WCOOP 2010: Just two days and joiso wins the Event #9 NLHE marathon

September 09, 2010

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It seems like we were just here together, discussing WCOOP Event 9, talking about the massive prize pool and players by the names of Cada and Akkari… Technically, we were doing just that yesterday. And now we’ve gathered for the conclusion of the story.

Two-day events are fun. They garner a bit of excitement for what’s to come while giving players ample time to rest and play at pique energy and aptitude. Day 1 got everything underway, as the $1,050 no-limit hold’em event with a $1 million guarantee drew 1,612 players and created a $1,612,000 prize pool. Stellar numbers and many well-known names drew railbirds to the tables to watch it play out of the initial 24 levels. The official Day 1 recap reported that the money bubble burst before the eighth hour of the tournament to allow the final 180 players to cash, and among those collecting money for their time were Team PokerStars Pro Veronica “Princesa” Dabul and Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu, as well as players like Jeff “kobeshomie” Madsen and Matt “All_in_at420” Stout.

Day 1 came to an end with 93 players remaining, and that’s where we picked up today. Action started after a break of more than 14 hours, and Day 2 got moving at 5:00pm ET. The first to head out the virtual door was craigthedeac, who collected $3,224.00 for the 93rd place finish. Action was fairly quick in the early going, and several PokerStars players exited during the first two hours, including Team PokerStars Online player Anders “Donald” Hoyer Berg, who departed in 53rd place, and Jorge “JorgeArias” Arias, who followed in 48th place. And only moments later, Team PokerStars Pro Joe “jcada99” Cada hit the rail in 44th place.

That left one member of the PokerStars Team – Andre “aakkari” Akkari – to represent. No pressure, though!

Andre Akkari - Event 9.jpg

It was at the point of reducing the tournament to three tables that Akkari was nearly the shortest stack at the table, and he finally got involved with koncert888. After a 7♥6♠5♠ flop, Akkari pushed his last 183,455 chips all-in with 8♥4♦ for the flopped straight, and koncert888 called with A♠J♠. That flush draw hit when the K♠ came on the turn, and the 10♥ on the river ended Akkari’s run. He exited in 25th place with $6,448.00 for the effort.

Meanwhile, the Day 1 chip leader, Bonkman05 took his leave of the tournament just before Akkari, in 28th place. Play slowed down a great deal as the event progressed, and it took hours to reach the final two tables and edge closer to the final table bubble. Along the way, the player that dominated much of the early portion of Day 2, DDBeast, found himself in trouble. The player who was able to purchase a Porsche with Frequent Player Points several years ago wasn’t going to claim a WCOOP win today, as he exited in 16th place.

After nearly seven hours of tournament action for the day, hand-for-hand play began with the last ten players at two tables, but a 15-minute break pushed them well into the next hour. Finally, short-stacked rkruok pushed all-in for 164,134 chips holding 9♠3♦, but China_White1 called from the big blind with A♣7♥. The board blanked with Q♦7♠2♦K♥10♠, and that eliminated rkruok in tenth place with $13,702.00.

Seven and a half hours into Day 2, the final table was set, and Level 41 gave them blinds of 12,500/25,000 and a 3,125 ante. The nine players started with these chip counts:

Seat 1: joiso (2,441,977 in chips)
Seat 2: koncert888 (1,359,854 in chips)
Seat 3: Horozic (414,600 in chips)
Seat 4: rizz13 (2,513,003 in chips)
Seat 5: YanniYankiev (1,756,054 in chips)
Seat 6: China_White1 (1,207,026 in chips)
Seat 7: Bo$$playa425 (233,453 in chips)
Seat 8: hwtd1 (637,120 in chips)
Seat 9: 7Be/eC7 (1,526,913 in chips)

Event 9 FT screen shot.JPG

Rizz13 barely held on to the chip lead as joiso made a run for it, and it took only a few hands for the latter to jump into the top spot on the leaderboard. The two then battled for that spot going forward.

At the same time, short-stacked Bo$$playa425 had a difficult time and lost chips through the first few rounds, eventually deciding to make the final push for 89,078 chips with K♣7♥. Joiso called with 9♦9♥, and when the board showed 10♠5♦5♣5♠Q♠, it turned joiso’s hand into a full house. Bo$$playa425 was the first to leave the party, taking home $16,764.80 for the ninth place finish.

After another 15-minute break, it seemed that hwtd1 was ready to move. After his first attempt to move all-in was met with a fold, hwtd1 did it again, though the hand started with a simple raise, a reraise from 7Be/eC7, all-in from hwtd1, and call from 7Be/eC7. Hwtd1 held K♥Q♥ for his tournament life, but 7Be/eC7 had a dominating A♣K♠. The flop of 8♦9♠5♠ changed nothing, but the A♠ on the turn was the beginning of the end, and the 4♣ on the river made it so. Hwtd1 exited in eighth place with $30,628.00.

Rizz13 had a tough time at the table, first losing the chip lead to joiso, and then being on the losing end of a monster pot that played out as follows:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Horozic then doubled through rizz13, and the latter was short. Doubling through koncert888 helped, but it was time to move again soon after. Rizz13 started with a raise and 7Be/eC7 called, but when nemesis joiso reraised, rizz13 moved all-in for 1,097,216 more. And it was 7Be/eC7 who made the call while joiso folded. Rizz13 showed K♣K♥, but 7Be/eC7 turned over A♦A♠, and the board came A♣6♣6♠6♥Q♦ for aces full of sixes. Rizz13 was eliminated in seventh place with $46,748.00.

The very next hand saw more action. Koncert888 had taken some hits by being on the wrong end of double-ups, and though he doubled through joiso to stay alive, the stack still showed less than 200K. From the small blind, koncert888 shoved all-in with A♠7♥, and original raiser joiso called with Q♠6♥. The flop of 4♣5♣9♥ changed nothing, and the J♠ on the turn was a blank, but the 6♣ on the river was enough to knock koncert888 out of the tournament in sixth place, which was worth a payout of $62,868.00.

Horozic finally decided to make a move as well and pushed his short stack of 677,582 all-in with 6♠6♥. Joiso called with A♣K♦, and though the flop of 8♥5♥J♥ wasn’t much to look at, the K♠ on the turn gave joiso the pair of kings. And the A♠ on the river made it two pair for good measure. Horozic disappeared from the tournament in fifth place with $78,988.00.

A big hand then developed between China_White1 and 7Be/eC7. A raise and call led to the K♣6♠10♦ flop, at which point China_White1 bet, 7Be/eC7 raised, and China_White1 responded by moving all-in for 1,401,437 chips. 7Be/eC7 called with 10♥6♣ for the flopped two pair, and China_White1 showed A♠K♠ for only the singular top pair. The 10♠ improved both hands but gave 7Be/eC7 the full house. A 4♥ came on the river to end it, giving the 3 million-chip pot to 7Be/eC7 and eliminating China_White1 in fourth place with $109,616.00.

YanniYankiev was the short stack going into three-handed play, but he doubled through joiso to stay in the game a bit longer. But a few hands later, the two jousted again, with a preflop raising war resulting in joiso pushing all-in and YanniYankiev calling all-in for his tournament life with 7♥7♦. Joiso turned over A♥9♠, and the race was on…but only for a moment, as the flop came A♦Q♠4♥. The 4♠ on the turn and 8♥ on the river failed to help YanniYankiev, who was forced to accept third place and the $148,304.00 that went with it.

Heads-up play then began nine hours into the day with the following counts:

Seat 1: joiso (7,331,410 in chips)
Seat 9: 7Be/eC7 (4,758,590 in chips)

Neither player was going to allow the tournament to end without a fight, and 7Be/eC7 put up a grand one, gaining ground at times and even flirting with the chip lead. But joiso always came back with more aggression.

The final hand came down to a raise and reraises, with joiso moving all-in and putting his opponent to the test. 7Be/eC7 decided to make the call for his final 2,223,349 chips with A♠7♣, and joiso showed J♣J♠. The A♣10♣2♣ flop gave 7Be/eC7 the pair of aces and the lead but also provided a flush draw for both players, joiso having the higher club. The 5♠ on the turn was innocent enough, but the 5♣ on the river made that flush, and joiso’s jack of clubs gave him the winning hand. To see it play out:

RSS readers click through to see replay

7Be/eC7 was eliminated in second place with $196,664.00.

And joiso won Event 9 of the 2010 WCOOP series, for which he will receive a gold bracelet and $269,284.60 in prize money. Congratulations!

2010 WCOOP Event 9 Final Results:

1st place: joiso ($269,284.60)
2nd place: 7Be/eC7 ($196,664.00)
3rd place: YanniYankiev ($148,304.00)
4th place: China_White1 ($109,616.00)
5th place: Horozic ($78,988.00)
6th place: koncert888 ($62,868.00)
7th place: rizz13 ($46,748.00)
8th place: hwtd1 ($30,628.00)
9th place: Bo$$playa425 ($16,764.00)

The 2010 WCOOP is now underway with a total of 62 events and $50M in guarantees. The official WCOOP website has a plethora of information about the entire series, and PokerStars TV offers tournament highlights.


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