WCOOP 2012: danface dominates to win Event #19 ($320 NLHE)

September 09, 2012

WCOOPWinning a final table is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you’ve done all the hard yards to battle through a monstrous field to reach the final nine, but the reality is the true work is still to come. The top heavy-payout structures mean that winning is everything, and everyone is playing to win. Sometimes that means taking risks. Playing aggressive. Winning some flips. Then there are there days where it all just falls into place. You win some chips, knock out a few other big stacks and your heads-up opponent shoves all in while you sit there with your pocket aces. That was the day of danface who put in a dominant final table victory in PokerStars WCOOP Event #19.

Today’s event brought out a healthy field of 2,794 players for the $320 No Limit Holdem event, producing a staggering $838,200 prize pool – more than three times the advertised guarantee.

Team PokerStars was again well represented with the red spade prominent in the tournament lobby. Some of those in action today included Liv Boeree, Bertrand Grospellier, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Anders Berg, Humberto Brenes, Jonathan Duhamel, Vanessa Selbst, Andre Coimbra, Christophe De Meulder, Fatima De Melo, Jose Barbero, Mickey Petersen, Stavros Kalfas, George Lind, Ana Marquez, Randy Lew, Freddy Torres, George Danzer, Martin Hrubý, João Nunes, Shane Schleger, Lex Veldhuis, Matthias de Meulder, Maxim Lykov, Eugene Katchalov, Martin Staszko and 2011 World Champion Pius Heinz.

Unfortunately they all missed the cash for the top 360 players, along with playitsafe from Norway who was the unlucky bubble in 361st place, missing out on a $536.44 min-cash.

Richard Veenman (245th – $712.47), Vanessa Rousso (204th – $796.29) were the only Team PokerStars Pros to make the money while Adam Levy (40th – $1,885.95) was another notable to make a deep run at the WCOOP title.

When p2ryan2003 were eliminated in 10th place, the final table line up was set:


Seat 1: Cyatusha (2,427,086 in chips)
Seat 2: Gazzerina (638,462 in chips)
Seat 3: PICKLED EGG (660,878 in chips)
Seat 4: KingPoulou (1,203,760 in chips)
Seat 5: APD0290 (1,104,404 in chips)
Seat 6: gamble.niki (2,627,384 in chips)
Seat 7: gray31 (2,772,884 in chips)
Seat 8: danface (2,031,675 in chips)
Seat 9: wiczar (503,467 in chips)

Our chip leader was gray31 but it was the short-stacked PICKLED EGG who was first to double up after making a brave call down against three barrels of fire from gamble.niki.

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gamble.niki’s king-high was picked off as the final table was off to an exciting start. Fellow short stack, Gazzerina was able to do the same, with A♠6♥ holding against APD0290’s K♥Q♣ to see the stacks even up around the table. But KingPoulou couldn’t make it three in a row for Team Shorties. KingPoulou cold four-bet shoved J♥J♣ but the original raiser was gray31 who called with Q♥A♦. The race was on and the queen was paired on the board of Q♦6♣2♣3♣3♦. KingPoulou picked up $7,124.70 for 9th place.

The same move saw the end of Gazzerina a short time later. Gazzerina entered the pot with a cold four-bet with K♦J♠ but APD0290 again was the one calling with A♣Q♥. Gazzerina caught a jack but there was an ace there as well on the 2♣J♣A♦10♥9♣ board to see Gazzerina out in 8th place for $12,153.90.

APD0290 was into the chip lead as gray31’s momentum was halted when PICKLED EGG landed a big double up with ace-king against gray31’s pocket queens.

Meanwhile wiczar had been blinded down to around six big blinds which were committed next hand with A♠8♣. gray31 took on the challenge with a call from the big blind with J♥K♥ which connected with the 6♥K♣6♦7♦9♦ board. wiczar was left to collect $20,5535.90 for 7th place.

Cyatusha tossed up the idea of looking at the numbers but before anything could be discussed, the key hand of the final table unfolded that saw danface land a massive double up:

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danface’s aces rocketed him into the chip lead as APD0290 went from chip leader to short stack. APD0290’s tournament could’ve been over moments later when APD0290’s J♣K♥ ran into danface’s A♠K♣, but a tournament-saving jack landed on the turn to see APD0290 survive.

However danface had the last laugh as the two clashed again in a preflop war. danface went with the popular A♣Q♣ and was racing with APD0290’s 5♦5♥ but the board arrived 7♥7♠A♥10♦A♦ to bury APD0290 under danface’s full house. APD0290 was awarded $28,917.90 for 6th place.

Cyatusha found a fortunate double up, with a preflop five-bet shove with an ambitious J♦9♦. gray31 made the call with everyone’s favourite hand, Q♣A♥ but fell behind on the board of 9♠J♠A♠8♥6♣ as Cyatusha made two pair.

gray31 was back on the short stack, but found a desperate double up with a two-outer set on the river to stay alive. While the shorties battled, it was the big stacks that collided next with gamble.niki going from penthouse to outhouse in one dramatic blow.

gamble.niki min-raised, danface three-bet, gamble.niki four-bet before danface re-raised again. gamble.niki was a non-believer and shoved 8♦8♥ but danface showed up with the goods holding K♣K♥ . The board ran out 2♦5♥7♣J♠3♦ and just like that gamble.niki was out the door in 5th place for $37,299.90.

danface was into a commanding chip lead, and while Cyatusha was still keen to look at deal numbers, two hands later gray31’s tournament was all over. gray31 was all in preflop with Q♠K♥ and live cards against Cyatusha’s A♠J♥ but the board of J♣A♦5♠8♠4♠ delivered two pair for Cyatusha and $49,034.70 to the cashier of gray31 for 4th place.

After a brief pause to look at deal numbers, the players continued on, unable to reach agreement. It was Cyatusha who was next to crack as danface continued to extend the advantage. The chips went in on the turn on the board of 8♣5♥8♥7♦ with Cyatusha’s 10♥9♣ for straight draw with overcards failed to connect on the 3♠ river to get past danface’s 7♣6♦. Cyatusha’s 3rd place was worth $71,247 after a fine tournament.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: PICKLED EGG (2,218,669 in chips)
Seat 8: danface (11,751,331 in chips)

danface held a healthy lead, although it looked like PICKLED EGG was going to recover after getting some value with a Broadway straight, but one hand later it was all over.

A cooler was dealt out with PICKLED EGG five-bet shoving preflop with A♥J♦ but incredibly danface held A♦A♠ which held through the board of Q♥K♦4♦4♣5♠. PICKLED EGG was just shy of a six-figure score with $99,469.19 going to Brazil for 2nd place as danface wins the WCOOP bracelet for our friends in the UK along with $132,436 in prize money!

WCOOP Event#19 $320 NLHE Results
Number of entrants: 2,794
Places paid: 360

1st danface (United Kingdom) – $132,436.00
2nd PICKLED EGG (Brazil) – $99,469.19
3rd Cyatusha (Ukraine) – $71,247.00
4th gray31 (Canada) – $49,034.70
5th gamble.niki (Russia) – $37,299.90
6th APD0290 (Canada) – $28,917.90
7th wiczar (Poland) – $20,535.90
8th Gazzerina (United Kingdom) – $12,153.90
9th KingPoulou (Belgium) – $7,124.70

With a total of 65 events on the PokerStars WCOOP schedule, there are plenty more opportunities to get among the action with events running right through until September 24th. For more details head to the WCOOP home page or check out WCOOP radio for daily shows at 15:00 ET.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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