Walking into Texas

February 10, 2006

It’s the cruellest spot in any poker tournament but, as everyone who has ever burst the bubble will tell you, someone has to do it. Those were the words uttered by Jen Mason a few moments ago when she called Jon “Texas” Hewston’s massive re-raise when we were playing hand-for-hand poker. Forty-one players remained, 40 got paid. Jen, this time, is not among them.

Jen Mason and supporters nervously await a flop

She had ace-king and had raised. Hewston, who is behind a wall of chips, made the big move forward, and Jen called. Hewston showed his queens.

They call it walking back to Texas – walking into Texas more like

The flop, turn and river were no help. That was that for Jen.

It means everyone still playing is going back home in profit. We’ll get the counts of those remaining as soon as we can. You can see what they are playing for here.

Unfortunately, Danny Ticer missed out by about five spots, but PokerStars qualifiers Ken Johnson, Janne Airaksinen, Lex Veldhuis, Julien Veyrac, Ole Busborg Jensen and Jerome Douieb are all in the money.

More details to follow.


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