WCOOP 2014: andresds dominates late to win Event #2 ($215 NLH 6-Max, Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition)

September 08, 2014

Day 1 of the biggest online poker series in the universe kicked off yesterday with over $4.5 million in prize money generated over three tournaments. 2014 World Championship of Online Poker Event 2 was a Special Edition of the Sunday Warm-Up; deep stacked, 6-Max, No Limit Hold’em with a $750,000 guarantee.

As expected, attendance for the WCOOP tournament was fantastic and the 6,348 entrants tossed an extra $500,000 on top of the guarantee. They began with 10,000 in front with 20-minute levels, a pretty unique structure for a $215 buy-in tournament.

The tournament was scheduled as a two-day event to allow the final players a chance to take a breather before getting to the really big cash at the end. The last 840 players made the money with a min-cash earning $342 and the winner looking at a very tidy $193,616 payout.

They played through 31 levels of action and just 57 of the starting 6,348 runners survived for a chance at the title. Sion08 went into the break with a chip lead but two players with past six-digit results were lurking. Guntis “poker@luffyD” Aleskins was the Sunday Million runner-up in August 2013 while 100$talker has a MicroMillions 7 title to go with his WCOOP Challenge 2nd place finish just a month ago.

The returning list of players did not contain any members of Team PokerStars but there was enough skill to make things interesting. The tourament was on a nice 12+ hour break and set to return on Monday.

Top 10 returning stacks:

Sion08 – 2,898,643
djpsymoon – 2,511,398
Mutombooh – 2,412,756
poker@luffyD – 2,396,475
Belqi – 1,924,241
Bouling – 1,894,219
Besokaren – 1,884,439
K!nG.O.O – 1,740,166
cheeky4714 – 1,718,554
100$talker – 1,707,825

Everyone was guaranteed at least $2,285 but they were all shooting for the big money being dished out for making the final table. Those 57 players quickly played down close to the final table, despite the deep stacks, and they were soon on the last bubble of the tournament with seven remaining.

It was a quick trip to get to the final table and it was done after a quick hand-for-hand process. Mills23 open shoved on his three-handed table with K♦10♦ but was no good against andresds’ A♠4♦. The pace of play meant the blinds had yet to catch up to the stack size and they began an average stack over 88 big blinds.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Raistj (17,313,022 in chips)
Seat 2: poker@luffyD (8,772,568 in chips)
Seat 3: Schappuscha (10,889,972 in chips)
Seat 4: cheeky4714 (6,047,679 in chips)
Seat 5: BrucePowers (4,570,339 in chips)
Seat 6: andresds (15,886,420 in chips)

Blinds: 60k/120k with 15k ante

BrucePowers experiences outage, eliminated in 6th

In a rare move for a major tournament, the full final table almost immediately paused the action to discuss a six-way chop. Tournament moderator Alex “Kanu7” Millar gave them the numbers but a few, including Guntis “poker@luffyD” Aleskins, were unhappy with the payouts.

The deal break flowed nicely into the regularly scheduled break to give them a plenty of time to consider their positions. Nothing changed and they were soon back underway. No one was in danger of blinding out so it took a bit of a cooler to get a quick knockout.

BrucePowers opened to 365,000 from the button and andresds three-bet to 888,888 from the small blind. Raistj moved out of the way and the flop came K♠8♣7♦ to light the fuse on the fireworks.

andresds bet out 612,114 before BrucePowers put in raise for 1,500,000 total. andresds responsed with a three-bet shove and BrucePowers quickly called with the second best hand. andresds was outkicking BrucePowers with A♠K♥ versus K♦Q♣ and nothing changed on the 5♣ turn or J♠ river. It was a tough spot for BrucePowers at the short-handed table but the $19,044 consolation prize for 6th place will help.

cheeky4714 coolered, eliminated in 5th

Nothing went well for cheeky4714 once hitting the final table, starting play with more than 6 million but dropping under 10 big blinds quickly. The UK grinder took a shot to double but ran into a big hand.

Action folded to cheeky4714 on the button and he moved all-in for 1,313,750 before andresds simply called in the small blind. Perhaps smelling a rat, Raistj let his big blind go to see andresds was dominating with K♥K♣ against Q♥10♥.

cheeky4714 picked up a gutshot draw on the 9♠7♦6♦ flop but found no love on the 9♦ turn or 10♣ river. cheeky4714 gambled late but was gone in 5th place for $35,993.

Schappuscha says let’s play, eliminated in 4th

They paused the clock again to discuss a four-handed deal but it was tough to understand why. Schappuscha is another player with a six-digit result to their credit after a 2011 SCOOP runner-up spot but was never happy with any of the ICM numbers, perhaps just enjoying a bonus break.

They returned to action Schappuscha immediately dropped a large chunk of chips to poker@luffyD before banking his tournament hopes with an Ace. He three-bet to 1,200,000 after Raistj opened under the gun. After andresds let his hand go, Raistj three-bet for little more than a min-raise and Schappuscha came way over the top, moving all-in with A♣8♦.

Raistj easily called with A♠Q♦ before the both hit the Q♥8♣5♣ flop, leaving Schappuscha still looking for help. The 2♥ turn changed nothing and the A♥ river gave Raistj the better Aces Up to send Schappuscha out in 4th place for $60,306.

The hand also gave Raistj a commanding lead with more than 2/3rds of the chips in play. The tournament was paused for a third time to try and working something out.

The hand also gave Raistj a commanding lead with more than 2/3rds of the chips in play. The tournament was paused for a third time to try working something out. Negotiations failed once again and Raistj’s big lead was short-lived.

poker@luffD doubled back into the game and into a near dead head with Raistj when he was all-in preflop with K♦K♠ against A♦Q♦. His Kings held up and the tournament was extended. Before the next scheduled break they paused the tournament again, this time the three players were finally able to come to an understanding.

Raistj went from the big leader to third in chips, removing the big obstacle to chopping up the $428,000 remaining in the prize pool with $15,000 left behind as a bonus to the winner. They were still very deep but the top money pressure was off.

Raistj goes first to worst, eliminated in 3rd

Even with the three-way deal, the remaining players still took their time getting the chips in the middle. Raistj continued to drop lower after locking up some money and pushed back against an early position raise from poker@luffyD.

There was a raise to 900,000 from under the gun and Raistj moved all-in for his final 5,510,445 with Q♠J♠. poker@luffyD called and they were racing when he showed 9♥9♣. Raistj hit the flop but poker@luffyD popped it harder when the virtual dealer rolled out A♥J♣9♦.

Raistj needed miracle running cards but was drawing dead immediately when the turn came 4♦. He had a nice run and put $129,532 in his pocket for the 3rd place finish.

andresds dominates late to win WCOOP Event #2

Seat 2: poker@luffyD (27,842,481 in chips)
Seat 6: andresds (35,637,519 in chips)

For all the deliberate action early at the final table, the heads up match didn’t last very long. The two joked about making another deal with Guntis “poker@luffyD” Aleskins asking for the WCOOP bracelet.

The match went just nine hands before they quickly had their cards face up before the flop. poker@luffyD was all-in with the fifth bet holding A♦10♦ looking for a lot of help against A♠Q♥. poker@luffyD found himself in deeper trouble when the flop came Q♦6♠4♦ but he did pick up a flush draw.

The 4♣ left him looking for one of the remaining nine Diamonds but andresds dodged them with the 5♥ river. It was an interesting flop to end the tournament but poker@luffyD had to settle for his second career six-digit score, grabbing $143,959 for his runner-up finish.

andresds was the last player standing and he earned $155,000 for the WCOOP title, a nice increase over his previous top payout just over $6,000.

WCOOP-02: $215 NL Hold’em (6-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE)
Entrants: 6,348
Prize pool: $1,269,600
Places paid: 840

1. andresds (Argentina) $155,000*
2. poker@luffyD (Latvia) $143,959.91*
3. Raistj (Israel) $129,532.79*
4. Schappuscha (Austria) $60,306
5. cheeky4714 (United Kingdom) $35,993
6. BrucePowers (Canada) $19,044
* – denotes three-way deal


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