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August 20, 2019inPoker

Where there’s the European Poker Tour (EPT), there is Barcelona. Even since the inception of the tour, in 2004, our cameras have been there to capture the action, allowing you at home to follow along, either on the live stream or when broadcast on TV.

Barcelona at night

This year is no different. The cameras start rolling on August 27 and won’t stop until the final hand of the Main Event has been dealt on September 1st. You’ll be able to watch via Twitch, YouTube or Facebook and PokerStars Blog will also be on hand to provide hand for hand coverage of a wide array of events, with a scope way beyond just the Main Event.

While we wait for more magical moments to be created, we’re giving you the power to select the best moment from EPT Barcelona’s history. We’ve curated a list of the top eight and seeded them into quarter-finals. There are incredible winning moments, miracle rivers, runner-runner ridiculousness and hands that “could only happen online” actually happening live.

What happens from here is up to you. Let the games begin…

Malec’s Magic Moment

Spoiler alert! Sebastian Malec wins this hand and, with it, the 2016 EPT Barcelona Main Event and over €1.1 million. But, this isn’t just another winning moment, this might just be the best winning moment ever. While Uri Reichenstein faced an agonising decision for his tournament life, Malec was acting like it was a €10 re-buy down his local casino. When you leave Stapes speechless, you know you’ve done something special.

Phillips Gets Slow-Rolled

Picture the scene: you’re down to the final 12 in the Main Event when you pick up pocket kings. What’s more, you get it all-in and the TV team have to activate the bleep machine to censor your opponent’s reaction. It’s fair to say Sam Phillips didn’t expect Ji Zhang to turn over a hand that beat him and the American’s reaction said it all.

While there was no happy ending to this heavyweight clash, Phillips recovered his poise and ended up finishing second, winning over €1 million.

Now you’ve seen today’s two Barcelona belters, it’s time to cast your vote on our @PokerStarsLive Twitter channel. You decide which hand deserves to make the final four. The winner will be announced tomorrow, followed by the second quarter final.

Coverage of EPT Barcelona starts on PokerStars Blog tomorrow, August 21, and there’s still time to satellite into the Main Event online on PokerStars. Satellites with five seats plus expenses guaranteed run at 21:15 CET on August 20th and 22nd.



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