Walking the floor

January 20, 2006

It’s 1am in Copenhagen, there are 12 minutes left of level eight. The fifty-nine remaining players are posting blinds of 300-600 with a 75 running ante. It was nothing more than a leisurely stroll around the tables, but these were the sights:

Julian Thew’s aces holding up against a shorter-stacked kings. Julian, who earlier showed no mercy to No Mercy, has a little more than 30,000.

Dario Alioto taking a huge chunk out of Mads Anderson’s stack. As my notebook will testify, when I arrived at the table, Mads had 60,000+. But there’s a thick, black cross through that number because when I left he was down to 28,000. Dario made two-pair on the turn, a lot of money went in, and Mads must have missed a draw. He mucked when Dario showed. Alioto, final tablist in Barcelona, has about 68,000.

Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham taking a relatively small knock to her chip-leader sized stack when Jim “hawk22” Hagan made two-pair with A-8 to beat her A-K. Jim has 53.

An amazing pass by Jonas Hellness, PokerStars qualifier, who lays down A-K on a king-high flop. His opponent shows him the straight with his Q-9.

A WCOOP final table rematch. Edgar Skjevold is sitting next to Christian Grondtvig. Edgar has 55,000, Christian has 11,000.

A good number of PokerStars qualifiers remaining:

James Hagan, Adam Nilsson, JW Davis, Olivier Vannelli, Jason Young, Don Protz, Chris Hancock, Christian Grundtvig.


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