Voegele’s Revenge at ANZPT Adelaide

February 03, 2011

One of the great things about Adelaide in February is the beautiful warm weather. While the days can be kinda hot, the evenings produce a gorgeous mild warmth that is best enjoyed with a refreshing ale or three, or a little al fresco dining in one of the many popular restaurants in the area.

This evening there will be plenty of check-raises, triple-barrel bluffs and bad beats discussed over a steak, pizza or curry. As much as it would be nice to not talk shop at the dinner table, it’s a fact that most of these guys live and breathe poker.

Two of our favourites who will be enjoying a meal together tonight in Adelaide are the dynamic duo of Eric Assadourian and Tony Hachem. They’re great mates off the felt, and enjoy in each other’s success on it, so it was great to see both do so well on Day 1b of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Adelaide Main Event today.

For Hachem it was a grind, as he battled with a below average stack for lengthy periods of the day. As he proves time and time again, patience is the key to success in this game, as Hachem waited for the right spots to strike and managed to finish the day well placed with 63,675 chips.


Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem produced another solid day on the ANZPT

Assadourian on the other hand wound back the clock a few years as he accumulated chips with the precision of a surgeon. One of the friendliest players you’ll ever find at a poker table, Assadourian will take your chips and give you a smile while he does so. Assadourian’s key hand came when his pocket jacks won a big race against ace-king and from there, he was able to amass one of the biggest stacks in the room as he ended with 109,800.


Eric Assadourian was back to his best today at the ANZPT Adelaide

Assadourian was one of four players to crack the 100k barrier today, with Charles Caris (113,675), Alec Smith (132,925) and Octavian Voegele (159,600) all joining the centurion club.

Smith was our chip leader throughout the day, displaying some quality play and amazing reads to accumulate chips rapidly. However it wasn’t until Smith and Voegele joined the same table late in the day that the two really started to soar with Voegele emerging as our end of day chip leader. This Australian-based Austrian finished third in this same event last year and will be on a quest to go a couple of places better this time around.


Octavian Voegele stacking chips like it was 2010

Of course, not everyone was as successful, as just 65 of the original 148 players survived the day. That brings our total number of entrants for this event to 253 which is a record, in terms of number of entrants, for tournament poker in South Australia.

While the likes of Andy Hinrichsen, Daniel Laidlaw, Raemin Alexander, Brad Bower, Brotha D, John Maklouf, Matthew Pearson, Liam Moffett, Andrew Demetriou and cult hero Ali Khalil were all eliminated during the day, there were many big names who safely navigated their way through to day two.

Paul Khoury (90,550), Peter Aristidou (75,125), Nauv Kashyap (72,000), Bruno Portaro (60,725), Leo Boxell (52,900), Vesko Zmukic (51,775), and Raj Ramakrishnan (50,575) all ended with above average chips, while Chris Levick (29,525), Emanuel Seal (28,450), Keith Sloan (26,625), Brendon Rubie (25,900), Tom Grigg (25,400), Martin Kozlov (19,475), Van Marcus (16,950) and Julian Cohen (16,725) will all be happy to live to fight another day.

The entire end of Day 1b chip counts can be found in the link below:

End of Day 1b Chip Counts

That day will be tomorrow as the 111 remaining players come together in the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone for the first time, with the goal to get as close to the money as possible. We’ll kick off bright and early at 11am local time (GMT+9:30) with all the live updates from the tournament floor.

Until then, enjoy your evening and good night from Adelaide!



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