Watching Brief: Feast your eyes on PokerStars’ YouTube offering

October 02, 2020

The absence of live poker action hasn’t diminished the workload of the brilliant editors, technicians and commentators over at what we used to call PokerStars TV. Indeed, poker fans have never been so keen to be given something to watch, and our video-savvy colleagues have been only too happy to oblige.

There’s a new video package arriving on the PokerStars YouTube channel almost every day, featuring everything from some of the best bluffs and hero calls ever caught on camera, to highlights packages of individual superstars, the superlative EPT Retro series, and cards-up action from final tables at WCOOP, SCOOP and Stadium Series.

It’s a goldmine of enthralling poker content, which never goes stale. Even when the talents of the players on display leave something to be desired, as can often be the case when watching hands from several years ago, the new analysis can be revelatory. You can learn so much by comparing and contrasting new strategies with how it used to be, a process that highlights the reasons for the ever-evolving tactics in the game.

Here’s a look at some of the latest content published on the YouTube channel. It’s worth checking back every single day for what’s new.

Ever had your aces cracked? Ever felt like tipping the table over and watching in glee as every chip goes tumbling across the tournament floor? Of course you have. It happens to everyone. But one hopes you’ve managed to keep a lid on it. That’s not necessarily true of the stars of this video, which features the most angry players on the European Poker Tour:

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Poker is sometimes best watched from behind the couch, like the goriest horror movie. The game has a horrible habit of throwing up situations that are just disgustingly unfair: two huge hands going up against one another where one player simply cannot avoid going broke. We call them coolers, and here are some of the craziest from EPT Barcelona last year:

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If EPT Retro taught us one thing, it’s that everything about poker was a little bit different back then. That includes the world of bluffing, where nothing needed to make much sense to rip the chips in. Here’s a handful of the best old-school poker bluffs:

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Mikalai Pobal became only the second player to win a second EPT Main Event when he triumphed in Prague in December 2019. But did you know that the very same dealer was responsible for pitching the cards that won Pobal both titles? Here’s a look at how Pobal did it the second time:

Back in May, PokerStars hosted the “Stars Call for Action” Celebrity Online poker tournament, which was packed with absolute legends from all walks of life. There were Hollywood A-listers such as Bryan Cranston, Terri Hatcher, Casey Affleck and Aaron Paul, sports stars, including Neymar and Douglas Costa, and poker pros including Jen Shahade and Chris Moneymaker. You can still catch all the action, which is more about the chit-chat off the table than anything that happens on it. You don’t often get the chance to see all these superstars simply chewing the fat.


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