WCOOP 2011: Olorionek shoots for the stars and wins Event 30 ($530 NLHE Triple Shootout)

September 15, 2011

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Shootouts are the new craze in poker. Players seem to love the idea of winning one table to advance and winning three tables to win an entire tournament. But that sounds much easier than it is.

Event 30 was set up in Triple Shootout format. The first set of 10-handed tables played out until only one person remained, much like an SnG, and the winner of that table advanced to the second round. Ultimately, the winner of the third round was to be the event’s champion.

Day 1

The first round began with a total of 645 players, which meant the prize pool would far exceed the $275K guarantee. They all paid the $530 buy-in or worked their way in through a satellite, and the game started with a substantial crowd. Those main numbers were:

Players: 645
Prize pool: $322,500
Paid players: 100

After Round 1 ended, only 100 players remained in the tournament, and they were all in the money, guaranteed a payout of $1,241.62 for making it to the second round. KingRakker of Belgium was the first player to be eliminated from Round 2 and take that money.

The only player to make it to that second round bearing the Team PokerStars Pro logo was Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, and he exited rather quickly in 95th place.

Daniel Negreanu.JPG

Into the tenth hour of play, there was only one table with two players remaining, and it finally ended when Spraggs pushed all-in with K♦7♠ preflop. Floebbi made the easy call with A♣A♠, and those aces held up to the 4♥9♠K♣3♣J♣ board.

That elimination of Spraggs in 11th place set the stage for the final table.

Day 2

Action resumed at 11:00 ET on September 15 with this final table ready to go:

Seat 1: floebbi
Seat 2: thagrinda444
Seat 3: Mateywin
Seat 4: MrP0P
Seat 5: gipsy74
Seat 6: TiltStarter
Seat 7: adam eterno
Seat 8: AngleZero
Seat 9: Olorionek
Seat 10: RealAndyBeal


All players started with 7,500 chips in Level 1, with blinds at 25/50. With that, it could have taken awhile for action to kick up, but it did not.

On the very first hand, thagrinda444 raised preflop to 375. Gipsy74 called, but Olorionek reraised and thagrinda444 raised yet again. Gipsy74 quietly got out of the way, and Olorionek moved all-in. Thegrinda444 called with A♠A♦, and Olorionek showed K♥K♦. The flop came K♣10♦4♦ to deliver the first bad beat of the day, and the 9♥ turn and 5♠ river ensured that the aces were, indeed, cracked. Olorionek doubled up on the first hand, and thagrinda444 departed as early as possible, taking home $4,515.00 for the tenth place finish.

Pots were rather large in the early-goings of the action, and players were not shy about getting involved. And with Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman hosting (and commentating) on the action in the chat box, the laughs were consistent as well.

WizardOfAhhs (TeamOnline): I think some of you have a 3bet button in place of the fold button.
WizardOfAhhs (TeamOnline): Andy has a 5bet button.

Despite some big plays early in the game, the second elimination didn’t take place until more than 1.5 hours into Day 2. It happened when Mateywin pushed all-in for 4,301 preflop with Q♣Q♦, and original raiser Olorionek called with A♣K♣. The board came 4♥K♠9♥2♥J♦, and Mateywin exited in ninth place with $6,127.50.

Olorionek takes massive lead

RealAndyBeal doubled through Olorionek to stay alive, but the latter still maintained his lead, which only grew more significant after the next elimination.

Olorionek started the hand with a raise, and adam eterno reraised. Olorionek called, and the flop came 7♣8♣6♦. Olorionek led out, and adam eterno raised again. This time, Olorionek reraised, and adam eterno called. The 9♥ on the turn prompted Olorionek to push all-in for more than 15K, and adam eterno called all-in for his tournament life holding A♣A♥. But Olorionek showed 10♠9♠ for the straight, and the J♦ on the river only made it a higher straight. Adam eterno left in eighth place with $8,062.50.

A few hands later, MrP0P moved his short stack of 1,839 all-in. TiltStarter reraised all-in from the small blind to isolate, which worked, then showed A♣9♣. MrP0P turned over A♠4♣ and needed help, but none of that was to be found on the 10♥J♥7♣2♠J♠ board. MrP0P departed in seventh place with $10,158.75.

AngleZero doubled through RealAndyBeal, and later it happened a second time, leaving the latter with only 925 chips. RealAndyBeal did double back through AngleZero, but it was soon time to make another attempt.

RealAndyBeal moved all-in with Q♠6♥ and 1,970 in chips from the small blind, and floebbi called with K♣J♣ from the big blind. The board came 7♦9♣2♥Q♦10♦ to give floebbi the straight, and RealAndyBeal was ousted in sixth place with $12,900.00.

Final five holding strong

This double-up of floebbi through TiltStarter gave the former new life:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Gipsy74 also doubled through Olorionek, TiltStarter took a bit pot from AngleZero, and suddenly most of the players were back in contention with nearly equal stacks. Olorionek was still out in front, however.

AngleZero took some hits and then got involved with floebbi. The hand began with a raise from AngleZero and call from floebbi in the big blind. The flop came 2♦7♠K♥, and AngleZero led out with a bet. Floebbi check-raised, and AngleZero called. The 9♥ on the turn prompted another bet from AngleZero, and floebbi check-raised all-in. AngleZero called all-in for nearly 5K more with A♥10♥ and the flush draw, but floebbi had K♦8♦ for top pair. The Q♦ on the river changed nothing, and AngleZero exited in fifth place with $15,963.75.

Oloroniek stumbled but rose again

Olorionek temporarily lost control of the table and the lead, but the following double-up through TiltStarter changed that:

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TiltStarter doubled through gipsy74 twice to stay in the game, leaving the latter in a tough spot. Gipsy74 then pushed all-in with 10♣10♠, and Olorionek was along for the ride with A♣10♥. The J♦7♥A♦Q♣8♣ board gave Olorionek the pair of aces and eliminated gipsy74 in fourth place with $22,736.25.

A few hands later, TiltStarter made the push with A♣7♦, and Olorionek called with a dominating A♦Q♠. The board produced 6♦9♥J♥3♦5♣, and the A-Q stood up. TiltStarter departed in third place with $30,476.25.

Tough heads-up resulting from tough table

The final two players took their places as follows:

Seat 1: floebbi (24,705 in chips)
Seat 9: Olorionek (50,295 in chips)

Despite a 2-to-1 chip lead, Olorionek was unable to extend that lead any further during the first rounds of action. The two ultimately decided to pause the tournament to discuss a deal. And what resulted was an agreement to pay out as follows but reserve $5,500 for the first place finisher:

Seat 1: floebbi (24,105 in chips) = $45,000.00
Seat 9: Olorionek (50,895 in chips) = $49,314.20

About a half hour into the match, floebbi was reduced to about half the original starting stack but doubled through Olorionek with A♦10♦ over K♦J♦ on a 6♥J♥9♦8♣7♠. The straight saved floebbi.

But floebbi lost ground again. Finally, after nearly one hour of heads-up action, the two got involved in what was to be the final hand. Floebbi started with a raise to 1,200, but Olorionek reraised all-in. Floebbi called with K♠Q♣, and Olorionek showed A♣3♥. The flop was an amazing 5♣2♥4♦ to give Olorionek the straight, which only improved to a higher straight when the 6♣ came on the turn. The 9♦ on the river ended it, with floebbi taking home $45,000.00 for the second place finish.

Olorionek of Poland won the triple shootout and $54,814.20 to go along with the gold WCOOP bracelet. Congrats!

WCOOP Event 30 ($530 NLHE Triple Shootout) Results (reflecting deal):

1st place: Olorionek ($54,814.20)*
2nd place: floebbi ($45,000.00)*
3rd place: TiltStarter ($30,476.25)
4th place: gipsy74 ($22,736.25)
5th place: AngleZero ($15,963.75)
6th place: RealAndyBeal ($12,900.00)
7th place: MrP0P ($10,158.75)
8th place: adam eterno ($8,062.50)
9th place: Mateywin ($6,127.50)
10th place: thagrinda444 ($4,515.00)

*Results of two-way deal

There are many more WCOOP events on the schedule, and satellites are running around the clock. All of the pertinent information can be found on the main WCOOP page, along with the special stats page. And check out the WCOOP Radio shows for daily prizes, special guests, and WCOOP commentary.


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