WCOOP 2011: Vinkyy vaporizes field in Event #53 NL $530+R

September 23, 2011


At the 2006 World Series of Poker, Daniel Negreanu dug into his pockets during the $1,000 buy-in NL event for a total of 46 re-buys and a double add-on. That adds up to 48 re-buys. Yes, 48. Kid Poker invested nearly $50,000 in that WSOP event, and the sad part is that he failed to make the money. 48 re-buys? Gone, in a flash. Negreanu brought bricks of cash with him to the WSOP that day just for the occasion. The chip runners were worn down by the time the re-buy period ended. When it was over, Negreanu set a record that still stands to this day (and subsequently, the record might never be broken because the officials at the WSOP removed re-buy events from their schedule).

Online re-buy tournaments do not attract budget players, but instead the re-buy events cater to players with deep pockets, or at least a big enough bankroll to bring enough firepower to the table. The re-buy factor gives players who are willing to spend a few thousand dollars on re-buys an advantage, but the re-buy twist induces action in the early rounds, whereas you’d typically see more passive play. Massive stacks begin to emerge until the re-buy period ends, and then action settles down and the tournament returns to usual ebbs and flows of a freezeout tournament.

Event #53 $530 NL Re-buy attracted 652 runners. The field contributed an additional 753 re-buys and 512 add-ons to boost the pool to $958,500. The top 9- places paid out prize money with $179,718.75 set aside for the winner.

In addition to a group of hard-core rebuy enthusiasts, some of your favorite Team PokerStars Pros were in the mix, including Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Rousso, Johnny Lodden, Noah Boeken, Liv Boeree, Jude Ainsworth, Jonathan Duhamel, Pat Pezzin, Nacho Barbero, Max Lykov, John Duthie, Stavros “IDOLLS” Kalfas, Ana Marquez, Pierre “Zoutechamp” Neuville, George “gkap13” Kapalas, and Chad Brown.

A few familiar faces from Team Online were represented including Anders “Donald” Berg, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, shaniac, focualt82, Randy “nanonoko” Lew, and Mikhail “innerspy” Shalamov.


With 91 players to go on the money bubble, NANDO368’s K♦K♣ were snapped off by 10♣6♥. What a brutal way to bubble a tournament!

Daniel Negreanu was the only PokerStars player to cash. He posted another deep run, but only advanced as far as the final four tables. On Negreanu’s elimination hand, he check-raised Asprin1 on a flop of 8♣7♠4♣. Asprin1 called. The K♠ fell on the turn, Negreanu shoved all-in for 223,284, and Asprin1 called. Negreanu held 6♠4♠ had bottom pair with a gutshot and flush draw, but he was behind Asprin1’s set of eights. The rivered blanked out for Negreanu and he was knocked out in 34th place

You can always see Negreanu’s bustout in the replayer…

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Just before the 12-hour mark of the tournament, Scarypooper5 bubbled off the final table when A♣Q♦ lost Vinkyy’s A♦K♦. With his 10th place elimination, the final table was set. Flush_Entity began the final table with a big stack worth 2.7 million.


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Ansgar2000 (662,085)
Seat 2: Vinkyy (2,185,679)
Seat 3: Flush_Entity (2,779,754)
Seat 4: salfshb (300,587)
Seat 5: Asprin1 (1,481,402)
Seat 6: 99Jam.Mr (458,196)
Seat 7: patasss (374,052)
Seat 8: Lecher1991 (1,042,891)
Seat 9: Skilled G (1,580,354)

Ansgar2000 eliminated in 9th place

Ansgar2000 from Germany, became the first player to bust at the final table. Skilled G opened to 40,999, Ansgar2000 re-raised to 105,785, and Skilled G called. The flop was 10♠9♣4♣. Skilled G checked, Ansgar2000 bet 115,775, Skilled G check-raised all-in for 1,049,538, and Ansgar2000 called for his last 308,025. Skilled G was behind with 7♣7♦ against Ansgar2000’s K♥K♣, however the 7♠ and Skilled G took the lead with a set of sevens. The river was the 3♦ and Skilled G won the pot. Ansgar2000’s Kings were cracked and he headed to the rail in ninth place, collecting $13,514.85.

salfshb eliminated in 8th place

It was the battle of big pairs when Vinkyy opened to 52,125, salfshb raised to 12,6969, Vinkyy re-raised to 212,177, salfshb shoved all-in for 642,936, and Vinkyy called. Vinkyy was ahead with A♥A♣ against salfshb’s Q♥Q♣. The board ran out K♥J♥5♠2♣4♠ and that’s all she wrote for salfshb. Vinkyy’s Aces held up and won the pot, while salfshb busted out in eighth place, taking home $21,566.25.

99Jam.Mr eliminated in 7th place

Short-stack 99Jam.Mr also met his fate when he ran into pocket Aces. Asprin1 opened to 50,075, 99Jam.Mr shoved for 437,496, and Asprin1 quickly called. Asprin1’s A♦A♥ looked menacing against 99Jam.Mr’s Q♦10♠. With the Q♠9♦8♥ flop, 99Jam.Mr improved to a pair of Queens, but picked up a gutshot. The turn was the A♣ and Asprin1 solidified his lead with a set of Aces. The 6♣ on the river did not help 99Jam.Mr. Asprin1’s Aces held up, while k 99Jam.Mr was knocked out in seventh place, collecting $31,151.25

patassss eliminated in 6th place

Argentina’s patassss was the next player to bust. He put up a good fight when he shoved a short-stack all-in with K♠J♠ against Skilled G’s 10♠9♠. Alas, the board ran out Q♥9♦8♣9♣K♣. Skilled G flopped a nine and turned another nine to win the pot with trip nines, while patasss could only muster up two pair, Kings and Nines. For a sixth place performance, patasss won $40,736.25.

With five players remaining, Vinkyy held the overall lead with almost 3.1 million. Skilled G was second with almost 3 million and Flush_Entity was not too far behind. The only short-stack was Lecher1991 with a spot under 580,000.

Lecher1991 eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked Lecher1991 shoved for 466,141, and Skilled G called. Lecher1991’s Q♠9♠ was behind Skilled G’s A♣10♣. The board ran out J♥8♥6♦4♥3♣ and Skilled G won the pot wit Ace-high. Lithuania’s Lecher1991 busted in fifth place and won $50,321.25.

Aspirin1 eliminated in 4th place

Flush_Entity opened to 70,600, Asprin1 re-raised all-in for 772,298, Skilled G called, and Flush_Entity folded. Skilled G was flipping with 10♥10♠ against Asprin1’s A♦K♠. The board ran out 9♥7♣3♥7♥J♣ and Skilled G won the pot when his pocket tens held up. Asprin1 finished in fourth place and won $71,887.50.

Slow, slow, slow, slowdown

With three players remaining, Vinkyy held almost 4 million with Flush_Entity not far behind with 3.69 million and Skilled G bringing up the rear with 3.2 million. Action was paused for almost ten minutes while the final three discussed a deal, however, they were unable to reach common ground, so play resumed.

Vinkky seized control and bullied around Skilled G and Flush_Entity with a barrage of uncontested three-bets and four-bets preflop to expand his lead. Vinkky also won a 3.4 million pot without the benefit of a showdown. On the board of A♦Q♥8♣J♠6♦, Skilled G fired out 1,099,999, but Vinkyy re-raised to 3,422,720, and Skilled G tanked for a few seconds before folding. Vinkky increased his lead to over 7 million with Flush_Entity slipping to 2.2 million and Skilled G slipping to under 1.5 million.

Flush_Entity eliminated in 3rd place

After what seemed like an hour or more of inaction… Vinkyy opened to 160,000, Flush_Entity re-raised to 410000, and Vinkyy called. The flop was 10♣6♦5♠. Flush_Entity bet 435,000, Vinkyy raised to 870,000, Flush_Entity shoved for 2,596,407, and Vinkyy called. Flush_Entity was ahead with Q♠Q♣ against Vinkyy’s pair of tens with K♦10♦. Alas, the 10♥ fell on the turn, giving Vinkyy trips and thereby sinking Flush_Entity’s Queens. The river was the 2♣ and Vinkyy won the hand with trip tens. Flush_Entity won $95,850 for a third place finish.

Heads-up: Vinkyy (Czech Republic) vs. Skilled G (Argentina)

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: Vinkyy (8,484,988 in chips)
Seat 9: Skilled G (2,380,012 in chips)

Binkyy had a sizable lead over Skilled G with almost a 6 million chip advantage, however, it didn’t take very long before Skilled G halved his deficit. Both players were all-in preflop. Skilled G was ahead with 3♠3♦ versus Vinkyy’s A♥5♦. The board ran out 8♠6♦3♥2♥K♥ and Skilled G won the pot with a set of treys to avoid elimination. That hand gave Skilled G momentum and he won nine out of the next ten hands — mostly small pots — but enough for him to jump into a slim lead.

At that juncture, the last two players had a quick discussion to chop up the money. They agreed on an even split — $148,558.13 for Vinkyy and $148,558.12 for Skilled G — with $12,000 still up for grabs. Once both players agreed, action resumed.

Skilled G eliminated in 2nd place

On the final hand, Skilled G min-raised to 200,000. Vinkyy re-raised to 500,000, Skilled G four-bet shoved for his last 4,772,824, and Vinkyy called. It was a classic race with Vinkyy’s A♣K♠ pitted against Skilled G’s 10♦10♠. An Ace fell on the flop and Vinkyy won his coin flip. The pot was pushed his way, while Skilled G was knocked out in second place. He won $14,8558.12 for a runner-up performance.

Meanwhile, Vinkyy won the tournament and collected $160,558.13. Congrats!

You can view the final hand in the snazzy replayer…

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Event #53 $530+R Final Table Results:
1st – Vinkyy – $160,558.13 **
2nd – Skilled G – $148,558.12 **
3rd – Flush_Entity – $95,850
4th – Aspirin1 – $71,887.50
5th – Lecher1991 – $50,321.25
6th – patasss – $40,736.25
7th – 99Jam.Mr – $31,151.25
8th – salfshb – $21,566.25
9th – Ansgar2000 – $13,514.85

** Denotes a two-way chop with $12,000 set aside for champion

Although the 2011 WCOOP is almost over, don’t forget to checkout the remaining schedule of events on the WCOOP homepage. Also, if you’re a stat geek or area stickler for numbers-oriented results, then take a gander at the WCOOP stats page.


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