WCOOP 2012: Danzer hot on the heels of mikal12345 in Player of the Series race

September 21, 2012


Nine events remain in the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker. That’s nine chances for Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer to catch Norway’s mikal12345 who’s pulling away in the top spot of the WCOOP leader board and is just a few days away from claiming the Player of the Series title.

Both players have put in incredible performances so far. Mikal12345 has scored 13 cashes and won not just one WCOOP title but two bracelets. Danzer’s been no slouch either. Fourteen cashes and a $69,717.09 victory in WCOOP-10.


George Danzer: can he manage a sprint finish?

The WCOOP leader board
1. mikal12345, Norway, 370
2. Team PokerStars Pro GeorgeDanzer, Germany, 315
3. Steve ‘Illini213’ Barshak, Costa Rica, 265
4. utvekklo2 Sweden 260
5. Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly, Australia, 255
6. eam PokerStars Pro E. Katchalov, Ukraine, 250
7= ASIAAN, Netherlands, 230
7= TryToExploit, Poland, 230
9= Jon ‘PearlJammer’ Turner, Mexico, 220
9= Ti0373, Russia, 220

The pressure is on Danzer in the shape of a 55 point deficit hanging around his scarf swathed neck. The German could make that up, assuming that mikal12345 bricks out the remaining events, with a solitary top three cash or, more realistically, three top third cash finishes.

Points from a 9-handed event
1st. 100
2nd. 70
3rd. 60
4th. 50
5th. 45
6th. 40
7th. 35
8th. 30
9th. 25
Top third of remaining cash finishers. 20
Middle third of remaining cash finishers. 15
Bottom third of remaining cash finishers. 10

Check the leader board page for a breakdown of all the points.

That’s not to say that the likes of Steve ‘Illini213′ Barshak or Eugene Katchalov are out of it but they’ll need an incredibly strong finish to catch up. They are certainly capable of it. Two of the remaining nine events are mixed games tournaments which both Katchalov and Danzer will feel that they have a significant edge on; WCOOP-62: $2,100 HORSE and WCOOP-64: $10,000 8-game (High Roller). Unfortunately for them mikal12345 has had cash finishes in six non-Hold’em events this series; three Pot-Limit Omaha, one Razz, one Single Draw 2-7 and a deep run in a HORSE.


Steve Barshak


Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov

It’s going to go down to the wire and with some incredible prizes up top. The winner not only gets a WCOOP Champion’s trophy to put on the mantelpiece but a 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) package, 2013 EPT Grand Final package, 2013 TCOOP Main Event ticket and a custom chip set. The runner-up prize is also pretty amazing: a 2013 PCA package and TCOOP Main Event ticket. Third place through to fifth have a bonus TCOOP Main Event ticket accredited to their account (on top of the thousands of dollars they’ve made during the series).

Check out all the WCOOP news here or catch up with the PokerStars WCOOP show here. And if you’re still craving action then you can go hit up PokerStars.tv for some cards up highlight shows.

Qualifiers are running now for the $5,000 WCOOP Main Event, a $5,000,000 guaranteed two-day tournament which awards a minimum of $1,000,000 to first place.

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