Finland’s Erä_Koira is no stranger to a turbo-charged victory circle with a first-place finish in 2013 TCOOP Event #14. Ah, now you can add a WCOOP title to Erä_Koira’s impressive online resume.

Erä_Koira’s rapid-fire, light-speed bending, Usain Bolt-like performance in WCOOP Event #27 PLO was economical to say the least. The Finnish player dispatched a heads-up opponent in a only 3 hands. Yet most impressive was the sober fact that the entire final table was completed in mere 23 hands, or approximately 15 minutes of real time to trim the field from nine players to just one.

Erä_Koira was the triumphant final player left standing amidst the scarred, blitzkrieged PLO battlefield. With a come-from-behind victory in Event #27, Erä_Koira secured a WCOOP bracelet and also becomes a two-time COOP Champion. Erä_Koira only needs a SCOOP victory to secure a rare Triple COOP.

WCOOP Event #27 $215 PLO [Turbo, 1R1A] attracted 1,126 runners. The field of PLO enthusiasts added 759 re-buys and 300 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $437,000.00. The top 144 places paid out with $76,387.60 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros taking a shot at a WCOOP crown included Theo Jorgensen, George Danzer, Lex Veldhuis, Johnny Lodden and Jonathan Duhamel. Team Online grinding their way to a potential WCOOP bracelet included nkeyno, mement_mori and GodlikeRoy. None of them would advance to the money.


WCOOP Event #27 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: GGgrampGreed (638,683)
Seat 2: MrCoco (1,260,774)
Seat 3: Erä_Koira (1,674,350)
Seat 4: YaAaRnY (2,953,160)
Seat 5: torowe (1,061,250)
Seat 6: guy edri (1,120,059)
Seat 7: muggsyboges (973,200)
Seat 8: d.apollo777 (611,928)
Seat 9: KipsterDK (631,596)

The final table for Event #27 commenced during Level 39 with blinds at 80K/160K. The U.K.’s YaAaRnY was out in front with a shade under 3M. A trio of players were short-stacked with 611K-638K.

This final table included several players of note. Erä_Koira won a TCOOP event in 2013, but was seeking a first WCOOP title. Meanwhile, MrCoco is a two-time SCOOP champion and KipsterDK won the Sunday Million twice. Yes, twice!

KipsterDK eliminated in 9th place; d.apollo777 eliminated in 8th place

Two for the price of one. The final table was just three hands old before we saw fireworks with two bustouts in the same hand. Two short stacks bombed it all-in: d.apollo777 open-shoved for 371,928, KipsterDK called all-in for 371,596. MrCoco woke up with Cowboys, called from the big blind and proceeded to pick off both shorties.

MrCoco: K♥K♦Q♣2♦
d.apollo777: A♠10♠10♣9♦
KipsterDK: A♣Q♥J♥2♥

The board finished up A♥7♣4♣3♦K♣. MrCoco won both the main pot and the side pot with trip Kings after he rivered a set. Both KipsterDK and d.apollo777 flopped a pair of Aces, but neither could improve and KipsterDK whiffed on a Wheel draw. KipsterDK held the shortest stack going into the hand, so KipsterDK finished in ninth place, which paid out $5,025.50. For eighth place, d.apollo777 earned $8,740.00.

GGgrampGreed eliminated in 7th place

Two hands later, another bustout. This occurred on the fifth hand of the final table. Shorty GGgrampGreed made a final stand with A♥K♠J♣6♦ and open-shoved for 338,683. Big-stacked YaAaRnY called with A♠9♦7♠[ 7c]. The board ran out Q♥J♠9♠7♦8♣. YaAaRnY won the pot with a set of sevens. GGgrampGreed’s took the lead on the flop with a pair of Jacks, but whiffed on a Broadway draw. The Jacks were not good enough to stave off elimination after YaAaRnY turned a set. For seventh place, GGgrampGreed took home $13,110.00.

guy edri eliminated in 6th place

Another quickie bustout. On the 8th hand at the final table, guy edri lost nearly his entire stack and went busto on the next hand. In a 2.8M pot, guy edri’s A♦K♠K♥6♦ and pocket Kings were flushed out by Erä_Koira’s A♣K♣8♦4♣. guy edri was crippled and on life support with only 45,709.

On the next hand, YaAaRnY finished off guy edri.

YaAaRnY: A♦8♦5♠4♠
guy edri: J♦8♥7♦2♥

The board ran out K♥Q♥10♠8♣4♦. guy edri could only piece together a pair of eights, which were not good enough to beat YaAaRnY’s two pair — eights and fours. For sixth place, Israel’s guy edri earned $17,480.00.

With five remaining (after only nine hands), YaAaRnY led the way with 4.6M, followed by Erä_Koira’s 2.8M, MrCoco’s 2M, torowe’s 761K, and muggsyboges 643K.

torowe eliminated in 5th place

On the 11th hand of the final table, we saw another bustout. Insert “dropping like flies cliche” here _____. One of the shorties, torowe, open-shoved for 761,250 and monster-stacked YaAaRnY called.

YaAaRnY: A♥A♦10♥5♥
torowe: A♣Q♥9♣9♥

YaAaRnY woke up with Aces. The board finished up K♠6♠4♣2♥3♠. YaAaRnY won the pot with the Wheel versus torowe’s unimproved pair of nines. For fifth place, torowe collected $21,850.00.

With four remaining, YaAaRnY chipped up to 5.5M and held more than 50% of the remaining chips in play.

muggsyboges eliminated in 4th place

Another shorty bit the dust when muggsyboges bombed it all-in for 911,400 and Erä_Koira acepted the challenge.

Erä_Koira: Q♥J♦J♣5♥
muggsyboges: K♠K♥Q♣9♠

The board ran out A♥10♥6♥2♠6♠. Although muggsyboges rivered two pair, Erä_Koira flopped a flush to win the pot. For fourth-place performance, muggsyboges won $31,027.00.

MrCoco eliminated in 3rd place

On the next hand, MrCoco said goodbye. Erä_Koira opened to 1,050,000 and MrCoco called all-in for 536,098.

MrCoco: K♣7♥5♦4♥
Erä_Koira: Q♦Q♥9♦6♠

The board ran out A♥A♠5♥3♦A♦. MrCoco whiffed on a flush draw and gutshot. Erä_Koira dragged the pot with a full house — Aces full of Queens. MrCoco failed to improve and was knocked out in third place, which paid out $41,515.00.

HEADS-UP: YaAaRnY (United Kingdom) vs. Erä_Koira (Finland)
Seat 3: Erä_Koira (4,371,198)
Seat 4: YaAaRnY (6,553,802)

With two remaining, YaAaRnY held the lead 6.5M to 4.3M. But since this was a turbo-charged event and blinds escalating every five minutes, no lead was safe. But with the expedited pace of this tournament, you almost expected the heads-up battle to last one hand.

YaAaRnY eliminated in 2nd place; Erä_Koira wins WCOOP bracelet!

Heads-up lasted only three hands. On the second hand, Erä_Koira seized the lead after dragging a 7.5M pot with a Jack-high straight versus YaAaRnY’s two pair.

Going into the final hand (and 23rd of the final table), Erä_Koira was ahead 7.5M to 3.4M. YaAaRnY opened with a bet to 900,000, Erä_Koira bumped it up to 2.7M, YaAaRnY four-bet shoved for 3,382,604, and Erä_Koira insta-called.

Erä_Koira: A♥J♥10♦7♣
YaAaRnY: K♠9♠6♦5♦

The board finished up 8♠6♥4♣J♦8♦. YaAaRnY flopped a gutshot draw, but failed to get there. YaAaRnY lost with two pair (eights and sixes) versus Erä_Koira’s better two pair (Jacks and eights).

YaAaRnY was leading most of the tournament, but finished in second place. For a gutsy runner-up performance, YaAaRnY earned $55,499.00.

Congrats to the newest WCOOP champion and bracelet winner Erä_Koira. First place in Event #27 paid out $76,387.60.

WCOOP-27 $215 PL Omaha (Turbo, 1R1A)
Entrants: 1,126 (759 re-buys, 300 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $437,000.00
laces Paid: 144

1. Erä_Koira (Finland) $76,387.60
2. YaAaRnY (United Kingdom) $55,499.00
3. MrCoco (United Kingdom) $41,515.00
4. muggsyboges (Canada) $31,027.00
5. torowe (Norway) $21,850.00
6. guy edri (Israel) $17,480.00
7. GGgrampGreed (Russia) $13,110.00
8. d.apollo777 (United Kingdom) $8,740.00
9. KipsterDK (Denmark) $5,025.00

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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