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August 24, 2019inPoker

Poker can be a ruthless game and we’ve seen that over the last four days, where you’ve voted to keep four incredible moments from Barcelona’s rich history in the competition to find EPT Barcelona’s most memorable moment and consigned four more to history.

The competition is hotting up and, whilst you’ve already made some big calls, there are harder ones to come. Take today’s first semi-final for instance, we’re pitting an incredible winning moment against an incredible “wtf” moment, you get to decide which earns a place in the final. Let’s meet the contenders.

EPT Champion Over Here

Usually ‘happy feet’ are a strong tell that your opponent is holding a strong hand, the trouble for Uri Reichenstein was that whilst Sebastian Malec did have a strong hand that wasn’t the reason he was dancing. It was the final hand before a scheduled break and Malec desperately needed a comfort break.

Invoking the spirit of Scotty Nguyen, Malec said to Reichenstein, “You call and it’s all over baby.”

Malec was right.

Bluffing yourself off a chop

This goes down as one of the most bizarre hands in EPT history.

You can see Giuseppe Pantaleo’s logic, you’ve got J♦8♠ on a 2♣Q♠6♣Q♣2♥ board and, having raised your opponent’s river bet, he then calls you. There’s simply no way two-pair with a jack kicker can be good here, right? Except it was, well for half the pot.

There’s a lesson to be learned for players at all levels here, cards speak so no matter how slim your chance of winning the pot at showdown turn your cards over. You can’t win any of the pot if you muck.

So, which of the two classic moments from Barcelona deserves a place in the final and the chance to compete for the title of Barcelona’s Most Memorable Moment? Head to @PokerStarsLive to cast your vote.

Coverage of this year’s EPT Barcelona action continues here. There’s a double dose of live updates today with action from the EPT National and the €100K Super High Roller.



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