Vladimir Dobrovolskii wins inaugural MPC HK$100,000 High Roller

September 11, 2016

After 12 hours of play the inaugural Macau Poker Cup HK$100,000 High Roller event champion has been decided. Congratulations to Vladimir Dobrovolskii! He hoisted the trophy and stamped his name on HK$897,500 after a three-handed deal, overcoming a field totalling 33 entries.

MPC25 100k champion Vladimir Dobrovolskii.jpg

Dobrovolskii entered heads up play almost dead even in chips with opponent Jinghui Ying but closed things out after only 15 minutes. By the final hand Dobrovolskii had a 4:1 chip lead and Ying moved all in preflop with K♠9♠. Dobrovolskii called it off with A♥4♣ and flopped huge when 8♠4♥A♣ landed. That meant he would only lose the hand is Ying could hit running cards, but by the 6♥ turn Dobrovolskii had locked up the title. The 9♦ river was just a formality and Dobrovolskii was the official HK$100,000 High Roller champion!

We lost a bunch of players on the way to Dobrovolskii’s impressive victory. With fives places paying dividends it was Ye Zhang who finished sixth and earned himself the unfortunate title of Bubble Boy. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar after getting all his chips in preflop with 6♠5♦ against Ying Yee Cheng’s 9♠9♣. The latter hit a set on the 9♦2♦3♠ flop and while Zhang found a straight draw he couldn’t complete it on the A♥ turn or 7♥ river.

MPC25 100k bubble Ye Zhang.jpg

Bubble Boy Ye Zhang awaits his fate

The next final table casualty was Ying Yee Cheng. It was a painful runout that saw her finish 5th. Cheng got her money all in preflop with A♠Q♠ against Cheng He’s J♠J♣ and despite taking the lead on the 7♥K♥Q♣ flop and holding through the A♦ turn, He hit a set on the J♦ river to send Cheng packing.

Fourth place went to Linh Tran by way of an unlucky run of the cards. Tran’s chips were all in preflop with A♣8♣ versus eventual champion Dobrovolskii’s K♥10♠ but he couldn’t hold as the cards ran out 8♠10♥9♠7♥4♣ .

Chang He was the next to go. His plan for a preflop squeeze backfired when he ran into Dobrovolskii’s pockets kings and couldn’t find a miracle with his king ten. He collected HK$810,000 after the three-way deal. And that elimination took us to heads up play where Dobrovolskii overcame Zhang in spectacular fashion to take out the tournament.

MPC25 100k 3rd place Change He bust out.jpg

MPC HK$100,000 High Roller Results

1st: Vladimir Dobrovolskii (Russia) – HK$897,00*
2nd: Jinghui Ying (China) – HK$750,000*
3rd: Chang He (China) – HK$810,000*
4th: Linh Tran (Canada) – HK$368,800
5th: Ying Yee Cheng (Hong Kong) – HK$246,000

* denotes a three-handed deal

That’s all for our coverage from this Macau Poker Cup.

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