WCOOP 2012: Low-balling Liv Boeree

September 04, 2012


I make it a point to study Liv Boeree’s habits, styles, and semi-secret desires. It’s strictly a professional exercise, I assure you.

As the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker picks up steam, so, too, does Ms. Boeree. Stick with me here and don’t go running off to Google Images just yet.

See, last year, Boeree beat out thousands of people in a WCOOP second chance event and won herself a nice chunk of change. While it was great for a lark, it left her wanting.

Wanting, you say? Of course, now you’re listening.

See, Boeree lacks a WCOOP bracelet, and she has a new love interest. For a clue on how she might be satisfied, check out the title of this post. Or better yet, watch this interview we did with her.

WCOOP runs for the next three weeks with 65 events and guaranteeing $30 million in prize money. We have full coverage of every final table in our 2012 WCOOP reporting section.

Now, if you need to run off to Google Images, feel free. Or, you can just stop scrolling right……..here.


Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging


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