WCOOP 2014: Gilbert978 does quick work to win Event #6 ($215+R NLHE, Turbo)

September 08, 2014

The second day of the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker rolled around with a three new tournaments including a speedy number to close out the day. WCOOP Event #6 was a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament with a turbo format and unlimited rebuys for the first hour.

The event drew 2,126 players to the field with only one hour of late registration. They hit the rebuy button 2,787 times with 1,369 of them sticking around long enough for the optional rebuy. They added everything up to create a $1,256,400 prize pool, well over the $750,000 guarantee.

They kept to the turbo theme and were all making the money in no time. 2010 WSOP Main Event champion and Team PokerStars member Jonathan Duhamel was around late in the tournament but dropped out before the last two tables along with former WSOP bracelet winner Timothy “Timothee” Adams. They were close to the final table bubble less than four hours after the start of play.

Alexander “AlexKP” Petersen was looking good to add another WCOOP win to his previous title and two TCOOP victories but fell just short of the final table. It took just a few hands before they almost formed an eight-handed final table when a player was all-in on each table.

tsiampas65 was able to survive to double up but the UK’s emran86 ran his Q♥10♣ smack into the K♦K♣ of fuddebuf to finish in the 10th spot to gather the remaining players in one spot.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Gilbert978 (4,718,501 in chips)
Seat 2: jknack10 (942,892 in chips)
Seat 3: Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (1,690,224 in chips)
Seat 4: bencb789 (2,705,784 in chips)
Seat 5: tsiampas65 (2,741,760 in chips)
Seat 6: Kalben (1,239,266 in chips)
Seat 7: _pauL€FauL_ (2,165,832 in chips)
Seat 8: Sergio “zcedrick” Aido (3,512,178 in chips)
Seat 9: fuddebuf (1,867,563 in chips)

Blinds: 70k/140k with 17.5k ante

goodvibe1 bad vibe, eliminated in 9th

Early WCOOP tournaments saw some deep stack tournaments making final table chop deals but there was not a peep as the turbo Event #6 hit the final table with a flurry. The standard play was early shoves looking for a call or pick up the significant preflop pot with folds all around.

Former Sunday Millions champ Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu saw early action at the final table fold around to jknack10 in the small blind and he open-shoved with 8♣5♣. Any pair looked good in this format and goodvibe1 quickly called at risk with 8♠8♥. Whatever glimmer goodvibe1 had for the double went away immediately on the 10♣7♣4♣ flop.

goodvibe1 was less than 2% to comeback and was drawing dead when the turn came 2♥ to send him out in 9th place for $12,564.

bencb789 get crazy eights, eliminated in 8th

Just a few hands later and pocket Eights made another appearance. This time it was 2014 SCOOP champ bencb789 shoving from under the gun with 8♣8♥ before tsiampas65 moved in over the top with Big Slick A♠K♥. The isolation play worked and they were racing.

bencb789 was happy to see the all low 7♠5♣3♦ flop and the equally pleasing 3♥ turn. He needed to dodge the over cards but couldn’t manage it when the K♦ dropped on the river to send bencb789 out in 8th place for $21,987.

_pauL€FauL_ falls, eliminated in 7th

_pauL€FauL_ held on for as long as he could but was finally forced to take a stand when he was under four big blinds. He found an interesting way to get his chips in the middle with a raise from the small blind leaving just two antes behind with 7♠5♦.

Sergio “zcedrick” Aido sitting in the big blind with A♥K♣ made the easy decision to raise enough to put _pauL€FauL_ all-in and he called with two live cards. They both hit the A♣10♠7♥ and _pauL€FauL_ still needed help. The 4♠ turn changed nothing and his tournament ended when the river came 9♠ to send _pauL€FauL_ out in 7th place for $31,410.

Kalben can’t drive 55, eliminated in 6th

The final table was a consistent stream of all-in calls with no slowing them down. Sometimes there was a double up to shift the stacks around but they couldn’t all survive. The next came close to a three-way monster pot.

Kalben put his 2.65 million stack in the middle from the under the gun and fuddebuf followed suit with a 5 million reshove soon after. Gilbert978 went on the timer to think long and hard about joining the fun.

He eventually dropped his hand to let the other two give it a go. Kalben was marginally ahead with 5♥5♠ against A♥Q♦ but fell behind on the A♠K♥7♠ flop. The 3♥ turn left Kalben looking at only two outs then he whiffed the 10♥ river to exit the tournament in 6th place for $43,974.

jknack10 outflopped, eliminated in 5th

It was a full time job just keeping track of the current leader as it seemed to switch with each hand. tsiampas65 took his turn atop the leaderboard then added a bit to his lead.

He was sitting in the big blind with Q♥J♠ and called when jknack10 shoved for less than 2 million from the small blind with A♥7♥. jknack10’s brief lead collapsed on the Q♦8♥2♣ flop but he picked up a flush draw courtesy of the 5♥ turn.

jknack10 had plenty of outs to stay alive but he blanked the 10♦ river to hit the rail in 5th place for $56,538.

zcedrick makes a deal, eliminated in 4th

It took until only four were left in the tournament before they finally paused the action to discuss a deal. The negotiations were fairly civilized considering the amount of money in play and they soon had a deal guaranteeing each player at least $100,000 with $15,000 left behind for the winner.

Once everyone signed off on the deal, the tournament went from four players to a winner in just 15 hands. The next step to finding a winner was Sergio “zcedrick” Aido moving all-in from the small blind with K♦4♠ and fuddebuf calling with A♠5♠.

fuddebuf moved further ahead on the A♥J♠2♠ flop but zcedrick picked up a gutshut draw when the turn dropped 10♦. He missed his handful of outs on the river to pick up the first post-deal cash prize of $134,427 for his 4th place finish. This wasn’t his biggest career cash as Aido earned more than $300,000 for a 5th place finish in 2013 SCOOP Main Event.

tsiampas65 takes top prize, eliminated in 3rd

tsiampas65 was the leader during several portions of the short final table and was handed the lion’s share of the four-way deal for his stack size. After that, it was just playing for the bonus money and WCOOP title.

He took a shot to knock down another obstacle when he called all-in after Gilbert978 shoved from the small blind. tsiampas65 was ahead with A♣7♥ against Q♦9♠ but that did not last long thanks to the K♣9♦6♥ flop. tsiampas65 was left holding an over card when the turn came 4♠ and the 2♠ river sent him out in 3rd place. tsiampas65 missed out on the title but can be comforted by his $141,732 payout.

Gilbert978 survives to win Event #6

Seat 1: Gilbert978 (13,748,088 in chips)
Seat 9: fuddebuf (7,835,912 in chips)

Gilbert978 didn’t begin heads up play with a massive chip lead but it still only took one hand to seal the deal. After six and a half hours of play, the final hand was done in a hurry.

Perhaps fuddebug didn’t believe Gilbert978 min-raised with anything big when he shoved over the top with A♦3♥. If that is what he was thinking, it was incorrect and Gilbert978 quickly called with J♣J♠. fuddebuf needed a lot of help to stay alive but the K♣J♥4♠ did him no favors.

He paird the 3♠ turn but the tournament was complete on the final 5♠ river. It was a fun, crazy run for both players as fuddebug grabbed $129,279 for the runner-up finish and Gilbert978 $140,026 for the brand new WCOOP title.

WCOOP-06: $215+R NL Hold’em (Turbo)
Entrants: 2,126 (2,787 rebuys, 1,369 add-ons)
Prize pool: $1,256,400
Places paid: 270

1. Gilbert978 (Canada) $140,026.43*
2. fuddebug (Denmark) $129,279.39*
3. tsiampas65 (Cyprus) $141,732.55*
4. Sergio “zcedrick” Aido (United Kingdom) $134,427.69*
5. jknack10 (Canada) $56,538.00
6. Kalben (Russia) $43,974.00
7. _pauL€FauL_ (Germany) $31,410.00
8. bencb789 (Germany) $21,987.00
9. Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (Germany) $12,564.00
* – denotes four-way deal


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