (2,163,152)
Seat 3: lcl1988 (2,944,984)
Seat 4: PalomoBuchón (3,262,814)
Seat 5: tua133 (3,349,216)
Seat 6: ChiphunterTH (7,955,498)
Seat 7: Edison82 (4,952,004)
Seat 8: Fold Machiii (6,364,157)
Seat 9: simbir (8,456,329)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 60K/120K and a 15K ante. Norway’s simbur led the way with 8.4M, and MistheMan brought up the rear with 1.5M.

This final table featured a SCOOP champion and a pair of players who binked the Super Tuesday. tua133 won a SCOOP in 2012 and also final tabled 2016 WCOOP event #2 for third-place chop. Kafrou previously won the Super Tuesday at the end of 2014 and has over $1.4M in career online winnings. Also, Breixo ‘Palomobuchón’ Gonzalez shipped the Super Tuesday earlier this year.

Other notables at the final table included Fold Machiii, ChiphunterTH, and Edison82. Fold Machiii went deep in the 2016 SCOOP Main Event, but busted in 14th place. The British pro won over $1.3M online. In 2015, Edison82 was a runner-up in a WCOOP event and the Brazilian won over $1M online. Back in 2014, ChiphunterTH final tabled a WCOOP event and also final tabled the Sunday Million. Also of note, Norway’s simbir final tabled the Sunday Million last November.

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MISS JUDY’S FARM: Kafrou eliminated in 9th place

The final nine sparred for barely one full orbit before someone busted on the ninth hand at the final table. The incident occurred when tua133 opened to 287,000 and Kafrou called from the big blind. The flop was 8♣7♥6♥. Kafrou checked, tua133 fired out 295,477, Kafrou check-raised all-in for 1,678,652 and tua133 called.

Kafrou: K♥4♥
tua133: 10♣10♠

Kafrou trailed with just King-high and a flush draw, whereas tua133 led with a pair of tens, but also picked up a gutshot draw. The turn filled in a gutterball for tua133, who took the lead with a ten-high straight. The K♦ on the river did not help Kafrou, who became the first player to exit the final table. tua133 won the pot with a straight and picked up a bounty worth $457.81 for busting Kafrou and their own bounty jumped to $8,680.72. For a ninth-place finish, Kafrou took home $3,903.77.

YOU’RE SO RUDE: MistheMan eliminated in 8th place

Edison82 min-raised to 280,000 from the cutoff, simbir called from the small blind, and MistheMan flat-called from the big blind. Everyone checked the flop of Q♠9♦6♦. When the 7♦ fell on the turn, fireworks ensued. simbir bet 380,000, MistheMan shoved for 1,056,046, Edison82 folded, and simbir called.

simbir: K♠Q♥
MistheMan: 7♥6♠

simbir trailed with top pair against MistheMan’s turned two pair. The K♥ spiked on the river and simbir dragged the pot with two pair. MistheMan busted in eighth place, which paid out $5,476.41. Norway’s simbir added a $693.75 bounty to the collection and their own bounty increased to $7,169.86.

LOVE LIVES HERE: Fold Machiii eliminated in 7th place

Two hands later, more fireworks. Fold Machiii open-shoved for 1,425,557 with 4♥4♦ and tua133 called with 6♠3♥. The board ran out 8♥7♠4♣5♦2♣. Fold Machiii flopped a set to improve the lead, but tua133 turned a straight to win the pot and faded a boat on the river. Alas, Fold Machiii busted in seventh place and took home $7,682.62. tua133 picked up a bounty worth $3513.21 and his own bounty jumped to $12,193.92.

With six remaining, front-running simbir chipped up to 17.5M. The closest was tua133 in second with 7.4M. PalomoBuchón was the shorty with 1.5M.

LAST ORDERS PLEASE: Edison82 eliminated in 6th place

Cooler time. Big-stacked bully tua133 opened to 410,000, shorty Edison82 moved all-in for 3,174,482 with 10♥10♣ and tua133 called with A♥A♠. Wrong time to run into Aces! The board finished up 9♦5♣4♥9♣2♥ and tua133’s Aces held up. Edison82 whiffed on a four-flush draw and hit the virtual rail in sixth place, which paid out $10,777.62. tua133 picked up a bounty worth $2,222.45 and their own bounty jumped to $14,416.36.

STAY WITH ME: lcl1988 eliminated in 5th place

Another shorty bit the dust at the hands of one of the monster stacks. lcl1988 raised to 500,000 and tua133 called from the big blind. The flop was Q♥J♥5♠. tua133 checked, lcl1988 bet out 490,000, tua133 check-raised all-in, and lcl1988 called all-in for 4,590,968.

tua133: 8♥5♥
lcl1988: A♠Q♠

lcl1988 led with top pair, but tua133 hit the flop with bottom pair and a flush draw. The turn was K♣ and the river was the 7♥. tua133 rivered a flush to win the pot. lcl1988 failed to fade the flush and was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $15,119.44.

And the rich get richer. Big-stacked tua133 added a bounty worth $187.50 to the collection. Meanwhile, tua133’s own bounty jumped to $14,603.86.

DEBRIS: PalomoBuchón eliminated in 4th place

PalomoBuchón open-shoved for 1,615,544 with K♣7♠, and tua133 bombed it all-in for 17,643,746 with 2♣2♦. The board ran out Q♠10♠10♥2♥7♦. tua133 turned a full house to win the pot. tua133 earned a bounty worth $1,219.92 for picking off PalomoBuchón and their own bounty bumped up to $15,823.77. PalomoBuchón went busto in fourth place, which paid out $21,210.32.

With three to go… tua133 led with 19.5M, followed by simbir’s 15.3M, and ChiphunterTH’s 6.1M.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE: ChiphunterTH eliminated in 3rd place

You know how the saying goes: the rich got richer. The wealth gap continued to widen between the haves and the have nots. Healthy-stacked tua133 kicked off a fracas with a raise to 492,000, ChiphunterTH bombed it all-in for 4,230,303 with A♣2♦, and tua133 insta-called with J♥J♠. Ouch. Heck of a time to run into pcoket Jacks, eh? At least ChiphunterTH had an overcard, right? The board finished up Q♦9♣8♣Q♥8♠ and tua133 faded an ace. Pocket Jacks held up and tua133 won another pot and picked up another bounty, who added $1,667.96 to the growing list of bounties won. Also, tua133’s own bounty increased to a whopping $17,491.73. Germany’s ChiphunterTH busted out in third place, which paid out $29,754.97.

HEADS-UP: tua133 (U.K.) vs. simbir (Norway)
Seat 5: tua133 (16,435,076)
Seat 9: simbir (24,564,924)

With the final two remaining, simbir held a slight chip edge over tua133. However, simbir’s bounty was worth only $7,169 vs. tua’s monstrous bounty of $17,491.

Which one of them would break on through to the other side? Going into the heads-up match, tua133 knocked out 6 out of 7 possible bustouts. One more scalp for tua133 and the WCOOP crown would belong to the Brit. Alas, the Norwegian simbir began heads-up with a lead and was hoping to hold off the sizzling tua133.

Despite the hot streak by tua133 at the final table, tua133 simmered down once heads-up commenced. About 8 minutes into heads-up, simbir pulled ahead to 3-1 overall. But that’s as high as simbir would get.

About 20 minutes into heads up, tua133 nearly pulled even after dragging a 9.5 million pot with 8♠5♥ and a pair of fives against simbir’s busted straight draw. simbir launched an immediate counterattack and attempt to regain lost ground. At that juncture and trailing 23M to 17M, tua133 asked if simbir wanted to look at the numbers for a potential deal. simbir did not respond, so action resumed.


When heads-up reached thirty minutes, they finally decided to discuss a deal. With two remaining, simbir led with 24.3M to tua133’s 16.8M. They wanted to split up the prize money in an almost even chop: simbir getting 49K flat and tua133 getting 48K flat and they’d play out for the rest of the cash.

However, any deal had to leave at least 2% of the total prize pool on the table to the champion, or $8,200. That meant they could only chop up $92,101.66 of the prize money. The two renegotiated a split in which tua133 got $46,000 and simbir got $46,122.66…with $8,200 on the table plus bounties. tua133 quickly agreed, but simbir did not reply right away. After some number crunching, simbir wanted a 48K-44K split. tua133 replied, “HAHA, no!” tua133 offered to give up $200 more but not 2K more stating “I am reg of SNG 5K.”

They could not reach an agreement. After trying to reach a deal for ten minutes, negotiations broke down and play resumed without a chop.

THAT’S ALL YOU NEED: simbir eliminated in 2nd place; tua133 wins first WCOOP and second overall COOP!

An hour into heads-up, tua133 embarked on a mini-rush and nearly pulled even again. Then it happened! tua133 dragged a 17M pot and turned the momentum of heads-up. tua133 turned a flush with 7♥6♥ to drag the 17M pot. tua133 chipped up to 27.6M, meanwhile simbir was knocked down to 13.3M and trailed 2-1 overall. A few minutes later, tua133 opened up a 3-1 edge when pocket Queens held up. tua133 rivred a boat to win a 13.2M pot. Nine hands later, it would be all over.

Going into the final hand, simbir trailed 34M to 7M. simbir bombed it all-in for 7,047,074 with K♦4♥ and tua133 called with 9♥9♣. The board ran out A♣7♦2♠10♥6♠. Neither player improved their hands, but tua133 dragged the pot with a pair of nines.

Norway’s simbir failed to stave off elimination and bounced in second place. For a runner-up finish, simbir earned $41,741.77 plus $7,169.86 in bounties.

Meanwhile… tua133, a Spanish player who currently resides in the United Kingdom, earned a first-place payday worth $58,559.89 for the victory. In addition, tua133 collected $21,076.66 in bounties for a total score worth $79,636.55. Congrats to the newest WCOOP champion… tua133! This marks a second career COOP title for tua133.


WCOOP-13 ($215 NL Hold’em [Progressive KO (50%)]) results
Total entries: 4,100
Prize pool: $820,000 (Regular pool: $410,000; Bounty pool: $410,000)
Places paid: 512

1. tua133 (United Kingdom) $58,559.89 + $21,076.66 in bounties
2. simbir (Norway) $41,741.77 + $7,169.86 in bounties
3. ChiphunterTH (Germany) $29,754.97 + $3,335.92 in bounties
4. PalomoBuchón (United Kingdom) $21,210.32 + $2,439.83 in bounties
5. lcl1988 (China) $15,119.44 + $375 in bounties
6. Edison82 (Brazil) $10,777.62 + $4444.89 in bounties
7. Fold Machiii (United Kingdom) $7,682.62 + $7,026.41 in bounties
8. MistheMan (Canada) $5,476.41 + $1,387.50 in bounties
9. Kafrou (Cyprus) $3,903.41 + $915.62 in bounties

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Pauly McGuire is the author of Lost Vegas and a freelance contributor to PokerStars.


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