WCOOP 2014: WhatIfGod takes second WCOOP title of the year in Event #55 ($320 NLHE 6-Max)

September 25, 2014

Two WCOOP bracelets in slightly more than two weeks, such is the power of WhatIfGod.

On September 10th, WhatIfGod outlasted 1,240 players and took down a $215 PLO Knockout event for $31,617.31. Today, WhatIfGod defeated 1,347 players in a NLHE 6-Max tournament for a second WCOOP bracelet and $66,677.07.

Aside from pride, money and shiny jewelry; the victory put WhatIfGod 3rd in the 2014 WCOOP Leader Board.

WhatIfGod now has 300 points and is close behind the Ukraine’s psyhoagromor, who currently leads with 330 points. MrNegrenu is occupying 2nd place with 325.

There are still several events to go though and the Champion’s Trophy –along with a 2015 PCA Package, a 2015 EPT Grand Final Package and a 2014 TCOOP Main Event Ticket– can go to a number of players.

While the leader board race can go until Monday, the title of Event #55 champion was awarded today. A champion who started the final table as the short stack.

The final table


Seat 1: deamon10 — 2,465,361
Seat 2: dug0huz0 — 761,570
Seat 3: dev209 — 971,308
Seat 4: TheLipoFund — 1,198,389
Seat 5: WhatIfGod — 465,964
Seat 6: kirik05 — 872,408

deamon10 started the table as a massive chip leader but was the first to go, courtesy of the short stack.

WhatIfGod won three all-ins against the deamon10, took the lead and brought the tournament down to five players.

The first didn’t put too much of a dent in deamon10’s stack. WhatIfGod raised to 28,000 from the button and deamon10 three-bet to 72,000 from the small blind. WhatIfGod called and the flop came 7♥6♣9♦.

WhatIfGod moved all-in for 392,214 and deamon10 called. WhatIfGod showed top pair and a straight draw with 9♣8♣ while deamon10 just had a draw with 8♦J♥.

A 6♥ came on the turn and a Q♥ on the river let WhatIfGod take the pot with a pair of nines.

WhatIfGod doubled to 952,928 while deamon10 still had a comfortable lead with 2.01 million.

Then deamon10 dipped a bit more and doubled WhatIfGod up again.

In a near-repeat of the previous hand, WhatIfGod min-raised from the cutoff and deamon10 three-bet from the small blind.

Then things changed a bit. WhatIfGod re-raised to 166,800 and deamon10 moved all-in.

WhatIfGod called and showed A♣A♦ while deamon10 was drawing slim with A♥7♥.

The board ran 7♣8♥Q♣3♠9♦ and deamon10’s pair of sevens fell victim to WhatIfGod’s bullets.

WhatIfGod took the lead with 2.20 million while deamon10 dropped to 637,450.

Then WhatIfGod finished deamon10 off with another pair of bullets.

deamon10 min-raised from the hijack and dev209 called from the button. WhatIfGod three-bet to 128,000 and deamon10 moved all-in for 695,510.

dev209 folded, WhatIfGod called with A♥A♣ and deamon10 showed A♠K♦. It wasn’t deamon10’s day and the former chip leader busted in 6th when the board ran Q♥9♠2♣9♥.

deamon10 earned $11,112.75 while WhatIfGod’s lead increased to 2.64 million.

kirik’s clean kill

It’s hard for an elimination to be more ruthless than deamon10’s. Such was the wrath of WhatIfGod.

kirik05 was responsible for the next eliminaiton, which was a less brutal short stack versus short stack scenario.

kirik05 moved all-in for 627,869 from the small blind and dug0huz0 called all-in for 525,999 from the big.

dug0huz0: A♣8♣
kirik05: J♣Q♠

kirik05 improved to a straight on the 5♣9♦10♥K♦3♦ board and the final table shrunk again. dug0huz0 won $16,568.10 for finishing 5th while kirik05 chipped up to 1.17 million.

More of the same

WhatIfGod’s lead continued to grow and kirik05 kept knocking out players.

When kirik05 eliminated dug0huz0, WhatIfGod was up to 3.10 million. By the time kirik05 brought the tournament down to three players, WhatIfGod was at 4.50 million.

It wasn’t a drastic shift of chips, but a steady flow of medium-sized pots in WhatIfGod’s direction.

But then a big pot went to kirik05.

With 20,000/40,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante, kirik05 raised to 80,000 from the button and TheLipoFund moved all-in for 471,545 from the big blind.

kirik05 called with K♣J♠ while TheLipoFund showed A♣6♠.

TheLipoFund was in the lead, but the 6♣9♦Q♣2♥K♥ board gave kirik05 a pair of kings on the river.

kirik05 was up to 1.80 million while TheLipoFund was eliminated in 4th and took home $25,862.40.

WhatIfGod back in action

WhatIfGod was silently amassing a giant lead while kirik05 did the dirty work.

Then WhatIfGod decided it was time to strike and end the tournament.

dev209 was down to just 310,270 and moved all-in from the small blind. WhatIfGod called from the big blind and we had a flip.

WhatIfGod showed 3♠3♣ and dev209 turned over A♥Q♦.

The board ran 8♥10♦2♠J♣6♥ and dev209’s tournament came to an end. For the 3rd place finish, dev209 won $37,379.25 while the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

WhatIfGod: 5,099,622
kirik05: 1,635,378

kirik05 was in need of a double up but couldn’t get one.

A few minutes into the match, kirik05 raised to 80,000 and WhatIfGod called. The flop came A♦6♠2♦ and kirik05 bet 80,000 when checked to. WhatIfGod called and a 4♣ came on the turn.

WhatIfGod checked again and then called kirik05’s 160,000 bet.

A 4♦ completed the board and WhatIfGod put out the final check of the tournament. kirik05 bet 360,000 and WhatIfGod shoved.

kirik05 called all-in for 904,578 and showed the nut straight with 3♠5♠ but WhatIfGod had the nut flush with K♦3♦.

kirik05 won $50,108.40 for the 2nd place finish while WhatIfGod won a second WCOOP title and $66,677.07.

WCOOP-55: $320 NLHE 6-Max
Entrants: 1,347
Prize pool: $404,100
Places paid: 180

1. WhatIfGod (Sweden) $66,677.07
2. kirik05 (Belarus) $50,108.40
3. dev209 (Germany) $37,379.25
4. TheLipoFund (Mexico) $25,862.40
5. dug0huz0 (Hungary) $16,568.10
6. deamon10 (Denmark) $11,112.75

Event #55 is in the archives and the 2014 WCOOP is winding down. For a list of this year’s results as well as a schedule for the remaining events, check out the WCOOP homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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