WBCOOP 2012: The winners

March 09, 2012

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They wrote. They tweeted. They played. Now, three people stand above the world’s poker bloggers as the top dogs of the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker.

Over the past past couple of weeks, eligible poker bloggers across the globe have been engaged in a battle of poker, blogging, and live tweeting in an effort to pick up thousands of dollars in prizes. Today, we got the final winner envelopes and we can now announce the champions.

Without further ado, here are your winners.

Best Blogger Award

Paul Jones, known on Twitter as TheRoyalRaiser makes his home on his blog of the same name.

When the competition opened, he posted this video announcing what he would do with the $5,000 if he won the Best Blogger category.

In case you missed it, Jones said he would use 25% of his winnings for his family, 25% for a UKIPT buy-in, and then donate the rest to charity.

In the end, his writing throughout the WBCOOP festivities earned him the money and distinction of Best Blogger.

“I’m speechless!” he declared. “It was a great competition from the start. Half of the prize will go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin Ireland. The hospital relies so much on public donations.”

Best Live Tweeter

Some folks might argue the world of social media has made Twitter even more relevant than the world of blogging. The full debate is one for another day. For now, we must congratulate Agnes Archibong-Omon who plays and tweets under the name cardkahleesi.

Her posts to Twitter during the event caught the attention of PokerStars’ social media team and earned her $1,000 for her efforts.

“Winning the prize is really a bloody good icing on the awesome cake that was #WBCOOP 2012,” she said. “Thank you to the PokerStars crew.”


Agnes Archibong-Omon

Player of the Series

Finally, WBCOOP paid close attention to how these bloggers and tweeters actually fared at the tables. During the course of the many WBCOOP events, Bartosz Oder, aka wilczybobek, had a stellar series and ended WBCOOP on top of the leaderboard.

There was more than the honor of winning at stake. For his efforts, Oder wins a WBCOOP 2012 trophy, a live event or online package for any global PokerStars sponsored event, a 2012 SCOOP Main Event Medium ticket, and a special edition chip set.

Here’s how he stacked up against the rest of the field.

2012 WBCOOP Player of the Series leaderboard final

1. wilczybobek (Poland) 295
2. murmur666 (Spain) 260
3. AJEI (Dominican Republic) 255
4. LParreira (Portugal) 250
5. mifox (Ukraine) 235
6. AkrilGIRL (Peru) 215
7. nobody777888 (Russian Federation) 215
8. Erdoganas (Lithuania) 210
9. MariusTrif (Romania) 205
10. murmuc75 (Hungary) 205

To see the full results, visit the WBCOOP leaderboard page.

Congratulations to all the WBCOOP winners for all your hard work and the payoffs. We’ll see you again next year for more WBCOOP festivities.


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