WCOOP 2015: calvin7v wins his first WCOOP bracelet, third COOP title in Event #70 ($1,050 NLHE [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry])

September 28, 2015

It’s only fitting that the 2015 WCOOP, after awarding some $66,245,305 in prize money over the last 22 days, would celebrate its conclusion with a raucous, yet lucrative wrap party. For one $1,050 bullet (or two, or three), you could join some of the biggest names in online poker in a turbo-speed fiesta with a seven-figure prize pool. Although most of those star players fell by the wayside, the nine that made the final table were quite an impressive bunch. Every single one of the final nine had previously made a final table in a major PokerStars event, be it a COOP, a Sunday Major, or the Super Tuesday. Two are Supernovas (DannyN13, baeks22), and one is a Supernova Elite (nailuj90). Two are two-time SCOOP champions (raidalot, calvin7v), and ZISIMO7 is already a WCOOP bracelet winner, going for his second. The pay jumps were gnarly, the blinds were sky-high, and the final table delivered with whirlwind action that took us from nine players to a winner in 38 minutes. Ultimately, Finland’s calvin7v, a two-time SCOOP champion and Super Tuesday winner, prevailed and took home $309k along with his first WCOOP bracelet.

Event #70, a $1,050 buy-in NLHE Turbo event that allowed up to three re-entries, drew 1,511 unique players who made 336 re-entries. The prize pool topped out at $1,847,000 and the top 198 places were paid, with first place set to earn $309,372.50.

One hour and twenty minutes after the close of late registration, the tournament hit the money bubble with 198 players left. Two hours later, ten players remained and the blinds were up to 40,000/80,000. With the action folded around to him in the small blind, baeks22 put pressure on short stack Pokerger1337 and moved all-in for 1.66 million. Pokerger1337 called and turned over K♣Q♣. Baeks22 revealed A♣8♣ and both players hit flush draws when the flop came down 9♣6♣6♠, baeks22’s ace-high. The turn blanked with the 7♦, but the 7♣ river made baeks22 the nut flush and Pokerger1337 hit the rail on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: DannyN13 (1,469,994 in chips)
Seat 2: calvin7v (797,250 in chips)
Seat 3: Aaralynn (708,634 in chips)
Seat 4: bullyon (1,680,910 in chips)
Seat 5: ZISIMO7 (1,194,338 in chips)
Seat 6: baeks22 (2,736,593 in chips)
Seat 7: nailuj90 (2,939,618 in chips)
Seat 8: BruceWizayne (1,403,502 in chips)
Seat 9: raidalot (921,661 in chips)

On Hand #1, calvin7v doubled through bullyon when his A♦A♠ held up against 9♥9♣. Bullyon fell below a million in chips and five hands later, open-shoved for 671,160. ZISIMO7 reshoved for 969,338 and turned up 7♦7♥. Bullyon revealed Q♦10♥, but did not improve on the A♠J♥2♣8♥8♣ board. For ninth place, bullyon took home $19,024.10.

Aaralynn pillaged BruceWizayne’s stack, open-shoving for 436,634 with pocket queens. BruceWizayne called with A♠8♣, but didn’t get any help on the board and fell to 669,000. Three hands later, BruceWizayne found pocket sixes and open-shoved for 640,000. Raidalot reshoved for 1.68 million right behind him and turned up Q♣Q♠. BruceWizayne did not improve and departed in eighth place while raidalot moved up to 2.6 million in chips.

Raidalot got even more of a boost when he called nailuj90’s small blind shove with A♦9♦. Nailuj90’s dominated J♥9♣ did not improve and he slipped to 593,000. Nailuj90 did manage to survive, and doubled a few hands later when his 7♦8♦ flopped a ten-high straight vs. Aaralynn’s K♠8♠. That left DannyN13 as the only player with less than a million in chips. However, he doubled through raidalot and moved up to 1.98 million when his A♠10♠ rivered aces up against raidalot’s flopped pair of jacks with K♣J♥.

Raidalot quickly replenished those lost chips at Aaralynn’s expense. Holding A♥9♥, raidalot open-shoved for 4.64 million and Aaralynn called all-in for 1.1 million with A♦Q♥. Although raidalot’s hand was dominated, he struck gold on the 9♦7♥3♣ flop and turned trip nines when the 9♠ fell. Aaralynn went out in seventh place, earning $53,563.00. Then, on the next deal, ZISIMO7 open-shoved for 1.33 million with A♦10♠ and nailuj90 called from the big blind with K♠Q♥. ZISIMO7 flopped an ace and turned a ten on the A♥7♣2♣10♥Q♠ board, ending nailuj90’s run in sixth place.

As play turned five-handed, raidalot was the chip leader with 6.6 million, ZISIMO7 was second with 2.5 million, and the other three stacks all hovered around 1.5 million apiece. With the blinds up to 80,000/160,000 there was very little room for error and the pay jumps were steep. While fifth place would go home with 90k, fourth would earn a 35k bump to $125k and third place paid an additional 80k at more than $170k.

Calvin7v, one of those 1.5m stacks, won a coinflip and doubled through raidalot when his A♥9♥ turned an ace against pocket fours. Then on the next hand, DannyN13 called raidalot’s small blind shove and turned up A♦J♥. Raidalot’s 4♥5♠ improved to a nine-high flush on the 9♣6♥5♥8♥9♥ board, but DannyN13’s jack-high flush took down the pot, boosting his stack to 2.58 million.

With the blinds up to 100,000/200,000, DannyN13 open-shoved from the small blind with K♦10♣ and calvin7v called from the big blind with A♦8♣. Calvin7v turned a wheel on the 4♦3♠2♣5♥8♥ board and DannyN13 was eliminated in fifth place. His elimination meant each of the remaining four players would go home with a six-figure score.

Raidalot took a big hit in a pot vs. ZISIMO7 that played out to showdown. On an A♥K♣K♦ flop, raidalot bet 520,000 and ZISIMO7 called. Both players checked the K♠ turn and checked again when the 5♠ rivered. Raidalot’s J♠9♥ hadn’t improved, but ZISIMO7 turned over A♣6♦ for kings full of aces and raked in the 2.04 million pot, leaving raidalot on 2.8 million. Moments later, ZISIMO7 open-shoved for 4.12 million with A♠5♣ and raidalot called from the big blind with A♣J♦. ZISIMO7 was in trouble with a dominated hand, but got lucky to have the flop fall 9♠7♦5♠, pairing his kicker. The J♠ turn gave ZISIMO7 a flush draw and the 10♠ river filled it, ending raidalot’s run in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, ZISIMO7 was out in front with 7.36 million, calvin7v was second with 4.63 million and baeks22 was the short stack with 1.86 million. Two hands later, calvin7v folded the button and ZISIMO7 made a small blind shove for 7.5 million. Baeks22 looked down at Q♥8♠ and called all-in, only to have ZISIMO7 turn over Q♦10♥. ZISIMO7 never lost the lead, rivering a king-high straight on the K♣Q♣J♦6♣9♣ board to send baeks22 to the rail in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: calvin7v (4,438,976 in chips)
Seat 5: ZISIMO7 (9,413,524 in chips)

Calvin7v was a 2 to 1 chip dog going into heads-up play, but picked up pocket aces at the perfect time. Calvin7v limped on the button with A♦A♣, ZISIMO7 raised 3x to 750,000 and calvin7v called to see a 10♠9♦4♣ flop. Both players checked. The turn came the 9♠ and ZISIMO7 fired 500,000. Calvin7v smooth-called and they went to the river, which fell the 3♣. ZISIMO7 checked, calvin7v made it 1.75 million to go and ZISIMO7 looked him up. ZISIMO7 couldn’t beat aces and nines and mucked, while calvin7v raked in the 6.06 million pot. With 7 million in chips, calvin7v took a narrow chip lead over ZISIMO7, who held 6.85 million.

ZISIMO7 lost more ground in a limped pot where the flop fell K♥J♠9♦. ZISIMO7 check-called calvin7v’s 400,000 bet and both players checked the J♥ turn. The river was the 7♥ and ZISIMO7 bet 907,000 only to be met with a raise to 2,755,555. ZISIMO7 agonized and let his time bank run down to its last few seconds before open-folding the J♦. The pot took calvin7v up to 8.16 million while ZISIMO7 slipped to 5.69 million.

Three hands later, a seemingly defeated ZISIMO7 open-shoved 5.64 million on the button and calvin7v called from the big blind.

calvin7v K♥10♥

In true WCOOP fashion, it was a dramatic finish. The K♦6♣2♥ flop paired both players’ kings, and the 5♥ turn gave the once-dominated ZISIMO7 the lead with kings and fives. However, the 10♠ spiked on the river, wresting the hand away as calvin7v locked up the win with kings and tens.

Congratulations to Finland’s calvin7v on his first WCOOP bracelet and third overall COOP title! He banked a massive $309,372.50 for the win, while runner-up ZISIMO7 earned $226,257.50.

Event #70: $1,050 NLHE [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry]
Prize pool: $1,847,000
Places paid: 198

1. calvin7v (Finland) $309,372.50
2. ZISIMO7 [2] (Austria) $226,257.50
3. baeks22 (Germany) $170,847.50
4. raidalot (United Kingdom) $125,596.00
5. Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy (Canada) $90,503.00
6. nailuj90 [2] (Germany) $72,033.00
7. Aaralynn (Mexico) $53,563.00
8. BruceWizayne (Canada) $35,093.00
9. John “bullyon” Buglion (Australia) $19,024.10

[2] – indicates player re-entered


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