WCOOP 2015: Arctic-cool Trymean77 ices victory Event #23 ($215 PLO KO)

September 14, 2015

PLO is treacherous enough, but the Knockout element added a succulent financial incentive to bust as many opponents as possible. Sweden’s Trymean77 survived a difficult final table in Event #23 that included kuhns89 (three-time SCOOP champion) and theNERDguy, otherwise known as last year’s runner-up in the 2014 WCOOP Main Event. With two players to go, Trymean77 was pitted against a surging MaxSinctin who had just ambushed kuhns89 in third place with quad Aces. Despite the heads-up deficit, Trymean77 rallied with a sensational come-from-behind victory to become the newest WCOOP champion.

2015 WCOOP Event #23 $215 PLO Knockout attracted 1,368 players. They generated a prize pool worth $277,704. The regular pool was $221,274.00 and the bounty prize pool was $56,430.00. The top 171 places paid out, with $37,617.45 set aside to the eventual champion. Each player collected a bounty worth $41.25 per elimination.

With 20 players left in the hunt for a WCOOP crown, sslazio904 (Russia) became the first player to pass 1M. As the tournament inched toward the final table, sslazio904 solidified his lead.

With 10 to go, action was hand-for-hand and short-stacked 9I_Be3yH4uk tried to double up with A♦7♣5♦4♦ against sslazio904’s K♠J♣J♠7♥. However, the board ran out Q♣8♠7♠J♥3♦ and sslazio904 turned a set of Jacks to win the pot. Russia’s 9I_Be3yH4uk bubbled off the final table in tenth place and sslazio904 picked up another bounty.


WCOOP Event #23 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Trymean77 (867,014)
Seat 2: kuhns89 (500,813)
Seat 3: sslazio904 (1,444,576)
Seat 4: tvtotaliwin (634,101)
Seat 5: zidix (309,458)
Seat 6: RadioSurvive (1,070,993)
Seat 7: fer_90_1 (531,774)
Seat 8: MaxSinctin (615,204)
Seat 9: theNERDguy (866,067)

The final table commenced during Level 31 with blinds at 12.5K/25K and chip leader sslazio904 was one of two players over the 1M barrier; RadioSurvive was the other with a little over 1M. Meanwhile, zidix treaded water as the short stack. Austria’s kuhns89 won three SCOOP titles, but was seeking WCOOP #1. Brazil’s theNERDguy, finished second at the 2014 WCOOP Main Event. Oh, and don’t forget about zidix, who was a bridesmaid in a 2015 TCOOP.

PLANET TELEX: theNERDguy eliminated in 9th place

The final table played for almost 30 minutes before we saw the first bustout. During that time frame, Trymean77 seized the lead. Brazil’s theNERDguy attempted to double up but got ambushed by Aces… theNERDguy limped for 15,000, Trymean77 raised to 90,000, and theNERDguy called for 60,000. The flop was A♦10♦8♥ and fireworks ensured when theNERDguy checked, Trymean77 fired out 90,000, theNERDguy check-raised to 450,000, Trymean77 re-raised to 1.53M, and theNERDguy called all-in for 177,317.

theNERDguy: A♥9♦6♦5♦
Trymean77: A♠A♣J♠6♠

Trymean77 flopped a set of Aces, but theNERDguy flopped a nut-flush draw and gutshot draw. The turn was the 3♠ and the river was the 2♣. Trymean77’s set of Aces held up to win the pot (and collect a bounty). Alas, theNERDguy whiffed on both draws and never improved. For a ninth-place finish, theNERDguy took home $2,389.75.

HIGH AND DRY: fer_90_1 eliminated in 8th place

One of the shorties failed to double up. RadioSurvive kicked off the hand with a raise to 139,990 fer_90_1 shoved for 268,532 and RadioSurvive called.

fer_90_1: A♠Q♣4♦2♠
RadioSurvive: K♦7♦6♠3♦

The board finished up K♥Q♥7♣3♠6♣. RadioSurvive flopped top pair, turned two pair and rivered a higher two pair to win the pot (and collect a bounty). Colombia’s fer_90_1 could only make a pair of Queens and failed to avoid an elimination. For eighth place, fer_90_1 earned $4,314.84.

FAKE PLASTIC TREES: RadioSurvive eliminated in 7th place

RadioSurvive opened to 140,000 and kuhns89 called 100,000. The flop was K♣6♥5♣… kuhns89 checked, RadioSurvive moved all-in for 255,721, and kuhns89 called.

kuhns89: A♥10♥8♦7♣
RadioSurvive: K♠Q♣9♣6♠

RadioSurvive flopped top two pair and a flush draw, whereas, kuhns89 only flopped an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 10♦ and the river was the 9♠. RadioSurvive whiffed on a flush and kuhns89 won the pot with a ten-high straight. Also, kuhns89 picked up the bounty. RadioSurvive busted in seventh place, which paid out $6,527.58.

With six remaining, Trymean77 led with 3.2M and tvtotaliwin was on life support with under 100K.

THE BENDS: tvtotaliwin eliminated in 6th place

Super-shorty bit the dust. MaxSinctin opened to 140,000, Trymean77 raised to 355,555, tvtotaliwin called all-in for 56,597, and MaxSinctin also called. Three-handed. The board finished up 10♣5♠3♦2♠9♥ and MaxSinctin tabled A♣A♠J♦2♣ to win the pot with a pair of Aces. MaxSinctin also earned a bounty for knocking out tvtotaliwin. Sixth place paid out $8,740.32.

BULLET PROOF… I WISH I WAS: sslazio904 eliminated in 5th place

Former chipleader made a final stand but ran into Aces. Russia’s sslazio904 opened to 175,000, MaxSinctin bumped it up to 450,000, and sslazio904 called all-in for 85,301.

sslazio904: 8♠8♥7♣5♥
MaxSinctin: A♠A♦Q♠6♠

The board finished up K♣J♣6♣9♦2♦. Despite picking up a straight draw on the turn, sslazio904 never got there and pocket eights never improved. MaxSinctin’s Aces held up to win the pot and the bounty. For fifth place, sslazio904 $10953.06.

With four to go… MaxSinctin held a sizable lead with 4.2M, followed by Trymean77 ‘s 1.6M, and kuhns89’s 660K. Meanwhile, zidix was trailing with 290K.

STREET SPIRIT (FADE OUT): zidix eliminated in 4th place

Short-stack ninja zidix opened to 175,000, kuhns89 bumped it up to 550,000, and zidix called all-in for 330,232.

kuhns89: K♠K♦9♦9♠
zidix: A♣Q♥10♥5♣

The board finihsed up 8♠6♦4♥2♣10♠. On the turn, zidix picked up a Wheel gutshot draw, but never got there. Kings held up for kuhns89, who dragged the pot and earned another bounty. Russia’s zidix was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $15,046.63.

With three remaining… MaxSinctin led with 3.9M, followed by Trymean77’s 1.8M, and kuhns89’s 1M.


Action was paused to discuss a deal after MaxSinctin dropped 1M in chips. At that point, MaxSinctin sat atop 2.9M, followed by Trymean77’s 2M and kuhns89’s 1.8M. Any deal had to leave $5,000 on the table to the eventual champion. The numbers were floated: MaxSinctin $28,337.34, Trymean77 $26,729.37, and kuhns89 $26,208.89. Everyone quickly agreed. With a money deal in place, action resumed.

SULK: kuhns89 eliminated in 3rd place

Despite the deal, three-handed went a while. During Level 35, Trymean77 won three pots totaling 1.1M to seize the lead.

When short-stacked kuhns89 attempted to double up, kuhns89 was ambushed by a monster. All the money went in on the flop of A♣8♥7♣. kuhns89 checked-raised all in for 844,416 and MaxSinctin called.

kuhns89: 8♠6♦5♦3♣
MaxSinctin: A♥A♦9♦7♠

MaxSinctin flopped a set of Aces and kuhns89 picked up a straight draw. The turn was the A♠, which filled in quads for MaxSinctin. The meaningless 2♣ fell on the river. Although kuhns89 made a final stand with two pair (Aces and eights), it was severely inferior to MaxSinctin’s quad Aces. MaxSinctin won the pot and collected yet another bounty. Three-time SCOOP champ kuhns89 was  denied a WCOOP and knocked out in third place, which paid out $26,208.89.

HEADS-UP: Trymean77 (Sweden) vs. MaxSinctin (Russia)
Seat 1: Trymean77 (2,511,034)
Seat 8: MaxSinctin (4,328,966)

With two to go, MaxSinctin held the lead, but you got a eerie feeling anything could happen.

Trymean77 went to work immediately and chipped away at the MaxSinctin lead. It wasn’t very long before Trymean77 pulled even and MaxSinctin lost the momentum. As soon as Trymean77 took the lead, the Swede never looked back.

MY IRON LUNG: MaxSinctin eliminated in 2nd place; Trymean77 wins WCOOP Event #23!

Going into the final hand, Trymean77 chipped up to over 6M and MaxSinctin was down to 745K. MaxSinctin four-bet shoved for 745,725 with A♥J♥7♦6♠ and Trymean77 called with A♠Q♣10♣5♦. The board finished up J♣8♦3♣Q♠8♥. MaxSinctin lost with two pair (Jacks and eights) vs. two pair (Queens and eights). MaxSinctin flopped a pair of Jacks but Trymean77  turned a pair of Queens to eventually win the pot with a rivered two pair. Trymean77 also an 11th bounty for the bustout.

Russia’s MaxSinctin was knocked out in second place, which paid out $28,337.34.

Congrats to Sweden’s Trymean77, who earned a first-place pay day worth $31,729.37 for winning WCOOP Event #23.

WCOOP-23: $215 PL Omaha (Knockout)
Entrants: 1,368
Prize Pool: $277,704 (Regular Prize Pool: $221,274.00; Bounty Prize Pool: $56,430.00)
Places Paid: 171

1. Trymean77 (Sweden) $31,729.37 * + 11 bounties
2. MaxSinctin (Russia) $28,337.34 * + 11 bounties
3. kuhns89 (Austria) $26,208.89 * + 11 bounties
4. zidix (Bulgaria) $15,046.63 + 5 bounties
5. sslazio904 (Russia) $10,953.06 + 12 bounties
6. tvtotaliwin (Switzerland) $8,740.32 +4 bounties
7. RadioSurvive (Australia) $6,527.58 + 16 bounties
8. fer_90_1 (Colombia) $4,314.84 + 10 bounties
9. theNERDguy (Brazil) $2,389.75 + 11 bounties

* = Denotes a deal among the final three players

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